Weekly Mailbag: 7/9/18 – 7/15/18

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Do you think Trae Young will become another Stephen Curry based on their skills? -Greg Dizon

Curry has three championship rings and two MVP awards, so that’s a lot to ask from anyone. The important thing for Young is that the Hawks be patient and not expect him to become a dominant scorer right away. Young obviously patterns his game after Curry, but he’ll need time to adjust to the NBA. College teams were able to figure out how to neutralize him over the second half of the season, and NBA opponents will borrow from those tactics. Curry averaged 17.5 PPG during his rookie season and didn’t become a 20-point scorer until his fourth season in the league. That’s probably a realistic expectation for Young.

What’s the likelihood Jahlil Okafor gets another shot in the league? — Dennis McDaniels, via Twitter

At age 22, Okafor is too young and too skilled to be washed up. He fell completely out of favor in Philadelphia and didn’t produce much in 26 games with Brooklyn, but he’ll definitely get another chance. Okafor’s low-post scoring skills have been devalued as the league puts a greater emphasis on floor spacing and outside shooting, and the concerns about his defense and lateral quickness have been justified. Still, he remains a legitimate weapon on offense if he’s willing to accept a reduced role and goes to a team that knows how to maximize his strengths. It may not happen until much later this summer, but Okafor will get a camp invitation from somebody.

Do you think the Clippers will re-sign Montrezl Harrell? I hope they re-sign Tyrone Wallace as well. — Richard Garcia

Harrell has fallen into the same trap as most restricted free agents. Teams don’t want to tie up their resources early in free agency while waiting for the incumbent franchise to match, then eventually the money dries up and there aren’t many clubs that can afford to make a significant offer to someone like Harrell. His first year with the Clippers was very productive, averaging 11.0 PPG and 4.0 RPG, and his role should expand with DeAndre Jordan now in Dallas. Expect L.A. to re-sign him, probably at a bargain price. Wallace is also restricted and will be much cheaper after playing on a two-way contract last season. If he receives an offer sheet, it shouldn’t cost much for the Clippers to match.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Mailbag: 7/9/18 – 7/15/18

  1. I don’t know how good Young will be, but obviously as a college player he has been way better than Curry, we just have to be patient with him in the league, I think he is a better PG, a better assister & his crazy shooting is very fun to watch. I do hope he does become a star.
    Cannot believe Okafor wouldn’t find a team, the guy is a beast, I know he doesn’t space the floor & isn’t much in D, but man the points & rebounds he gets for the minutes he play, is pretty good, just needs a chance, I do think there is a star in there, it requires a team to unlock it.
    I was already a fan of Harrell in Houston, again this guy is a beast, full of energy. Always thought it was a mistake for Houston to let him go, don’t think they ever appreciated how good this guy really is.

    • jellbuc

      You obviously didn’t watch Curry In college. Curry took Davidson to the sweet 16 single handedly, Davidson. Young barely lead his team to the tourney and had a quick exit.
      College players were able to stop Young and he was awful the second half of the season. You can’t use the “he had no one else” rational because once again Steph played at Davidson and pulled a double team every time he touched the ball.
      Young’s not going to get 25 shots a night like he did in college so the 17 ppg mentioned in the article is best case scenario. I personally think by mid season he’s playing 20 minutes a game and scoring 10.

  2. x%sure

    Harrell keeps improving & is surely worth at least 5 a year.


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