Community Shootaround: 2020 All-Rookie Team

NBA general managers nailed the top of the draft last year, taking the entire All-Rookie first team off the board in five picks. Deandre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Luka Doncic, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Trae Young were all highly regarded, but it’s rare that the first five selections are instantly the best five players.

This year’s draft is considered weaker, which makes it harder to predict. That only adds to the fun of speculating about who will wind up on the 2020 All-Rookie team.

There’s a lot left to happen this offseason, but there are a few things we know about this year’s draft class that we didn’t know a few days ago.

For example, we know the Anthony Davis era is over in New Orleans and the Zion Williamson era is about to begin. Unlike many top picks, Williamson will be surrounded by a strong supporting cast thanks to the generous return the Pelicans extracted from the Lakers. He won’t have to be dominant right away, but the spotlight will be on him and his natural talent should shine through. He’s the early favorite for Rookie of the Year.

Ja Morant should get the keys to the Memphis offense right from the start now that Mike Conley is on his way to Utah. It will take a while to reach Conley’s level, but Morant’s athleticism and highlight-reel dunks should make the Grizzlies a must-see team on League Pass.

R.J. Barrett may be considered a consolation prize in New York after the No. 1 pick slipped away, but his love for the city and his sweet shooting touch should win over Knicks fans. It’s easy to envision him topping all first-year players in scoring.

De’Andre Hunter is joining a Hawks organization that is amassing the brightest collection of young talent in the league. He and Cam Reddish could help Atlanta become the team of the future.

Darius Garland seems to duplicate a lot of the talents of Collin Sexton, the Cavaliers’ top pick last year, but the team is excited about the shooting threat he brings. Cleveland may not be ready to win, but Garland and Sexton will be a treat to watch in the open court.

Those are the top five picks, but are they all destined for the All-Rookie team? Are there better players taken later in the lottery or even later in the draft? We want to get your input on next season’s top rookies. Please leave your responses in the space below.

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33 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: 2020 All-Rookie Team

  1. John Shaw

    Bol Bol is going to be on this as long as he can stay healthy, Mark my words


    G – Coby White
    G – RJ Barrett
    F – Zion Williams
    F – Rui Hachimura
    C- Jaxon Hayes

    Agree or Dis?

      • FromTheCheapSeats

        Agreed. Ja is a day one starter on a team with few weapons. His numbers will be stout.

    • hiflew

      Not bad thoughts. I don’t think White, Hachimura, or Hayes will be that good. But they easily could be. The opportunity should be there for each of them on their team. I also believe Barrett will disappoint, but that is just my personal gut feeling that could easily be wrong. Barrett just has a “Josh Jackson” feel to him to me.

  3. hiflew

    I am re-labeling the position because I don’t think a “center” will make the All Rookie Team.

    Big – Zion Williamson – NO
    Big – Michael Porter Jr. – DEN
    Wing – Romeo Langford – BOS
    Wing – Jordan Poole – GS
    Point – Ja Morant – MEM

    It’s almost impossible to pick a team before the free agency movements begin, but I am basing my picks on the positions I believe the most opportunity for success lies at this moment. Now whether or not the players chosen to fit those positions can thrive remains to be seen.

    • x%sure

      What do you see in Poole? Espn has an interesting report. It’s like, whoops, GSW picked him first, gotta rethink this.

      • hiflew

        I don’t see it in Poole specifically, but I see it in a wing spot on Golden State. As I said, the opportunity is there with Klay out and playing beside Curry. Whether or not Poole is up to the task remains to be seen.

        • hiflew

          My main thinking is that GS is going to have so much payroll injured that they won’t be able to afford a vet to fill the spot on a regular basis. Now if Klay and/or KD sign elsewhere, my opinion would change because GS would likely sign a veteran wing or two to fill their spot and Poole would likely become a bench guy or a G League guy.

          After free agency season, the league is going to look drastically different in 2019-20. With so many All-World talents potentially changing teams this year, it is almost impossible to know where the opportunity will lie this season.

        • dust44

          I think Evans gets the first shot. Then Poole.. So I do c him as a bench piece for the Ws but not enough to make All Rookie first team

          • Evans is a bust. Supposed to be a MaCaw type and I guess his defense should be okay. Offensively Clueless.

  4. x%sure

    I predict injuries and strategic shutdowns will have a large impact on this class, so I have a lot of upsets. I am favoring starters but not necessarily the best players long-term. Voters may pick the best-known names though.
    The centers all lack a path to starting except for Hayes.
    The allrookie team is just the top 10 votegetters, no positions.

    ROY: RJ Barrett NYK
    T1: Brandn Clarke MEM, Jaxn Hayes NOP, Mat Thybulle PHL, Carson Edwards BOS
    T2: PJ Washington CHA, Ty Jerome PHX, Nassir Little POR, Jalen Nowell MIN, Kevin Porter CLE

    Hornets will play youth: PJW, Bacon, Bridges, Monk. Nowell will get out to a faster start than Culver or Okogie. Cavs aren’t going to start two smalls for long. Edwards & Jerome will be sensations. Okafor’s efficiency will fall with starters minutes. Thybulle will be a leader. Little will draw some fights. Luguentz Dort OKC hon.mention; will start once he gets his % up. Zach Norvell LAL this year’s Trier.

    Now how much rope is that to hang myself with!

    • hiflew

      I agree that Zach Norvell could see a lot more playing time as a Laker than anywhere else. But I also foresee Lebron throwing him under the bus to the media for making rookie mistakes as well. Lebron is a great player, but he is a horrible teammate. At least publicly.

      • x%sure

        I think James will get along with him personally, like with Mo Williams & Daniel Gibson, who could make the shots & have fun (with James) doing it. James did not fit in with the previous Lakers. IDKY they kept Kuzma.

        • hiflew

          I wasn’t referring to the Lakers when I was talking about LeBron. I was referring to his time in Cleveland when he would constantly publicly blame DeAndre Liggins for losses. Granted, Liggins was not a great NBA player, but you just don’t call people out in the media like he did.

  5. Rookie team will be
    Darius Garland
    Cam Reddish
    RJ Barrett
    Michael Porter Jr
    Zion Williamson

  6. Morant
    MK (the C the Clips drafted)

    It’s harder a good team. IMO, Langford is the 4th best prospect in this draft, but he might need a year or so to carve out the minutes to show it. PGs given the ball have an advantage. Position-less voting, Garland and White could easily make it.

    • hiflew

      Michael or Kevin on the Porter Jr.? I assume you meant Michael, but Kevin might not be a bad choice either.

  7. No position:
    Morant, RJ, MPJ, Zion, Garland

    Position: out Garland, the best C will bit GOGA

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