Mavs Expected To Make Big Push For Kemba Walker

The Mavericks are the biggest threat to the Hornets for unrestricted free agent Kemba Walker, longtime Hornets beat writer Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer reports.

Bonnell cites two knowledgeable sources who indicate the Mavs will make the high-scoring point guard their top free agent target. Dallas could plug Walker into its backcourt to create a formidable trio alongside rookie sensation Luka Doncic and recently-acquired big man Kristaps Porzingis. Dallas has ample cap space to offer the max a new team can give a free agent, a four-year deal worth approximately $140.6MM.

Walker is averaging a career-high 24.9 PPG and 5.8 APG in his walk year. Charlotte can offer him a five-year deal worth up to around $189.7MM, but the franchise’s inability to build a quality team around him may convince Walker to seek greener pastures. That five-year, maximum-salary figure could rise to $221MM if Walker is named to the All-NBA team, Bonnell notes.

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The Knicks, Lakers and Pacers are some of the other teams expected to contend for Walker’s services, Bonnell adds.

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18 thoughts on “Mavs Expected To Make Big Push For Kemba Walker

  1. RockHard

    Hopefully this doesn’t happen.. he’s not the 3rd piece we need.. at all..

  2. So much for the nonsensical story that DSJ was only expendable because Doncic was a closet PG. Mavs and DSJ’s people sold it well. The Knicks’ three stooges were the only ones to buy it, or maybe even they didn’t buy the story, just into acquiring the story.

    If KW leaves the Hornets, the Knicks want him, and he still goes to Dallas, then all three stooges need to be fired the next day.

  3. I rather they got DMC or Vucevic, but I suppose it wouldn’t be bad to get him, though it might be a problem in the D.

    • sleepyfloyd

      I’d actually start over. Why would you pay KW superstar money when he isn’t one. Makes no sense. Best thing for CHA to do is take the money grab some younger FA and start over.

      • Start over? I’d like to know when did ever start? In the past 10 yrs, only 3 have been better than 500, just barely. So it seems like every year is a start over year. Spend some FA money and fill in the missing pieces. I hope KW stays away from NY even being home. The bad move he’ll never regret.

  4. snotrocket

    As long as the Lakers miss on everyone all will be right with the world.

    • ppyxmb

      You are wrong. It’s not an intentional leak because it ain’t no leak at all. C‘mon, why would a Charlotte based reporter have better access to „Dallas insiders“ than Dallas media? It’s to drive up the price for KW and make sure he gets the max.

      You are however, correct in that this is a Fake story.

      • x%sure

        You’re probably right, or at least that is part of an agreement.

        A Dallas insider can get a more useful leaguewide media reaction on the proposal using the Charlotte reporter than using an obvious local guy.
        And the Charlotte reaction is most key. MJ has to gauge how much ticket sales will be affected with his loss. DAL & CHA will both want to know how high the other will go.

        Also this way keeps MJ from getting mad at them or calling the action tampering. Dallas can just say, talk to your own people or Walker’s camp.

  5. CursedRangers

    The writer picked the Mavs, Knicks, & Lakers to be the best fits for Kemba? Seems like really odd choices. But then again I pay to watch basketball games, and don’t get paid to write about them. So maybe I’m missing something.

  6. DXC, while a Knick fan myself, and one that would love to see Fiz, Mills and Dolan gone as well (yes, I know your 3rd was Perry, but he’s the best of a bad bunch), the Dallas deal was not about getting DSJ, it was about getting rid of a disgruntled potential star for cap space and picks.

    Honestly, I don’t know if there was another team that would have agreed to take THJ and Lee’s contracts while sending back a prospect, expiring contracts and picks.

    As for Kemba, makes no sense to me that Dallas would be interested. Doncic is going to be the primary ball handler on this team going forward, why not look at a guy like Klay to surround Luka with shooting.

    • Greg1 you beat me too it lol. Klay Is the PERFECT fit for Doncic. Klay is tremendous playing off the ball. I grab him if he leaves GS (theres a 95% chance he doesnt leave). I try to grab some pieces and trade for mo bama. Magic might want to keep NV. Since he is an all star. Mo bama would be great to have on defense. He can stretch and hit 3 as well.

    • I agree that Perry is the best of that bunch, but I can’t fully evaluate him in isolation as a GM.

      I just don’t buy into the Knicks’ ever changing narratives on KP and/or the KP deal. I don’t think he was just disgruntled without a real reason. I don’t think that him requesting a trade is meaningful without a context. I don’t think (regardless) that, as an RFA, he needed to be traded. I don’t think the trade and pre-trade process was handled well.

      Going just by what the Knicks said afterwards, they were looking for 3 things: a talented young starter, high draft pick(s) and cap space. Dallas was the worst trade partner imaginable on the first two fronts. DSJ had to be passed off as the talented young starter, and the picks couldn’t start until 2021. Maybe, as you say, the Mavs were the only team that would take both THJ and Lee directly in a KP trade, but there were certainly other ways to shed those contracts (at the deadline or in the summer, when we would really know if we needed that second max slot). Deal doesn’t sink or swim on DSJ alone. But if he continues to be a mess, and it turns out that we don’t really need the additional cap space, all we have left to show are some remote picks. Not much for a 23 year old AS.

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