Hoops Rumors’ Chat Transcript: 1/25/2019

With the NBA trade deadline less than two weeks away, Hoops Rumors is holding live chats every Friday from 12-1pm CT.

Today’s chat is complete, but you can read the transcript here. Be sure to check back on Friday, February 1 for our next live chat!

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2 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors’ Chat Transcript: 1/25/2019

  1. William naismith

    although altman transacted some logical trades last february 8th i have no confidence in his capability of improving the cavaliers, playing without a front court for most of the season. i contend if they had love, thompson, nance jr.. and the fine player yet forgotten john henson this team is respectable. I know it will not happen yet i want to see them keep the team in tact and try and up grade the point guard position as sexton does not appear to have reliable play making skills and a team can not succeed with poor point guard play. if they draft either one of the three players williamson, barrett or morant that is what is needed since there is a marked decline after the first 3 selections. cam reddish seems a bit passive similar to harrison barnes or andrew wiggins a fine prospect but not in the same level of potential as the top three players.

    • x%sure

      Way to bust out of Cle.com! Now, why did @Beanie Boy go back there.

      I like the way Sexton gets all happy when he gets an assist… It just doesn’t happen very often.

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