Hoops Rumors’ 2019 NBA Draft Live Chat

The 2019 NBA Draft is here! In addition to our standard coverage of the NBA, we’ll be hosting a live chat to discuss all the player movement and selections from around the league.

Believe a team is drafting a prospect too high? Concerned that your favorite player has been overlooked? Feeling good about a trade (looking at you Pelicans fans) or upset with your team for making a move?

We’ve got you covered on everything going on around the NBA! We’re starting at 6:30 pm CT through the first round!

Join Hoops Rumors’ live 2019 NBA Draft chat

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One thought on “Hoops Rumors’ 2019 NBA Draft Live Chat

  1. i hate my father

    Kings trade up to the #1 spot. Pelicans gets the Kings 3 2nd round picks this year.

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