Sixers Notes: Butler, Simmons, Brown, Embiid

Jimmy Butler proved he’s worth a max offer this summer with his performance against the Raptors in Game 6, contends Marcus Hayes of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Butler contributed 25 points, six rebounds and eight assists as the Sixers forced a seventh game. He also provided the type of leadership the franchise was counting on when it traded for him in November.

“In the first half, the authority and the skill package and his will — put whatever words you want,” coach Brett Brown said. “You could sense the serious side. He got it as much as anybody. He led us. His performance mirrored his attitude.”

It could cost the Sixers up to approximately $190MM over five years to keep Butler once he opts out of his current contract. It won’t be an easy decision in a summer when Tobias Harris will also want a max deal and fellow starter J.J. Redick will be a free agent, but it may be a commitment that Philadelphia has to make.

There’s more Sixers news to pass along:

  • Ben Simmons seemed like a different player in Game 6 with a 21/8/6 line after being limited to 10 or fewer points in the previous four games. Zach Lowe of ESPN examines whether the Sixers can ever win big with Simmons on their roster, concluding that he may have to settle for a role similar to Draymond Green on offense until he can develop a jump shot.
  • Brown’s fate shouldn’t depend on having to win tonight’s Game 7, writes Derek Bodner of the Athletic. A report surfaced yesterday that Brown will likely be fired if the Sixers can’t advance past the second round, and they may have to reach the NBA Finals for him to save his job. Bodner states that determining Brown’s future based on one game would be a poor decision from managing partner Josh Harris, who has long valued process over results.
  • Joel Embiid is on the brink of a suspension after picking up his third flagrant foul of the playoffs late in Thursday’s game, notes Tim Bontemps of ESPN. The league office decided not to rescind the flagrant 1, which was called when Embiid struck Marc Gasol in the face while they were battling for a rebound. “It’s annoying, it’s stupid,” Embiid said after the game. “I feel like the one in Brooklyn should be rescinded and tonight, it’s just basketball. I didn’t mean to do it. I just happened to hit him in the face I guess and didn’t mean to do it.”
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15 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Butler, Simmons, Brown, Embiid

  1. dimitrios in la

    What an immensely unlivable group these Sixers are. And they haven’t even done anything great yet.

    • x%sure

      Unlikable too. And that won’t improve by keeping Butler where four different kinds of max players vie for determining the team’s style and pecking order.

  2. basicmo

    who the hell is marcus hayes oh i forgot said hinkies process would never work

  3. You’ve got to let Tobias Harris walk. He is not a max player. He’s a good player but not a Max salary slot guy.

  4. Let me mention this here. And this is coming from a Warriors fan so brace yourself.

    This salary cap is a farce. The max 40 million dollar slot plus the salary cap is designed so each team can have at least one perhaps two superstars.

    It makes the league better and each city has a reason to root.

    But if you don’t have a HARD cap it’s all just a farce. A team like my Warriors can just pay whoever they want and pay a tax.

    The poor teams love it (the cheap owners) because they get cash… and the Warriors love it because they can sign and pay whoever whatever.

    Stupid !!

    The only way this works is a HARD hard cap with the max slots.

    When Klay becomes a free agent he’s gone when cousins is a free agent he’s gone.

    You get Curry and Durant and that’s it. Hard cap.

    The league is just fooling around with this language as it sits. But they’re not fooling us.

  5. Reflect

    Stop giving max deals to everyone. Stop pushing them. Stop thinking about them. Just don’t.

  6. coldbeer

    Raptors notes: none.

    Thanks hoopsrumors. You do know there are 2 teams playing tonight, right?!

  7. Kyle Lowry is going to lose this thing and make me look bad !!!

    Get the ball out of his hands. Let him play his sick defense but get the ball out of his hands please.

  8. LASTSON86

    Kahwi called GAME sinking a great shot over LOUDMOUTH EMBIID!!! Couldn’t be happier to see that jerk fail on the final play.

    • Z-A

      Sinking? It was more of a lucky AF bounce. 3 bounces actually. Sinking a shot would be like Ray Allen vs Spurs.

      Would rather have seen them go to OT or multiple OTs, like the Nuggets Blazers game. It was an entertaining game.

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