MRI Negative On Andre Iguodala’s Left Calf

1:23pm: Per Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, the results of Andre Iguodala’s MRI came back negative. He is questionable for Game 4 in Portland, adds Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

9:02am: The Warriors could have a third member of their rotation sidelined as they try to wrap up a fifth straight Western Conference title, according to Nick Friedell of ESPN. Andre Iguodala will have an MRI today on an injured left calf that limited him to 17 minutes last night and caused him to miss the entire fourth quarter.

“He was sore,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr told reporters after the Game 3 victory. “Lower leg, just had some soreness. He’s going to get an MRI tomorrow. We didn’t want to risk anything and put him back in the game. So, when we took him out mid-third, trainer said that’ll be it for him. We’ll know more tomorrow.”

Iguodala was pulled from the game in the first quarter to have the leg examined. He was able to return for a while before the Warriors decided to sit him for the rest of the night. Iguodala was favoring the leg somewhat after the game, Friedell adds, but didn’t seem worried about the injury

The 35-year-old swingman has started nine of the Warriors’ 15 games this postseason and is averaging 30.2 minutes per night. He is posting a 10.6/4.2/4.1 line and is taking on the toughest defensive matchups. Kerr limited him to a career-low 23.2 minutes per game during the regular season to make sure he was rested heading into the playoffs.

Golden State has a chance to sweep the series with Portland tomorrow, which would create a nine-day window for Iguodala, Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins to recover before the start of the NBA Finals.

“We won’t talk about anything other than Game 4,” Kerr said. “What’s after that doesn’t matter, maybe game 5, maybe game 6. So, we just focus on the next game ahead of us. We’ve got some guys banged up, but we’ve done a really good job. I’m really proud of this group for playing through a number of injuries we’ve had. It’s a remarkable group to continue to press and play at this level without so many key guys, so I’m very proud of them.”

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10 thoughts on “MRI Negative On Andre Iguodala’s Left Calf

  1. My guess is he sits out game 4. Can they still win without their best defender on the court? Maybe but that is strength in numbers one man goes down another comes up.

    • Strike Four

      Uh, Iggy is nowhere near in Draymonds dimension as a defender, and Klay probably better in his prime too. Just because the guy only shows up for the postseason doesn’t mean his constant dogging it and generally terrible play in the reg season doesnt matter. Dray and Klay are going into the HOF due to their defense, Iggy isn’t getting into the HOF.

      • Know this, the Warriors win zero championships if they don’t have Andre Iguodala. Fact.

          • I think he brings defensive mindset to the team along with Draymond. He is so smart and excellent in the passing Lanes as well as on-ball Defender to the other team’s best scorer whether a shooting guard or forward.

            I just think he bring so much basketball acumen to the team. Getting over the hills and through the valleys of the playoffs. He brings the experience.

            It’s just what I think after watching the team the last few years.

            • x%sure

              He has killed the Cavs. Wish he could have stayed “lazy”!

              Vs Cavs in the finals: Net:
              2018:+35 (GSW avg.+16), 2017:+7 (GSW avg.+7), 2016:+7 (GSW avg.0), 2015:+17 (GSW avg.+7)

              Iguodala’s playoff stats are consistently better than his RS stats.

  2. I strained my calf about 15 years ago and it would never get better and I couldn’t run or play ball.

    Then I put arch supports in my sneakers and that cured it. And only because a buddy told me he had the same thing. Couldn’t run couldn’t play basketball Etc.

    Thank goodness for arch supports and I’m wondering if these NBA guys and others would benefit? Just throwing it out there.

  3. I can’t believe people are still complaining about its unfair GSW have to many all stars. Even with Durant out they are better than every team. people need to stop complaining and enjoy a team that plays the game like it should be played.

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