Poll: Which Team Will Win Bucks/Raptors Series?

When we asked for conference finals predictions 10 days ago, before each series had gotten underway, the Bucks were the clear choice in the Eastern Conference over the Raptors. In that poll, Milwaukee received just over 64% of the vote, while Toronto received less than 36%.

Now, with the series tied at two games apiece, the series is essentially in the same place it was then — it’s simply a best-of-three instead of a best-of-seven. We also have four games worth of data at our disposal, even if it’s not clear what conclusions we should – or can – draw from that data.

Are the Bucks the team we saw in Game 2, when they dominated the Raptors on both ends of the court en route to a 22-point win? Giannis Antetokounmpo posted 30 points and 17 rebounds in that contest, but he got plenty of help from his supporting cast, with Ersan Ilyasova, Nikola Mirotic, Malcolm Brogdon, George Hill, and Khris Middleton all scoring double-digit points.

The Raptors, meanwhile, got 31 points from Kawhi Leonard in that game, but only two other players – Kyle Lowry and Norman Powell – scored more than eight.

Since the series shifted back to Toronto though, the Bucks’ stars and role players alike struggled with consistency, with no Milwaukee players stringing together two consecutive great games. It was the Raptors’ depth, on the other hand, that thrived in Game 4, as the team cruised to a 120-102 victory despite getting only 19 points out of Leonard.

With the series back in Milwaukee tonight, the Bucks will be looking to rebound, and the odds are in their favor — they haven’t lost three straight games all season. Additionally, Leonard looks like he’s favoring a leg injury, and Lowry is still battling a left hand issue.

Still, Lowry has played through his injury and looks as effective as ever, while Leonard’s defense on Antetokounmpo has made the MVP candidate look uncomfortable. Giannis will need more help from struggling point guard Eric Bledsoe and other role players to advance.

What do you think? With the Eastern Conference Finals all tied up at 2-2, which team do you expect to win the series and represent the East in this year’s NBA Finals?

Vote below in our poll, then head to the comment section to weigh in with your thoughts.

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Which Team Will Win Bucks/Raptors Series?

  1. Dionis89

    I’m going Raptors. Giannis has no answer for Toronto’s wall of defense at the rim. Literally all the Raptors have to do is have 2 defenders waiting on Giannis when he drives. He’s not going to take the mid-range shot so just strip him or block him.

    Raptors in 7.

    • brewcrew08

      Hard to say Giannis averaging 23 points, 16 rebounds and 6 assists per game the first 4 games is “shutting him down”.

  2. bowserhound

    Thank you Raptors for showing us how to beat the Bucks. – Dubs

    • shawn hemp

      Khawi should just take 2 weeks off. #calfstrain. This time of year isn’t important

  3. cesc

    No one is beating the Bucks! Is the year to #FearTheDear… Bucks in 6-7. The Giannis juggernaut is unstoppable!

  4. Gary

    I predicted the Raptors would come out of the East all season. But even after the two wins in the north, the Bucks look too strong.

    They have too many weapons compared to the Raptors.

    Too many shooters, too many offensive guys.

    Milwaukee definitely has a coaching Advantage as well. They’ll bounce back fine in games 5 and 6.

    Raptors looked real good, until yhey came up on the Bucks.

  5. x%sure

    Old timey case of role players being better at home… and the Bucks have the homecourt advantage… and better health. Offensively at least, it seems Leonard needs a running start to dunk.

  6. arc89

    Does it matter since the Warriors will knock around whoever they play. Its like 2 people fighting over who gets in the ring with the champ to be knocked out.

  7. greg1

    It does look like the Raps have the answer for Giannis at the defensive end, but it needs to be one guy (Leonard) with at the rim help defense for the Raps to win this series. The Bucks have enough shooting that if a double team is need on Giannis, he’ll hit the open man all day.

    I believe the Bucks will win, but if the Raps pull it off, a big key will be Kawhi’s ability to shoot from the perimeter to set up his drives vs. Giannis who is not a shooter outside of 10-12 feet.

  8. DynamiteAdams

    I really hope the Bucks win because Toronto has got no hope against the Warriors

  9. Nebraska Tim

    Not that it matters all that much… but the Raptors are 2-0 vs the Warriors this year.

  10. Nebraska Tim

    It has been a fun series so far. Should be interesting to see how the Bucks adjust their game plan for tonight, and if the Raptors can make a push on the road.

    Raptors have missed a bunch of easy shots this series, and it felt to me like those shots just started going in last game.

    These are two very good teams.

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