Trade Exceptions Expire For Grizzlies, Clippers, Knicks

Three teams had modest traded player exceptions expire this week, as the Grizzlies, Clippers, and Knicks declined to use their respective TPEs. The exceptions ranged in value from $1.58MM (Clippers) to $3.41MM (Grizzlies), with the Knicks’ $2.38MM TPE falling in the middle.

As we explain in our glossary entry on the subject, traded player exceptions can be used to acquire one or more players whose salaries fits within the amount of the exception. They expire one year after being created if they haven’t been used.

The three trade exceptions that expired this week were created in deals consummated right before training camps opened in 2017. The Grizzlies’ TPE was created when they sent Troy Daniels to the Suns, while the Clippers created theirs by sending DeAndre Liggins to Atlanta. The Knicks’ TPE was generated as a result of the Carmelo Anthony trade with Oklahoma City.

All three clubs still have at least one traded player exception in hand, as our full list shows.

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