Wolves Notes: Garnett, Taylor, Thibodeau

Kevin Garnett is not a shy person when it comes to speaking his mind and he offered his thoughts on the Jimmy Butler saga during an appearance on TNT’s pregame show.

“I totally understand [Butler]. I totally get it. And he’s dealing with [owner Glen Taylor], who doesn’t know [expletive] about basketball,” Garnett said (h/t AJ Neuharth-Keusch of USA Today). “He knows how to make money, but he don’t know anything about basketball. I wouldn’t say that he’s the best basketball mind.”

Taylor said he reached an understanding with Butler: the Wolves’ wing will play to his full ability while the team continues to search for a trade offer. “I think [Butler has] made it very clear that he would not re-sign with us at the end of the year and therefore it is in our interest to get a trade so that we can get a player or two to replace him that helps our team,” Taylor said.

Here’s more from Minnesota:

  • Taylor gave a vote of confidence to Tom Thibodeau, telling Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune that the executive/head coach is not on the hot seat. “No, no, the only thing now is that we are starting to play games and I am asking him to concentrate on coaching,” Taylor said. “GM Scott Layden will help to see if any trades are available.”
  • Taylor told Hartman (same piece) that he is alright with how Thibodeau handed the whole Butler situation so far. “Well, I’m OK with it,” Taylor said. “Initially, when Butler told [Thibodeau] he wanted to leave, you know Tom did everything he could to try to keep Jimmy here and I understand that. They have a close relationship. Thibs brought him here so that he would stay here. But eventually I think that in listening to Jimmy, Thibs and I are lined up on this. We need to be looking at a trade.”
  • Taylor has owned the Timberwolves since 1994 and the messy situation with Butler has not made him think about selling the team, Hartman relays. “No, no, we will get through this,” he said. “The changes we have to make, we will get through this. I’ll just keep working and doing the best I can on it to keep our team very competitive.”
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15 thoughts on “Wolves Notes: Garnett, Taylor, Thibodeau

  1. Pitches Love Velocity

    Raptors should swap Kyle Lowry- OG Anunoby- and a couple 2nds for Jeff Teague, Jimmy Butler, Gorgui Dieng, and Justin Patton.

    They might as well go all in.

    • I definitely don’t want an aging Kyle Lowry on that contract. But if you’re gonna take Dieng and Teague, sign me up.

  2. Ptn18

    The pattern for Paul George, Jimmy Butler (between Chicago and Minnesota), CP3, Kyrie, and Kawhi pretty much has been a veteran starter, a young player or another veteran, and a pick. I wonder if Miami offered Richardson, Olynyk, and the pick for Butler, if Minnesota would take it. I don’t blame them for not wanting Waiters.

  3. Dionis

    Fultz and Covington for Jimmy. Everyone is happy, Jimmy gets to be the 1st or 2nd option behind Embiid and Sixers become legitimate title contenders and they have money to re-sign Jimmy.

    Fultz gets a new start with Minnesota where he can actually play point guard and not off the ball like he has to with Simmons plus you get a floor spacer in Covington.

    This Sixer team need scoring badly, no one could get a bucket last night to trim the lead down to single digits and Simmons does not look to score period. His stats are deceiving but he was far from aggressive in the 4th quarter last night and it felt like Joel was going 1 against 5.

    • ChiSoxCity

      Fultz has zero value in the NBA as a PG who can’t shoot or create shots for others.

    • Robert G.

      As a Wolves fan I would totally make that trade but Sixers won’t get near it. Fultz is too promising a talent to give up on him, and Brett brown has worked very hard to create a good culture on that team and Butler would mess with that.

    • This is the trade I have wanted since the beginning. Best comment you have ever made.

    • If the wolves get Fultz, they can then trade Teague to Phoenix for I don’t even care what.

  4. formerlyz

    James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Dion Waiters, 2019 1st round pick for Butler and Dieng

    • Jim Bernstein

      You keeping offering up this silly trade. None of the players is named Richardson or Abadeyo and without one of them – more likely both of them – no deal is possible.

      • formerlyz

        Rofl. Why should any team give up multiple assets, or someone with trade value like Richardson on his contract, for 1 year of Butler, who has demanded a trade and made it an issue, especially when Minnesota also wants that team to take back Diengs contract? That’s good value. 3 rotation players that fill needs and a 1st round pick, while also getting rid of a contract for a player that has been nonexistent since Taj Gibson got there. That’s also more than they gave up by the way

  5. Jim Bernstein

    You keep offering up this silly trade! Since none of the players you want the Wolves to take is named Richardson or Abadeyo no deal with Miami is possible. You need at least one of Richardson/Abadeyo – probably both – to get Jimmy Butler.

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