Spurs Unlikely To Match Offer For Kyle Anderson?

As tonight’s deadline approaches, the Spurs are leaning toward not matching the Grizzlies’ offer sheet for Kyle Anderson, tweets Jabari Young of The San Antonio Express News.

Memphis extended the four-year, $37.2MM offer on Friday, so the clock is winding down on San Antonio’s 48-hour time frame to match the deal. The Spurs have luxury tax concerns, and Anderson’s starting salary could push them to the brink of the tax. The offer sheet also includes a 15% trade kicker.

An injury to Kawhi Leonard created an opportunity for Anderson, who responded with the best season of his four-year career. He appeared in 74 games this year, starting 67, and averaged 7.9 points while establishing himself as a force on defense.

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21 thoughts on “Spurs Unlikely To Match Offer For Kyle Anderson?

  1. Read Anderson is only defensive small forward Spurs have, so if the Spurs decline, expect them to hold on to Kawhi.

    • Sheldon Bowen

      They aren’t holding onto kawhi. Gay was actually very good defensively and deserves more minutes over Anderson. Anderson was too reluctant to shoot a lot and killed by the offense a lot. Also Danny green can cover small forward.

      • Sam Amick of USA Today says he thinks Kawhi will be traded by training camp. It’s also in media that Spurs are asking such a high price in order to hold on to Kawhi. Says Spurs won’t budge from Kuzma, Hart, Ingram, 2 1st picks, and right to swap 2 picks. Wants 2 players and 3 1st picks from Philadelphia.

  2. Z-A

    Way too much for a below average player. I dont blame the Spurs, “you can have him” mindset. Just like when the let Simmons go last year.

      • OnTheBrink

        Agree, Simmons turned out to be the steal of the offseason last year, imo. He’s a great piece for the Magic and will likely require $8-10M for his next contract.

        • Sheldon Bowen

          Simmons got numbers with a lot of turnovers and low shooting percentage on a bad team. He looked horrible.

    • formerlyz

      That was a bad decision. They paid Patty Mills when most people thought they’d let him go. They should have kept Simmons

  3. GrizzTony

    A great signing for a team that was in the playoffs 7 straight years before last season. Drafting Trey-J and adding another defensive player will help the transition back to the winning basketball we know. Anderson wasn’t signed for his scoring, he was signed to set-up transition basketball that will be the cornerstone of the new Grit-n-Grind we know in Memphis.

  4. x%sure

    Good offseason for Memphis, if this with Anderson happens, and Jaren Jacksn too as new starters. Also round2’s Jevon Carter should be useful right away at the 1, height his only drawback.

  5. padam

    They sign Anderson for 4 years, close to $10m per, but let Evans walk on a one year $12m contract? Was Evans going to turn away a 4 year offer? Help me out here…

    • Shane

      Easy to answer Reke has only been healthy 2 or maybe 3 years in his career and Grizzlies can’t take a chance with his history with some other FA they have had. Right or wrong the Grizz are going to try to make one more run with Marc and Conley and a ball dominated player will not work in their system.

      • padam

        I’d think they’d need another scoring option. Adding Anderson and drafting Jackson builds up that defense – which will be nice, but if Gasol or Conley go down, then who?

    • formerlyz

      Memphis used their mid level to sign Anderson. They wouldn’t have had the space to give Evans a multi year deal at the money he probably was looking for

      • padam

        Evans signed with Indiana for 1yr/12m before the Anderson deal. They had the money and space. That’s why I’m asking…

        • x%sure

          Evans did not really fit the grit n grind theme, though Anderson barely does.
          The talk is about Anderson’s D but he should be able to help keep consistent pressure on the other D as well (ex UCLA PG).

  6. formerlyz

    That’s really surprising. That deal could have a lot of surplus value. I’d have thought it was an easy match

  7. cesc

    I thought from the outset it was an overpay, cannot see it, I would rather have paid Tyreke is way better than Anderson but… is Memphis so SMH

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