Wesley Matthews Would Be Popular Target On Buyout Market

Veteran swingman Wesley Matthews made his Knicks debut on Sunday, but it’s unclear how many more games he’ll play for the club. New York has received “multiple inquiries” about Matthews, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post, who hears from a source that the Sixers are expected to have some interest in a deal.

Berman writes that a buyout “won’t happen,” but that could be posturing from the Knicks’ side, as opening the door for that possibility would diminish Matthews’ value on the trade market. If the 32-year-old ends up being bought out, he’d be a popular free agent target, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times (Twitter link).

Stein identifies the Rockets, Thunder, Raptors, 76ers, and Warriors as teams hoping Matthews makes it to free agency. Tim MacMahon of ESPN.com had previously reported (via Twitter) that Houston would have interest in Matthews on the buyout market.

While the Knicks appear to be resisting the buyout route, it might be tricky for the club to find a taker for Matthews by Thursday’s deadline. The franchise has zero interest in taking on 2019/20 salary, and there aren’t a ton of expiring contracts around the NBA that make sense as salary-matching pieces for Matthews’ own $18.6MM expiring deal.

A team like the Kings might make sense as a trade partner for the Knicks, since they have $11MM in cap room and multiple non-rotation veterans on expiring deals, including Zach Randolph ($11.7MM). Clubs like the Rockets, Thunder, and Raptors, however, wouldn’t have a clear path to a trade, given their current cap situations, which is why they’re hoping Matthews is ultimately bought out.

As the Knicks consider their options with Matthews, it’s worth noting that head coach David Fizdale has said that he believes both Matthews and DeAndre Jordan could have a future in New York, as Berman relays. The Knicks are hoping that Jordan will be a “big influence” on rookie center Mitchell Robinson, Berman adds.

“Both of those guys have played some [playoff] series on some really good basketball teams,” Fizdale said. “And who knows what the future holds for these guys? They’re ours now, free agents at the end of the year, but who knows? I want them to come here and enjoy the process with us and really help the young guys.”

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22 thoughts on “Wesley Matthews Would Be Popular Target On Buyout Market

  1. southbeachbully

    If I’m the Knicks I would hold out for a trade. I’d want some sort of asset for Matthews and Jordan. I would exhaust all options and keep them if need be. Unless the players beg for a buyout I wouldn’t consider it.

    • I give no fox

      As the article said, not many teams have an expiring to match Matthews $18 million contract. The Knicks don’t want to take on future salary to preserve their max cap space this summer. The way the CBA works, teams that are over the cap have to send out close to the same amount they receive. The Knicks can posture all they want, but keeping them does nothing but hurt their lottery chances. And if the players are willing to give up any salary in a buyout that is an advantage for the Knicks.

      • southbeachbully

        Thanks. I know how it works (no shade). Yet still, I would not do a buyout unless one of the players begged me to. I also, think there are ways to get creative.

  2. emaney477

    I wouldn’t consider a buyout at all and I’d let teams the know straight up. I would take a 2nd on each of them, but certainly wouldn’t just let another team have s free crack at them. Either trade them or just hold on to them fir the remainder of the season. They don’t effect cap after this season, so no reason to buy them out. Maybe our young guys can learn from them.

    • benster04

      there is no financial angle that would help presently in buying them out. if worse case scenario is that they play put this year in a limited role then thwy are off the books all together come next year….what if we kept them and signed them to a lower contract and add a big time FA Durant and a mid level harris…how about this lineup..

      Smith jr


      • andremets

        Are you suggesting the Knicks get Durant, Tobias Harris AND Kemba? And then resign Deandre and Matthews? I don’t think that’s possible. You would have to sign just two of the first three and then convince Matthews and DJ to sign vet min contracts. Who is “Thomas” on ur bench?

  3. Z-A

    Enjoy the tank? Lol idk. I dont buy this mentorship. Its play these guys 35+ mins tomorrow and trade them or stop flexing and buy them out and save a few million for Dolan.

  4. JonnyLucas

    Good for Wes Matthews. He’s been a terrific player for a long time. The kind of addition that could put a team over the top. Great defense, reliable deep threat… I’d love to have him for the stretch run.

  5. I think Jordan would be highly pursued at pro-rated minimum after a buyout. But he might be the harder of the two to trade. Need to find a playoff team with 18 mm + in expiring deals of non-rotation players, and not in the tax. Clippers qualify, but they’re his presumptive destination after a buyout. Kings too, without using much of their guarded cap space. Perry should be charged with getting back the 2nd round pick we traded for him.

  6. brewpackbuckbadg

    Can anyone send a link to the waiver claim rules article. What would happen if Matthews was claimed and what teams if any can claim him?

    • Luke Adams

      If Matthews were waived, a team would need to be able to absorb his salary ($18.6MM) using cap room, a disabled player exception, or a trade exception. Obviously, no team has the space (or exception) to do that, so he wouldn’t be claimed.

      Our full glossary entry on waiver rules is here: link to hoopsrumors.com

      • brewpackbuckbadg

        Luke, Thank you. I may be remembering this completely wrong but I thought there was a waiver claim system that allowed teams to bid on released players with the highest bidder getting the player and only responsible for there bid. Am I completely wrong on this or am I thinking of another situation. Maybe it is only off season stretch provision released players or maybe it was just a proposal that did not get accepted.

        • Luke Adams

          The system you’re describing sounds like the one that was used for amnesty waivers. That was under the previous CBA, as there was no amnesty clause included in the current CBA.

  7. formerlyz

    Most of the teams I was thinking of were mentioned in this article. My assumption is he ends up with Housron, which makes them a totally different team. I think he can be traded for at least something, so I’d hope he doesnt get bought out. He could also provide leadership for the Knicks young wings, and help them on defense, although he and DeAndre could end up helping them win games they dont want to win

  8. None of the teams listed as being interested in Matthews (other than Philly and only if they would prefer him to WC) are going to trade for him.

    Assuming no trades, the Knicks should buyout Kanter on Friday, and then WM and DJ closer to the deadline for adding players eligible for the playoffs. The latter only because this regime, starting at the top, has to start establishing that capitulation is not their only method of dealing with a contentious situation.

  9. Karl Elze

    Why, would we want ANOTHER undersized player to play the SF Position ?? If you are going to do that, just start Bogdanovic who is 6-6 and matches up size wise better that Wesley or Shump. Trade and get, Harrison Barnes or Otto Porter, either one who is 6-8 plays SF and would help you out for years to come.

    • x%sure

      Yes. Or MKGilchrist.
      MKG for WCStein, Skal & McLemore, checks out.

      Or MKG & CodyZeller for those 3 & Z-Bo, all expiring.
      For Charlotte, this clears $27.5m, Kemba money that they need. Signing WCS (or Koufas) would resupply them with bigs. Borrego was not happy with their centers.
      For Sacto, they are boosted for a playoff run. They probably will not need all that capspace next year anyway for what they can draw from the FA market. Might as well go for it, and the players are pretty good.

  10. x%sure

    I’m not sure DJ’s influence on Robinson is a good thing. Better to keep Mathews, who can blame his disappointments on his ankles.

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