Friday Is Deadline For Teams To Unilaterally Withdraw QOs

July 13 represents a minor deadline for NBA free agency. It’s the last day that an NBA team can unilaterally withdraw a qualifying offer from a restricted free agent, making him an unrestricted free agent.

If a team decides to leave its qualifying offer on the table through this Friday, that club won’t be able to rescind the offer later without the player’s consent. From July 14 until October 1, a player with a qualifying offer still on the table would be able to accept that one-year offer at any time.

After October 1, the qualifying offer would no longer be an option for a restricted free agents — RFAs would still be restricted after that date, but they’d no longer have the one-year QO to fall back on.

This set of rules and deadlines applies to players who received two-way qualifying offers in addition to bigger-name players like Marcus Smart, Clint Capela, and Jabari Parker, who were tendered standard qualifying offers. We’ve seen two-way players like Derrick Walton (Heat) and JaKarr Sampson (Kings) have their QOs rescinded within the last week, making them unrestricted free agents.

It’s possible that a couple more RFAs will have their qualifying offers withdrawn today or tomorrow. Last year on July 13, for instance, the Spurs made the surprise decision to withdraw Jonathon Simmons‘ QO.

Here are the restricted free agents who still have qualifying offers on the table:

Players on NBA contracts:

Players on two-way contracts:

Note: Qualifying offers for two-way players are one-year, two-way contracts with a $50K guarantee.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Is Deadline For Teams To Unilaterally Withdraw QOs

  1. Ironmonger835

    Why is Marcus Smart’s offer much bigger than Parker? Parker was picked higher.

    • Luke Adams

      Parker’s QO should have been about $8.85MM, but because of his ACL injury, he didn’t meet the “starter criteria.” As a result, he got a QO equivalent to the No. 15 overall pick in his draft rather than No. 2. link to


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