Larry Drew “Very Disappointed” In Negotiations With Cavs

9:47pm: The Cavaliers have not been aggressive in searching for another coach, sources tell Brian Windhorst and Adrian Wojnarowski of

Drew, who is earning nearly $1MM this season, is one of the league’s highest-paid assistants. However, he’s looking for a raise on his salary in return for becoming the interim coach. The ESPN duo adds that it’s unclear how long Drew is willing to act as the coach without an agreement.

Windhorst and Wojnarowski also report that the Cavs again talking with teams about Kyle Korver trades, noting that the club could be more active in looking to deal other veterans in the coming weeks.

5:23pm: Larry Drew made it clear he was yet not the Cavaliers interim coach, telling the media earlier this week that he’s simply the “voice” of the team. He had hoped to reach an agreement with the Cavs to become the new floor leader. Prior to tonight’s game with Atlanta, there is still no deal in place and Drew is “very disappointed” in the lack of progress, Joe Varden of The Athletic tweets.

Drew added that he will “never quit” on the team and will “remain professional,” as Sam Amico of Amico Hoops relays via Twitter. Drew has been told the Cavaliers may bring another person in to be the head coach and he may be moved to his previous role.

“I’m fine with [the team bringing in another coach] … my contract is up in July. Maybe Larry Drew isn’t part of the future,” Drew said.

Drew has a career 143-169 record as a head coach. It was previously reported that there was a push within the organization to make Drew a long-term commitment.

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27 thoughts on “Larry Drew “Very Disappointed” In Negotiations With Cavs

  1. Alex Graboyes

    Cavs should havw not fired david blatt in the first place. During the lebron era, every coach was the lebron coach. It is a true test of a coach to see how they can do without them.

      • east333

        Blatt didn’t do well coaching LeBron to the extent of Mike Brown, Eric Spol and Ty Lue. Smart coach but didn’t perform well under pressure. I would’ve liked to see him be NY’s coach or even Milwaukee’s.

        • Ptn18

          What about Tyronn having to take leave because of stress last year? Brown didn’t last long with the Cavs or Lakers.

  2. LivingUnderDaBridge

    Can’t blame him. He doesn’t want to be part of the coaching revolving door in Cleveland. At least lue got garenteed money. He would not be smart taking the job without it.

    • natsfan3437

      Their is no art to his style of tanking. It’s just a bottomless pit of losing that will never end.

        • x%sure

          Lebron at 37… I hope the Cavs have some capspace saved up in 2022… and a high draft pick for Jr! (That will be the double-deep class I think)

  3. Dennid

    In the NBA more than any sport the coach/manager is essentially meaningless if there is an entitled star to lead the team. With younger guys developing then a real basketball coach is needed. Hoping for a younger development type coach.

    • east333

      Not true. Milwaukee has Budenholzer now. He literally managed four all stars in Atlanta. Eric Spol managed Bron and the Heat well. As overrated as Phil Jackson is, he coached his stars well.

  4. Ptn18

    Dan Gilbert said last season, when LeBron refused to tell him of his decision, that he was getting his team back. First he traded Isaiah, Derrick, Rose, and Dwayne Wade. Now he wants his coach jn place.

      • east333

        Mike Brown would be a smart hire since they need a guy that coaches defense.

          • east333

            Yeah, a guy that couldn’t wanted to be a head coach and ended up coaching LeBron and Kobe but now wants to ride the coattails on a team that doesn’t need him and doesn’t need to play defense anyway, which is what he’s best at would never wanna leave for 5-10 million a season.

            • Ptn18

              When Steve Kerr had to sit because of his back in the Finals, Brown coached the Warriors against the Cavs, and was being paid by the Cavs. He told the Cavs he didn’t want any awards from them. Brown was prematurely and wrongfully fired TWICE by the Cavs. The Warriors have the perfect complement (chemistry, new arena, championships, etc.) with their players, coaches, and owner. They all get along. They are not splitting up. THEY REALLY DO CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER. That doesn’t happen often in the NBA.

            • east333

              Daugherty hasn’t shown any interest. And I’m guessing that Mark Price interview from summer 2014 didn’t leave a lasting impression. I think he’s coaching overseas which would indicate he may not be that great of a bench coach

  5. x%sure

    KLove & Frye for Otto Porter, Satoransky, Troy Brown, 2019 1st, 2020 2nd.
    If so, then Korver to PHX for Bender, Holmes & a 2nd?
    Pretty much coming up with a blank for Korver. Ball is hot, as is Marcus Morris & ATolliver; & Jamycl Green is injured.


    What’s in the water by Erie……Browns and Cavaliers kinda looking like the same dysfunctional franchise. Go Indians!!!

  7. greg1

    Spo managed Bron well. Sure, after Bron spent most of his first year in Miami trying to convince Riley to fire Spo and make a return to the sidelines.

    This is an even bigger mess than the Browns right now. At least Gregg Williams didn’t say no when the Browns offered him the head job on an interim basis. Drew wants a raise or no thanks, even though he’s one of the highest paid Assistants in the league? Team is 0-6, Love is out for a month or more, there is already in fighting regarding playing vets or not. As much as I dislike LBJ’s primadonna tactics, the guy was holding this whole ship together. Gilbert really needs to step out and find someone to run this team before it becomes irreparable for a long time.

    • LivingUnderDaBridge

      I think it is more about job security. Give me a long term contract rather than the boot at the end of the year. At least this way either way he knows what to expect in the near future.

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