Kevin Love Unsure About Return Date, Reaffirms Desire To Stay With Cavs

Injured Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love said last month that he was targeting a mid-January return from the foot injury that has sidelined him since October. However, speaking on Monday to reporters, including Chris Fedor of, he admitted that timeline is no longer realistic. Love is still several weeks away from getting back on the court, and likely won’t be back until closer to the All-Star break.

“I think just kind of go with the symptoms,” Love said. “Like if I’m feeling anything we’ll just kind of keep it at that pace, just a progression from here. But I think I’ll get more of an idea of that over the next couple weeks and then from there there will be even more progression and get out on the court. I don’t know when I’ll be able to go one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three, but I think that’s all part of the next few weeks I’d say.”

Approximately halfway through the 2018/19 season, the Cavaliers hold an NBA-worst record of 8-32. With lottery positioning on their mind, the Cavs will likely be as patient and deliberate as possible with Love’s recovery. However, the five-time All-Star has no intention of shutting it down for the season.

“That’s never really been the thought process — at least for me,” Love said, according to Fedor. “I know going out there, I want to play. I want to be out there with those guys. I feel like I would be letting my teammates down and letting LD (Larry Drew) and the coaching staff down if I didn’t get out there and play and get out there and play as soon as I could so long as I’m healthy.

“I would just hope to come back whether it be right before All-Star break, after All-Star break, just things to start trending in the right direction and give the fans and this organization some hope for better times that are going to be here.”

Of course, there’s a possibility that Love won’t even be in Cleveland beyond February 7, the date of this season’s trade deadline. However, if he’s not even healthy by that point, at deal seems awfully unlikely.

For his part, Love acknowledged today that even if he’s not traded in the next month, he’ll probably be the subject of trade speculation again in the summer. The 30-year-old added that while this season hasn’t gone as planned, he remains committed to staying in Cleveland long-term after signing a four-year extension with the Cavs last year.

“I would love to be here,” Love said. “Would just love to get through a whole season healthy just because I’ve had nagging things that have taken time and been a little bit unlucky, but I would like to play ball here.”

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9 thoughts on “Kevin Love Unsure About Return Date, Reaffirms Desire To Stay With Cavs

  1. east333

    Dude is a class act. At the same time, they need to tank. They need Zion or RJ. Love should just take the season off.

    • pihc

      Being in last place isn’t tanking enough? I’ve been to several games and it appears they’re doing their best to tank.

  2. Codeeg

    Doesn’t matter if they’re first of fifth worst with the new lottery. I hope he gets dealt to the Rockets though he’d change things.

    • Luke Adams

      The worst team has a 100% chance at a top-five pick, while the fifth-worst team has a 44% chance at a top-five pick. I’d say it matters a little.

  3. SheltonMatthews

    I guess you’d want to stay in Cleveland because you’ve already won a title, there’s no expectations, you don’t have to move your family and you get to collect a fat check? Otherwise, if you want to win in the next few years, its probably not with the Cavs. Will give him a chance to be the man on a squad though. That is, until they get Zion.

    • pihc

      He’d still be the man until whomever is drafted rises to that kind of level. KLove is a leader with his play. He’s not a loud mouth.

  4. bennyg

    Cavs get #1 pick, trade Love to whomever gets #2 pick, then pick Zion AND RJ

  5. x%sure

    There it is, he stays. My newish avatar has no problem with that.

    Going forward, the Cavs look a lot better with the bigs than on the perimeter. Love, Nance, TT, Zizic, rooks okay, solid. ‘Only’ landing Reddish, Morant or Barrett would actually be a better fit than Zion.
    Bol Bol is down to #12, hopefully, safely out of range.

    • Ptn18

      Or he goes to Mavs or Hornets. I read Amico Hoops. We’ll see. Have to wait and see where Cavs pick first. LeBron isn’t GM any more! I hope so bad the Lakers don’t make the playoffs.

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