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The idea that Lakers head coach Luke Walton is on the “hot seat” implies that he still has a chance to keep his job if things turn around, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, according to Martin Rogers of USA Today (video link).

Rogers hears from multiple sources that the Lakers are expected to move on from Walton at the end of the season, suggesting that president of basketball operations Magic Johnson and controlling owner Jeanie Buss are prepared to make a change.

Johnson and the Lakers have insisted for months that Walton will finish out the season with the team, but barring major unexpected developments in the coming weeks, it doesn’t look like the head coach’s stint in Los Angeles will last much longer than that.

Here’s more on Walton and the Lakers:

  • Sean Deveney of Sporting News – who agrees that Walton “appears to be on a countdown to the end of his tenure in L.A.” – hears from a source that the Lakers’ head coach is viewed as a potential replacement in Phoenix if the Suns elect to move on from Igor Kokoskov this spring. It would be a little surprising if Kokoskov is fired just a year after joining the Suns, but the team is 16-53 and the GM who hired him (Ryan McDonough) is no longer with the organization, so stranger things have happened.
  • The Cavaliers will be seeking a permanent head coach this spring and are expected to target a coach capable of developing their young prospects, per Deveney. Walton has some ties to Cleveland, having finished his playing career with the team when GM Koby Altman first joined the front office, so it’s possible he’d get a look from the Cavs, Deveney writes.
  • Here’s what one source with knowledge of the situation said about Walton to Deveney: “He wants to stay in the game. For most front offices, I think you look at what he did in Golden State, what he did in L.A. before LeBron came, and you have to say he has a good, solid résumé developing players, dealing with stars. Have to think Phoenix would jump on him, if everything falls into place, but he might get a better offer.”
  • As for Walton’s potential replacement in Los Angeles, Deveney suggests that LeBron James, Johnson, and Buss may all have different views on what kind of coach the Lakers should hire. Buss figures to support a “reasonable, qualified head coach who can please multiple factions,” according to Deveney, who cites former Pelicans coach Monty Williams as one example.
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30 thoughts on “Latest On Luke Walton

  1. Phattey

    Remember when the lakers moved on from mike d’antoni and he transformed the rockets into one of the most dominate teams in the west

    • bowserhound

      Remember when pringles man was the coach of a team that he had no business coaching, got fired and then became the coach of a team that suited his style? That’s more of an appropriate representation…

    • kenleyfornia2

      Because the Rockets chuck up 3’s and play no defense method got them to a finals…

  2. theking24

    He’s gone but I hope they don’t mess up this hire by hiring someone like Jason Kidd or mark Jackson

    • jordanrulestheworld

      Yeah j kidd would be a terrible hire. But you have to have a guy that Lebron will respect..because it’s clear Lebron doesn’t respect Luke and it trickles down..they should try and pry Doc from the clips

  3. Z-A

    They sponsor the jerseys now, think they need to slap a Tums sponsor on his suits.

  4. Guest617

    get a treasure trove by trading lebron an continue the rebuild – walton’s a good fit, he was fine before lebrona showed up

  5. DynamiteAdams

    TBH Luke Walton had the easiest job at Golden State when Steve Kerr was out. He just had the stay the course and not screw anything up. As for the Lakers they had nowhere to go but up. I really doubt his ability as a coach at this point.

    • And to your point, Luke not only held the lead with Golden State, while he was the head, the Warriors crushed the NBA record with wins.

      To your point as Lakers coach, they were getting better instead of worse.

      A person can’t do any better than that, but could do a lot worse.

  6. OCTraveler

    Walton quits the Lakers the day before the season ends and immediately goes to UCLA.

  7. captainsalty

    Bad decision, Luke is solid and I think he deserves another year without the injuries and the trade drama hanging over the franchise

    • sorayablue

      Injuries, trade drama and poor roster construction… none of which Walton was responsible for. This is on Magic and Pelinka.

      • Joe Covert

        I think Barkley said it the other day…GMs usually hire two to three coaches before they figure out its the GM that sucks. To paraphrase, of course.

  8. Miklo916

    Everybody blames lebron. S*** they suck before he was there. And the where top 4 before he got hurt so how is it his fault.

  9. Luke has been such a disappointment as a HC, can’t wait for the Lakers to get rid of him once & for all!

  10. bravesfan88

    Calling it now, Brian Shaw will be Walton’s replacement…You can pretty much book it..

  11. Thronson5

    Brian Shaw should coach the Lakers. If not him than Mark Jackson. Would be pissed if they brought in Tyron Lue.

  12. madjob33

    So…please tell me when the last time an inferior team won the Chip because the Coach was so brilliant, he got them there ?

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