Stein’s Latest: Lakers, Sixers, Myers

Lakers GM Rob Pelinka appears to be gaining more power inside of the team’s front office, Marc Stein of the New York Times writes in his weekly newsletter. The former agent is reportedly running Los Angeles’ search for a new head coach.

It’s curious that the team is searching for a coach before settling on an official head of basketball operations. Many organizations set up their front office structures prior to hiring a coach.

Stein provides more on the situation and passes along some additional nuggets in this week’s edition of the newsletter. Here are the highlights from his piece:

  • There’s chatter within league circles that Sixers assistant coach Monty Williams’ candidacy for the Lakers‘ gig is as strong in part because some within the front office fear giving the job to Tyronn Lue would hand too much control to LeBron James. Williams met with Pelinka to discuss the position earlier today. Lue and Juwan Howard are among the other candidates rumored to be in contention for the position.
  • The Sixers attempted to pry Warriors team president Bob Myers away from Golden State last offseason before deciding to promote Elton Brand to the role, Stein reports. Philadelphia also attempted to bring Rockets GM Daryl Morey to its front office.
  • Morey’s recent contract extension from the Rockets is estimated to pay the executive in the neighborhood of $8MM annually, Stein hears. Magic Johnson‘s salary as the Lakers’ team president was estimated to be $10MM per year and Stein argues that Los Angeles could feasibly offer a candidate double that salary if they wanted to lure a prized rival executive.
  • Stein writes that there is both “shock and relief” within the league that the Lakers haven’t attempted to poach a decorated rival executive, such as Myers, Spurs GM R.C. Buford, or Thunder GM Sam Presti.
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16 thoughts on “Stein’s Latest: Lakers, Sixers, Myers

  1. Codeeg

    I still think the Lakers should just admit Lebrons system is what will work best. Yea he’s no longer in the east but if you’re not getting enough out of your best player or even have a clear idea who your second or third option is then it might be best to listen up.
    Also I think Magic quit because he knows no premiere free agent is interested in playing for the team and the Pelicans are spiteful that AD requested because of Lebron.
    They’ll be lucky to get Kemba and a future draft pick this offseason for Ball.

  2. Yep it is

    Why would any GM in that group want to come to the Lakers and the BRON BRON , Buss Clown show?

  3. jorge78

    Isn’t it hilarious that no prime free agents want to play in LA or NY because of the ownership clown show? The 2 top TV markets! It is the end times…..

    • Jkolti

      How can you say no prime FAs want to play in LA when Lebron just signed there last year?

      • madmanTX

        Like he said, no “prime” free agents. Did LeBron carry the Lakers this year to at least a playoff appearance?

        • kenleyfornia2

          I didnt think you could get any dumber but here you are saying Lebron isnt a prime free agent.

          • cesc

            Totally agree dude!
            If a 27/8/8 isn’t a prime FA, then clearly Kyrie, Klay, Kawhi, KD, Kemba, Butler & so on aren’t either.
            Such hate must come from ignorance!

    • bowserhound

      Last I checked, all kinds if impending FA’s want to play in Brooklyn and for the Clippers. Top 2 TV markets!

  4. antsmith7

    Jeanie is a horrendous owner. She’s like the female James Dolan. Only difference is Jeanie is nice to the media so they don’t call her out.

  5. Equinsu Ocha

    the final bullet of the article was the most meaningful to me. how could the Lakers NOT try to offer huge money to the best executive; available or not.

  6. LordBanana

    Yikes, didn’t realize Lakers were paying Magic that much to do so little

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