Mavericks Notes: Harris, Future, Thompson, Ross, Walker

Tobias Harris might be the best free agent fit for the Mavericks, according to Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News. The Sixers forward fills a glaring need for a scorer who can swing between both forward positions. With Luka Doncic providing the playmaking and Kristaps Porzingis spreading the court, Harris would get plenty of scoring opportunities, Townsend notes. Harris isn’t an elite defender but that wouldn’t stop the Mavs from offering him a max deal, Townsend adds.

We have more on the Mavericks:

  • Dallas doesn’t necessarily have to win in free agency this summer to have a bright future, ESPN’s Bobby Marks points out in his offseason preview. The team could have even more cap space the next two summers, when other top-level free agents hit the market. However, the Mavs must retool their bench with so many of their second-unit players becoming free agents.
  • Klay Thompson would be the ideal backcourt partner with Doncic, given his ability to space the floor, catch and shoot or create off the dribble, Townsend notes in a separate story. It must be pointed out that Townsend’s story appeared before Thompson failed to make an All-NBA Team, so the Warriors don’t have to offer the shooting guard a super-max deal to retain him. A more realistic target would be Magic swingman Terrence Ross, who would provide much-needed outside shooting, Townsend adds.
  • The Mavs’ frontcourt needs should be a prioritized over pursuit of a pricey point guard, Townsend argues in another overview of free agents. Townsend still takes a look at how players like Kemba Walker and Patrick Beverley could fit into the equation.
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10 thoughts on “Mavericks Notes: Harris, Future, Thompson, Ross, Walker

  1. DeMarcus cousins would be the best fit, especially if dwight Powell leaves. Hes atheltic enough to catch lobs from Luka and can play D and shoot 3s. Also a playmaker. Is he injury prone, yes but id take the chance. No other nba big can do all that. Well maybe bobby portis?

  2. TedKnox

    Hoopsrumors writers: If you must link to articles on sites with paywalls, please note on the link that they are paid sites. The link in this article is a paid site. Also, is a paid site, and it gets frequently sourced here on Hoopsrumors. We all know about the ESPN Insider being a paywall. So, all of you HR writes,if you source a paid site, mention that it is with your link so us readers don’t waste our time clicking them. Thanks!

    • x%sure

      Yes we all all know about espn insider & the Athletic, so it’s wasted words for them to point out their paywalls.

      And the Dallas link worked for me. They looked at the top forwards including Middleton who went to A&M but is from S.Carolina, so no advantage to Dallas expected. They said the only way they get Leonard is if he wants to torment the Spurs from closer.

      BTW I’m leaning towards the Athletic. They keep reducing the price and have an article out called “Whatever is keeping the Raptors together has shown no evidence of coming apart”– written before gm7!

    • Luke Adams

      We generally specify when ESPN links are Insider-only because many of the stories we link to on ESPN AREN’T Insider-only, so we want to make that distinction. As you say, The Athletic is a subscription site that generally doesn’t have both free/paid articles, which is why we don’t mention it.

      Regarding the Dallas Morning News and other newspaper sites, many of them allow you to view 5 or 10 stories per month before requiring a subscription. We have no way of knowing how many stories our readers might have read from those sites (a Dallas Morning News link that you can’t read may be easily viewed by others), so adding a heads-up for those ones is tricky.

    • RockHard

      Wrong.. it’s Klay and it’s not even close.. Middleton and Harris are ideal second tier options..Boogie is a bad fit with this team..

      • Kemba isnt that great. He is 29, hardly any playoff experience, he is ball dominate- which hurts Luka. You can spend 30m on other players that will fit well next to luka and kp. Kemba only has all star numbers because he plays on an awful team and has to jack up many shots to try and win… he can catch and shoot and thats about it- but most nba shooters can do that….

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