Execs Project Four Years, $60MM+ For Malcolm Brogdon

While Malcolm Brogdon is unlikely to receive the same sort of maximum-salary or near-max contract that Bucks teammate Khris Middleton will sign in free agency, the former Rookie of the Year is in line for a significant raise of his own after earning the minimum this season.

Executives around the NBA believe that Brogdon – who is eligible for restricted free agency – is looking at a contract worth just north of $60MM over four years, writes Sean Deveney of Sporting News. One general manager described Brogdon’s market as “Marcus Smart-plus,” Deveney adds.

Smart, a restricted free agent in 2018, ultimately re-signed with the Celtics on a four-year deal worth $52MM. While Smart’s contract was worth $13MM per year, it sounds like execs expect Brogdon to reach at least $15MM annually on his next deal. The 26-year-old is currently sidelined with a foot injury, but had his best season in 2018/19, averaging 15.6 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 3.2 APG with a sparkling .505/.426/.928 shooting line in 64 games (28.6 MPG).

It will be an interesting offseason for the Bucks, who already have approximately $70.6MM on their books for 2019/20. That’s before taking into account possible new deals for Middleton and Brogdon, not to mention role players like Nikola Mirotic, Brook Lopez, and George Hill — Mirotic and Lopez will be unrestricted free agents, while Hill will almost certainly be waived to avoid guaranteeing him an extra $17MM.

If the Bucks are forced to commit over $40MM in starting salaries for Middleton and Brogdon, it would significantly limit the team’s ability to make additional upgrades.

Of course, the fact that Brogdon will be a restricted free agent makes him a wild card as the Bucks enter the summer. If another team wants an RFA badly enough, it can force a team to make a tough decision by extending an aggressive offer sheet — Tim Hardaway, Allen Crabbe, and Tyler Johnson are among the RFAs who have signed oversized offer sheets in recent years.

On the other hand, if that sort of offer sheet doesn’t materialize by the time that cap room around the league dries up, leverage shifts back to the team, potentially forcing the free agent to accept a below-market deal. I don’t necessarily expect that to happen in Brogdon’s case, but it will be an intriguing situation to watch as Milwaukee potentially makes an effort to lock up its core for years to come.

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17 thoughts on “Execs Project Four Years, $60MM+ For Malcolm Brogdon

      • JFactor

        Guy is an everyday starter on a playoff team and a recent roy, and this guy thinks he’s being cute by saying ‘who?’ The average fan is going to know who he is, the people posting here for sure know who he is.

        • Danthemilwfan

          The average fan does know who he is(also rookie of the year). The below average iq fan who can’t comprehend a league without Lebron may not lol

  1. hiflew

    When the examples for signing RFAs to oversized offer sheets are Tim Hardaway, Allen Crabbe, and Tyler Johnson, shouldn’t that make it less likely a team will do it again?

  2. stubby66

    Bucks will make sure he is resigned but obviously they will wait for him to sign an offer sheet from another team. Then I think Lopez will be next after him. Middleton would have to be third on the list unless they can find z way to move Hill and Snell’s contract off the books successfully

    • brewcrew08

      Well Hill is a free agent after this season. No chance the don’t cut him before 7/2/19 and save the 17M and just pay his 1M buyout.

  3. LilGOAT

    Wait his slash line is 50/40/90, did he meet the minimum requirements to join that prestigious club??

  4. dust44

    Brogdon in my opinion is the second most important player in Milwaukee behind Giannis. Plays D can shoot it. Can run the point. Can defend 1-4. Perfect compliment to Giannis. It will be interesting to see what happens. But, the Bucks must lock down Middleton and Brogdon. Lopez can be replaced as can the back up point spot Hill is taking right now. Plus the have DiVincenzo who should take a step forward in his Soph year in the league who can play the combo guard with Brogdon sliding to the point when Bledsoe sits.

  5. x%sure

    Bucks don’t really have to upgrade; getting all their FAs back would be achievement enough. Middleton & Brogdon for $40 = sigh of relief. Still room for Lopez & not much else… Mirotic is kind of a fallback if one leaves.

    Bas.Ref. shows them at about $77.4MM, asuuming Hill is cut, Connoton & Brown not, and Middltn ops out. That’s for 9 signed players and $7.4 in dead salary. Surely MIL will approach the tax line and secure the roster for a legit title-winner?

    • x%sure

      Sorry, title-contender, though they did have best NBA record, which is sort of a title.

    • LilGOAT

      Owners know that if they want their team to contend for a title, paying the luxury tax is an inevitable. We’ll see how serious the Bucks owner is about winning this summer.

  6. Z-A

    Russell gets Max bc it’s a Nets thing to do, Brogdon 18-21M, Rozier and Rubio 15-16M.

  7. denimvest

    if the bulls pick anywhere but #2 in the draft we need to offer him this contract. we aren’t gonna sign a star. a starter who can run the offense and play D is what this team needs right now. don’t sign drose.

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