Lakers Notes: Pelinka, Team Chemistry, Additions

The Lakers missed out on Anthony Davis after heavy speculation that the team would send many of its young players out of town. The team did make a pair of trades, though its core of young prospects remains mostly intact.

GM Rob Pelinka was asked about the strain the rumors may have had on the team and how to repair it. Pelinka responded with a story about a pastor and his fiancee who were riding a trolley, as Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times passes along (Twitter link). Pelinka explained how 100 people tried to board the trolley and separate the two, leaving the couple with two options: Allow the people to get between them or hold each other close and allow the people around them to push the couple together.

Team chemistry will be an interesting storyline in Los Angeles as the season progresses. Here’s more on the Lakers and their plan to win games this season and beyond:

  • Pelinka and team president Magic Johnson met with coach Luke Walton prior to the trade deadline to talk about the roster, Ohn Youngmisuk of relays (ESPN Now link). Pelinka said that adding floor-spacing shooters was a “big need” for the team to be “effective” and he feels the Lakers addressed that need. Both Reggie Bullock, whom Pelinka calls an “elite” shooter, and Mike Muscala are expected to be available for Lakers on Sunday against the Sixers.
  • The Lakers are evaluating a “handful” of potential players to add from the buyout market, Pelinka said, as Dave McMenamin of tweets. The GM also added that the team is weighing whether or not to add someone now or wait to bring a player on board. Pelinka did not specifically address Carmelo Anthony when speaking with the reporters.
  • Pelinka hopes that the Lakers‘ new additions can have the type of impact Julian Edelman has for the Patriots, McMenamin relays in the full-length piece. “I almost look at Bullock and Muscala, my hope is, much like Edelman was,” Pelinka said. “It’s just one player, but that can have such a big impact on overall chemistry, and I hope those two guys can come in and have that impact.”
  • Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report examines the Lakers‘ options this offseason should they again fail to trade for Davis. Pincus speculates that Los Angeles could look to add Nikola Vucevic or DeAndre Jordan in free agency or turn their attention to another star, such as Bradley Beal, on the trade market.
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18 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Pelinka, Team Chemistry, Additions

  1. Guest617

    you don’t hear or see players gravitating toward the lakers.. maybe b/c lebron’s a toxic person

    • implant

      That’s an absurd comment. What players do yuh here leaning or going to other places right now?

      • Senioreditor

        All I’ve seen was Paul George and he made a stupid move. He set the players cause back two steps by not following through on his threat to go to LA. Now owners will continue to believe that players are all bark and no bite unless Kwahi follows through. If he stays in Toronto than the players lost all leverage.

        • DeMar Derozan was from Los Angeles and he chose to stay in Toronto. None of Durant, Thompson, Kawhi, Butler, or Walker have mentioned the Lakers as where they’d like to go. If the Lakers want to try to acquire AD this summer or sign him next, they don’t have the cap space for AD and a free agent.

          • x%sure

            Yes they do. You meant AD and another max. But teams do not need 3 max players to succeed. So you had no point anyway.

            • Everything you say is your opinion. I let it go in one ear and out the other. This was mentioned earlier. You know what is meant. I’ll stick to Woj, Charania, etc. for my reading material. The Cavs missed Kyrie last season, but you’ll never say it.

              • x%sure

                Of course they missed Kyrie. I never said otherwise. Missing Kyrie is a major reason the Cavs lost the last finals. You just make things up.

                And to get back on topic… Ask your heroes that you ignore whenever convenient. A team does not need to have 3 max-salaried players to win a title. Another dumb idea on your part.

          • implant

            You are correct. None of Durant, Thompson, Kawhi, Butler or Walker have mentioned the Lakers as where they’d like to go. Remind me where they have indicated they would go?

            • Kawhi-Toronto or Clippers Durant-Golden State likely. rumors of New York are coming from New York, the Clippers will try for Durant and Kawhi Thompson has said he wants the max and wants to stay in Golden State, the owner said he’ll give it to him, Durant too Butler has said he’d like to stay in Philly Kemba has said he’ll stay in Charlotte

    • kenleyfornia2

      If they dont land another star this year than maybe. But until then thats based off nothing

  2. Jtsanders84

    Bring back Jim Buss, Kupchak, Del Harris Rudy T and Byron. JK but Pelinka is coming of as a bananas person here! The Patriot stuff was delusional and weird. Pretty sure it’s the goal of every team to end up like the team who finishes the year with a championship. Unfairly putting more pressure on Reggie Bullock who’s a borderline rotation player walking into a toxic roster, is just wrong. The extended metaphors are way too much gobbedly-gook. I thought Pelinka would be the level head in the front office. I was very wrong.

  3. NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY WITH TRAGIC AND BRON, BRON. Only the has beens like Rondo or Melo.

  4. x%sure

    Julian Edelman was once about the tiniest quarterback I have ever seen play at d1. But smart, quick, relentless. Scrambled until he found someone. Makes things happen through will and will not stop. These things translate.

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