Knicks, Bobby Portis Agree To Two-Year Deal

The Knicks will add Bobby Portis on a two-year deal, Adrian Wojnarowski of reports (Twitter link). Portis will make $31MM over the length of the deal.

Washington is rescinding its qualifying offer for Portis, according to The Athletic’s Fred Katz (Twitter link). The move will allow him to sign with New York without the threat of Washington matching an offer sheet.

Portis re-signing with the Wizards was unlikely given his salary expectations. There was always a sense that Washington would have to choose him or Thomas Bryant when prioritizing a big man to re-sign. Bryant agreed to a three-year deal with the Wizards earlier in the day.

Portis and Jabari Parker came to the Wizards in the Otto Porter Jr. trade. Parker is also considered unlikely to return to the team.

New York has now agreed to deals with three power forwards. In addition to Portis, the team agreed to sign Julius Randle to a three-year, $63MM deal and Taj Gibson to a two-year, $20MM pact

The Knicks are projected to have approximately $27.5MM in cap room after today’s agreements, ESPN’s Bobby Marks tweets.

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44 thoughts on “Knicks, Bobby Portis Agree To Two-Year Deal

        • Core4

          Yeah we needed 3. There diff types of players to boot. Portis is still only 23 and coming off career high 14ppg and 8rebs this past yr , who shoot the 3 really well and could be a stretch 4for us. Randle has played some Center every yr, which means, u have some versatility there , and Gibson is more mid range and down and a banger who could also play some C I’m sure in small lineups.

    • agentx

      And why sign Portis to a two-year deal? Wasn’t their Plan B if they struck out on max-level guys to sign a few vets to one-year deals to help their young core develop?

  1. jeremy

    I don’t know his talent level but I would think 31 mill alot for him.

  2. goldenmisfit

    So, the new York Knicks have shelled out 36 million of their salary cap space on two players not worth any where near that money. And the Knicks fans wonder why the rest of the league fans make jokes about them.

    • jeremy

      Randle got a fair deal. Dude still young and just avg 18+ and like 8 rebounds.

    • Core4

      Some of u are really lacking in knowledge. The Knicks future stars are already on the team most likely in Mitch RJ Knox Dennis and prob even Randle. Guys like Portis and Gibson are good players that will help if we start winning sooner then expected with our young nucleus, or to give us that little booost to get into the playoffs , and in Portis case, he also still has alittle upside he might get to. There not long term deals bro.

      • sportznut1000

        i dont think “a little extra boost” to get into the playoffs is going to cut it with that lineup. even in the east. the knicks are looking at another top 5 lottery pick next year. and maybe even the year after unless a star emerges. as of right now they are probably better than the hawks, maybe the wizards if wall doesnt come back and take your pick of the suns or pelicans in the west (not that they are better than those 2 teams, just they have a tougher conference and one of them most likely will have less wins). im hard pressed to find another team they can pass in the standings. hornets maybe?

        • sportznut1000

          just checked the standings again. forgot about cavs and bulls. so yeah maybe they slide out to 6th worst but id still bet they finish in bottom 5 next two seasons unless RJ busts on the scene like doncic did this year

          • emac22

            That would be a stupid bet.

            Losing out on Durant makes the team better this year unless you think 40 mil on the bench is a good thing.

      • x%sure

        “Guys like Portis and Gibson” are not near the same age.

        Randle won’t be playing center; they’re paying him too much to play him out of position.

        • emac22


          Of course he will.

          You can argue about how much but don’t fight so hard to fit the pieces together. they obviously plan to try it.

          • x%sure

            Try Randle at center? Why? They have Robinson, Gibson, Portis to play center, even Kornet. Not sure of your point but between them, Randle will get first dibs and have the highest expectations. He might wind up playing the 3.

            I’m not sure anybody saw him in NOLA. If AD can move to center to make room for Randle, Gibson certainly can.

  3. hopper15

    Portis, Randle, Gibson. This was such a typical Knicks offseason.

    Please sell the team Dolan.

  4. KnicksFanCavsFan

    He’s a good young stretch-4 but I don’t get this signing considering they just picked up Randle and Gibson and have Robinson. I wonder if they’re trading Robinson as part of a larger deal? Even that doesn’t seam plausible.

    • Core4

      Bro they have literally just enough bigs to even play a game with the 3 they signed today.
      Obviously they aren’t going out for a traditional 7ft back up center. So Randle, who played some C every yr, and prob Gibson, will also get run at C. Portis is prob ur off the bench stretch 4 ..etc

      Centers Mitch and Gibson

      PFs Randle and Portis

      Literally one injury and we don’t have enough bigs.

    • Jason Lancaster

      I think they’re planning to flip one of their power forwards to another team this spring for assets. Randle and/or Portis both could have value to a playoff team next February.

    • emac22

      They cleared the Roster for Durant and company.

      You do need 15 players. 3 at each position more or less.

  5. fishy 9 dogs

    And I was over here feeling sorry for myself for being a wolves fan.

  6. formerlyz

    Did they just sign 3 centers today? I dont understand. I like all 3 players a lot, but they have Robinson. Gibson can defend at the 4 spot for sure, but I feel like there is too much redundancy and they went a long way to do it. I also wonder about minutes being taken away from Robinson, and Knox. I would assume Portis will start next to Robinson, with Gibson and Randle off the bench.

    • Core4

      Nope u really don’t understand. They didn’t sign even one center bro. Albeit u might be able to use Gibson there from time to time.

      • 123Redsox

        All 3 can be used at center in small linups. Gibson in some big lineups too as he is a banger

    • x%sure

      Randle off the bench? At 21 mil? He is good in the open court too; could pass as a 3. The D won’t be good but it won’t be anyway.

      3)Knox, Randle
      4)Randle, Portis
      5)Robinson, Gibson, maybe Kornet

      • formerlyz

        Knox is more of a 4/3. Randle as a scorer and secondary playmaker off the bench makes a lot of sense, with their roster, and you can pair Portis ability to shoot the ball with Robinson and their young playmakers

        • x%sure

          Randle is better, more dynamic than Portis. Also more marketable. Look at the paychecks. He’s not the most likely to be traded either, because Portis is the easier, more traditional fit, and plays better D. But who knows what the Mils/Perry plan is.

          • formerlyz

            Bench is a different dynamic nowadays. I meant a 28-32 minute role off the bench where he can be a primary option, and his defense isnt as big of an issue

  7. Core4

    According to basketball reference
    Portis played 77pct at Center and 23pct at PF
    Gibson played 89pct PF 11pct Center
    Randle played 72pct PF 26pct Center

    I’ll add the yr before this past yr, Randle was more evenly split between PF and C, and Gibson has even had some run at SF in the past. Point is, it’s anything but overkill and we essentially have 4bigs , with all but Mitch having some versatility .
    Anything but overkill and exactly where we needed to stock up some.

    • formerlyz

      I did think they needed help at the 4, but was thinking more of a Marcus Morris/Jamychal Green/Wilson Chandler type, and I also liked the idea of keeping Noah Vonleh at the 5/4 spots. He is probably cheaper than Portis, and is a similar player, but better defender

      • emac22

        They are replacing Kantor and Porzingis.

        Morris and Vonleh are 2nd team guys.

        • formerlyz

          And they’re better than Portis. I’ll reserve talking about Gibson b/c he has been a favorite of mine since his rookie year, although Morris has more value than him offensively

  8. x%sure

    It looks silly to sign Portis for 2 years. Should have made it 4 years; he’s a solid investable piece, good for 2 positions. Good get but an early release. Mills/Perry had a plan that was inevitably just going to get in the way.
    Well it’s not a bad group.

    • emac22

      I disagree. Good but not great enough to tie up cap space at a big number when you can resign him.

      • x%sure

        He probably won’t re-sign if he doesn’t start. He surely had better opportunities than with the Knicks…

  9. geeson

    Trust the process! Been doing it since the early 80s, so why not stay in it. The Knicks are like a bad jumbo mortgage.

    At this point keep sucking and draft as many high upside kids as possible. We have one in RJ and possibly another in Robinson. It’s a start.

  10. padam

    Tradable pieces (Gibson, Portis) before the deadline with minimal contracts. Plus they have to hit the bottom of that cap requirement.

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