Scotto’s Latest: Parsons, Hawks, T. Young, Nets

The Grizzlies may be using their No. 4 choice as a way to get rid of Chandler Parsons‘ huge contract, according to Michael Scotto of The Athletic, who passes on a few pre-draft rumors along with his latest mock draft. Memphis is reportedly calling around the league to see what kind of deal it can get in return for Parsons and the pick.

Parsons has missed 94 games because of injuries since signing a four-year, $94MM contract with the Grizzlies in 2016. He still has two seasons and $49.2MM left on that deal, making it extremely hard to move. With Mike Conley and Marc Gasol also holding sizable contracts, Memphis is already over the projected cap for next season and has little flexibility as it tries to improve on a 22-60 record.

Parsons, 29, appeared in just 36 games last season, averaging 7.9 points in about 19 minutes per night.

Scotto shares a few more rumors a week away from draft night:

  • The Hawks are willing to help teams unload bad contracts to open up cap space. However, the level of compensation they will ask for depends on how much money they’re being asked to absorb. That could be significant for teams like the Rockets, Sixers or others who want to create room to make a max offer to LeBron James or Paul George.
  • Trae Young has canceled an individual workout with the Sixers that was scheduled for Friday, which may be an indication he is confident he won’t be on the board when Philadelphia picks at No. 10.
  • The Nets are hoping to trade up into the teens and are willing to take on an unwanted contract to make it happen. They are offering the 29th pick and Spencer Dinwiddie in return.
  • Several teams are willing to make their second-round picks available, including the Suns‘ selections at 31 and 59 and all four of the Sixers‘ choices at 38, 39, 56 and 60. Philadelphia would reportedly part with this year’s picks in exchange for future second-rounders.
  • The Clippers are hoping to package their picks at 12 and 13 in exchange for a higher selection.
  • The Suns‘ likely choice of DeAndre Ayton at No. 1 is bad news for free agent centers such as Clint Capela, DeMarcus Cousins and possibly DeAndre Jordan. Phoenix could have as much as $30MM to spend and needs help in the middle. However, Ayton has only worked out for the Suns and seems like a sure bet to be taken first overall.
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19 thoughts on “Scotto’s Latest: Parsons, Hawks, T. Young, Nets

  1. tatumszn2018

    Someone should hop on that Nets deal. 29 and Dinwiddie and or eating a bad contract to move in the teens? Maybe Clips offer 13 and Gallo?

    • Philly Fan

      What about the Wizards? A deal involving Lin and 29 for Mahinmi and 15 works in the trade machine. The Wiz escape the tax territory, cut future costs, and add someone who can be a good backup for Wall and bench scorer when healthy

      • I give no fox

        I bet the wizards would rather have dinwiddie for tax purposes. Pretty sure the nets have ample cap space so they don’t need salaries to match

        • Philly Fan

          The Nets actually used virtually all of their cap space to acquire Crabbe. They only have around 1MM and Dinwiddie’s salary is too small for the Nets to take on any large contracts in a trade

          • The Nets have a bunch of cap space (measured by next season, which is what is usually done with draft rights trades – rare to actually trade the pick, usually rights), close to 15 mm. It’s not enough for them to swallow a very large contract whole right now, but with a companion deal they likely could.

            • Philly Fan

              Good point. I forgot that teams could agree to trades on draft night but wait to finalize them until the new salary cap takes effect on July 1

      • hiflew

        I think it is a virtual lock that the Wizards are trading out of #15. There is a rumor the Lakers are looking to move up to the teens for Zhaire Smith as well. I’d bet anyone in the late 20s willing to take on Mahinmi will probably get the #15 in a pick swap.

      • tatumszn2018

        Yup. I’d be surprised if Nets have difficulties moving up. I think the best scenario is Faried and 14 for something. I like Dinwiddie though so for them potentially offering that 29 and perhaps a bad contract. A team like the Clips who have two lottery picks could essentially get a starting caliber young pg, late pick and dump one of their atrocities (contracts).

  2. Philly Fan

    If I’m the Knicks, I’m offering Hardaway Jr, Mudiay, and the 9th Pick for Parsons and the 4th Pick.

    • hiflew

      The Grizzlies are not going to take a long term deal back if they are giving up #4.

    • I don’t think expiring deals do it. I’m guessing that to move #4 (unless the trade down is only a few spots), they’d need the contract swallowed – or there is really no point – i.e., no cap space until next year. They can create next year in a stretch (or more cheaply move the expiring deal) and keep #4.

      • GabeOfThrones

        Can they move Kanter before he decides on his option? If so, Kanter, plus a protected 1 next year that doesn’t convey for a couple years due to protections, plus Mudiay and Dotson should get it done. Kanter would opt out if he was traded to Memphis.

  3. The Rockets could never create enough cap space to offer LeBron a max deal (or anything at all above MLE), unless CP3 and Capella are renounced. Nor can either team do a S&T as a practical matter. LeBron’s only path to Houston is to “opt in” and get Cavs to do a standard trade.

  4. hiflew

    I think 3 way deal is possible here.

    Brooklyn gets – Chandler Parsons, Miles Plumlee, #4 pick
    Memphis gets – Jeremy Lin, Dante Cunningham, #29 pick, #34 pick
    Atlanta gets – Timofey Mozgov, Spencer Dinwiddie, #32 pick

    Brooklyn gets the high first rounder they have been missing since the Garnett debacle
    Memphis gets a big salary dump and arguably the best player in Lin
    Atlanta gets Dinwiddie and a slight move up in the 2nd round for taking on and extra $3 million per in Mozgov over Plumlee.

  5. cesc

    I don’t think LBJ will go to Philly, just read what Barkley said, & I have been saying the same, The King just doesn’t fit with Simmons/Embiid styles of play, you making Simmons totally redundant & bigs never fared to well with LBJ, always the ones that had to sacrifice the most, then all of this could stunt their growth as potential generational talents, as Dr J said they were, & you might end up completely destroying that bright future that Philly has got, & with LBJ not fitting well with them, I cannot see them even getting a ring now. The best is stay put, give a year or two where BS/JE can keep growing & learning while keep on winning, & trying to get as far as possible in the playoffs. Focus in developing Fultz, secure Dario & try to get the most of this years #10 pick, & then I am certain this Philly team will be miles ahead of any team in the east, & I think they can very well beat Golden State also, as the matchups will favor Philly.

    • Brad

      But if you’re LeBron, does it not intrigue you that you could go to a team and not have to carry them or handle the ball 24/7? Yes he’s amazing and should always have the ball but is it possible he wouldn’t mind just being able to come off picks and shoot or drive? We all know he’s a control freak but maybe if he had a facilitator and not a score first point guard, he could not have to go 100mph every single play. Just a thought.

  6. Tramore

    Kings: parsons, jerrell Martin, selden Jr., and the 4th pick
    Grizzlies: shumpert, Randolph, and Bogdanovic

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