LeBron James Wants Lakers To Acquire Carmelo Anthony

LeBron James wants the Lakers to acquire veteran forward Carmelo Anthony, according to a report from Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

James and Anthony are known to be longtime friends, competitors and even teammates on Olympic and All-Star teams, and could join forces in the coming weeks if the Lakers choose to make a push for Anthony. The Rockets and Anthony parted ways last month after just 10 games together, but Anthony remains on the team roster as of this week.

Anthony, 34, could be waived anytime, but can’t be traded until December 15 due to league rules. There has been no request made by Lakers president Magic Johnson or general manager Rob Pelinka to make a deal for Anthony, according to Vardon, but James still believes Anthony can contribute on a contending team.

Anthony, a 16-year NBA veteran, averaged 16.2 points, 5.8 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 78 games with the Thunder last season. He signed with the Rockets in free agency and didn’t register any sort of interest from the Lakers at the time, according to Marc Stein of the New York Times (Twitter link).

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29 thoughts on “LeBron James Wants Lakers To Acquire Carmelo Anthony

  1. tealmarlin

    That’ll be the fall of the Lakers or a broken friendship between Bron and Melo. Melo has to work his ass off if he wants to help Lebron.

  2. Senioreditor

    Maybe Carmelo’s been humbled by the last few months? Who knows? I guess we’re going to find out. If LeBron turns him into a usable piece, he’s easily this seasons MVP.

    • GuruGray

      Melo did everything he was asked in OKC and Houston, he’s just not good anymore. Has nothing to do with humility and everything to do with being old and having an antiquated skillset

  3. imindless

    I dont see this as true, lebron stated after his release that he hasnt had contact why would that change now? Melo is much worse than ingram and kuzma and would stunt there growth.

  4. madmanTX

    Sure thing. LeBron to Houston for Melo. Good deal. Lakers send money back. Better deal.

  5. Z-A

    Melo reached out, PTN or whatever probably has the story.

    Like a college kid… “Dad please send money for beer”

    Anyway Zubac does nothing and matches salary.

    • Embiid deserves the MVP for his performance last night. Kawhi 36 pts, Valanciunas 27 pts, Embiid 10
      Enjoyed article in Cavsnation yesterday. “Kyrie looks like genius for asking for trade in 2016.” I agree.

      • Some people come to read what Luke and his guys write (the internet stuff). That’s what I do. I give them a heads up, and maybe they see something “they” like (not everyone here likes the people you do). My stuff is easy to find. You just Google it or go to Bing Sports, The Athletic, ESPN, NBC, CBS, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, or Amico Hoops.

        • Grant

          @ptn18 except those guys are professional writers who summarize sports news into shortened and condensed articles/topic lines. You just make blanket statements and talk about off topic trivia facts and then act like people care

  6. goldenmisfit

    As a Lakers fan normally I would not like this move but if you remember correctly the only time Carmelo was ever a winner was on team USA when he was with LeBron.

  7. x%sure

    I bet Earvin will say no and thus assert his presidency-of-basketball-operations; and that this was worked out beforehand to make all three involved look good. And the fans & the toxic media environment all get something to buzz about!

  8. No proof, no quote. I will believe it when I see it, because I don’t think LeBron at this stage of his career is going to sabotage the development of his young teammates in the name of romanticism.
    I would rather have Beasley than Anthony anyway.

  9. Jbl, he has already sacrificed the development of some of the kids by working with Magic to bring in Lance, Beasley, McGee, Rondo, etc. It’s easy to say he wants Melo because they are buddies, and maybe he does and doesn’t want to say it publicly so he doesn’t look like he’s trying to be LeGM in another situation. That said, who knows until it does/doesn’t happen.

  10. all in ad

    Fake news! Melo has never played D. Lakers are awful on defense. No fit. Lakers don’t have good shooters…ball/rondo. Melo has lost his shot. Tragic johnson wants to play fast…Melo not in shape…he plays slow break “no shot until I cross mid-court. I am anti-Fakers so I hope the LA circus gets another clown.

  11. victorg

    anyone else starting to wonder if the rockets should try and trade CP3 to Lakers ?

  12. easymoney

    LA born needs to shut his pie hole and dribble. This guy is a cancer no matter where he goes.

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