Atlantic Notes: Knicks, King, Hernandez, Raptors

Knicks president Steve Mills broke his silence last week but declined to address whether the team will look to trade its lottery pick in a deal for disgruntled New Orleans star Anthony Davis, as relayed by Marc Berman of the New York Post.

The Knicks were awarded the No. 3 pick from the NBA’s Draft Lottery, something many fans saw as a bitter disappointment. The fans of New York, Mills says, should still be excited about where the team is positioned entering this summer.

“We’re excited about where we are,’’ Mills said Friday at the NBA draft combine, according to Berman. “We know we’ll get a good player at 3. So it’s something we’re excited about and look forward to.’’

With the Pelicans locked into Zion Williamson and Grizzlies reportedly focused on Ja Morant, the leading candidate for the Knicks could be Duke standout R.J. Barrett. In addition to the third pick, New York is starting to prepare for a pivotal free agency period — one that could shape the team’s future for better or worse.

“We want to build this team the right way,’’ Mills said. “We’ve always said we’re going to continue to work hard during the draft process. We believe we’re a team that can draft well and this is all part of our plan and growing our team.’’

There’s more out of the Atlantic Division tonight:

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8 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Knicks, King, Hernandez, Raptors

  1. Dionis

    A trio of Kyrie,Durant, and Barrett would be intriguing along with Robinson at the 5 just not sure Kyrie wants to share the spotlight with Durant.

    I think Durant signs with the Clippers, Kyrie I think signs with the Knicks and the Knicks move the pick and other assets for Davis.

    • emac22

      So, you just disbelieve everything being reported by everyone and come up with that based on feelings?

      Why is Kyrie OK sharing with AD but not Durant?

      Why would you trade for AD instead of signing Durant as a FA and keeping everything it would cost to get AD?

      • Dionis

        True the real question is does Durant want to play with Trier,Robinson, and Knox.

        • Dionis

          Welp that’s up to Marks, I wouldn’t pay Russell a max contract. I’d offer him 80 million over 4 years if not he can go fishing elsewhere, Kyrie will cost you more but he’ll put rears in seats and Durant might join.

  2. I don’t get why Knicks fans thought they were guaranteed the 1st pick. Worst record doesn’t mean as much as it used to and even when it did mean more the worst team often would end up one or two picks back

    • emac22

      Did they?

      I know the clowns that call talk radio are as delusional as the clowns who work for the radio station but were there really a lot of people in NY who somehow thought 14% was the same as 100%?

      I know people out there are pretty stupid but that seems like a reach.

      You aren’t just talking about the espn guys are you?

    • bklynny67

      No one thought they were guaranteed the 1st pick.. What’s wrong with some of you? Stop making stuff up.

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