Lakers Notes: Ball, Ingram, LeBron, Trade Talks

Lonzo Ball was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary, but he understands the Lakers‘ decision to shut him down for the rest of the season, writes Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times.

Ball hasn’t played since January 19 when he injured his ankle driving to the basket. He feared it was broken at first, but it turned out to be a Grade 3 sprain, which involves a torn ligament. He was given a four- to six-week prognosis to return, but a bone bruise in the ankle is keeping him out longer.

“It’s just the situation I’m in right now,” Ball said of the Lakers’ decision to end his season early. “So I have no problem with it.”

Ball, who saw his rookie season cut short because of a knee injury, is still traveling with the team and is looking forward to an opportunity to train this summer, which he couldn’t do last offseason. He said he had finally started playing the way he hopes to about five games before hurting his ankle.

There’s more news from Los Angeles:

  • The blood clot issue that forced the Lakers to shut down Brandon Ingram is affecting his trade value, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN. L.A. offered Ingram to the Pelicans last month as the centerpiece of an Anthony Davis deal, but Windhorst doubts that New Orleans would be as interested in Ingram now, even if doctors were to find that he has a low chance for the blood clots to recur. Ingram’s status is also complicated because he’s eligible for a contract extension this summer, and Windhorst doesn’t believe any team could get insurance to cover future blood clot issues.
  • LeBron James is still “fully committed” to the Lakers despite a rocky first season in L.A. and the uncertainty of whether the team can land another star or two, Windhorst adds in the same story. James told Michael Lee of the Athletic that he believes the Lakers will return to the playoffs during his time there and he has given no thought to shutting down this season. “I live being a professional,” James said. “I live playing every game like it’s my last, no matter what’s going on. You finish up strong. That’s just who I am.”
  • Sources tell ESPN’s Zach Lowe that the Davis trade talks “sapped morale” for some players. He adds that team president Magic Johnson’s lecture after the deadline about treating players “like babies” had the same effect.
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4 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Ball, Ingram, LeBron, Trade Talks

  1. supercollider

    Ball is fine with being sidelined because it gives him security in LA in that teams are reluctant to trade for injured or rehabbing players. He did the same thing last year.

  2. Black Ace57

    With the blood clot issue for Ingram, aside from getting lucky in the lottery I don’t know how the Lakers can outbid anyone for Davis.

    • kenleyfornia2

      Doesnt matter if New Orleans is too stubborn. They can fawn over Taum who Boston probably wont even deal.

  3. Equinsu Ocha

    It’s tough not to envision the Lakers roster as it could be without Magic’s interference. Having Randle and Russell would be better than the current roster with LeBron. Sure it would be a young team, but it would allow for at least a couple of players to grow into superstar status that came of age playing together. It doesn’t surprise me that in addition to Magic’s inability to build a competitive roster, that he goes down to the locker room and makes things worse for the players he chose. The Lakers are turning into the Raiders… Wait, too late. They are already.

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