Celtics Not Expected To Trade Grizzlies’ Pick For Big Man Help

The Celtics‘ 11-2 start has catapulted them into contender status in the Eastern Conference with Kemba Walker‘s arrival rejuvenating the club. Boston still has a weakness in its interior, having rotated through starting big men, and the club has a major trade chip that could help land a major piece to man the center position, as Sean Deveney of Heavy.com writes.

As a result of the 2015 Jeff Green trade, the Celtics own a future Grizzlies first-round pick. The protections on the pick have kept it from conveying over the past couple years and it’s only top-six protected for the 2020 draft before potentially becoming unprotected in 2021.

However, some around the league don’t see the Celtics using this pick to acquire a bigger piece unless it’s for the right player.

“It’s a high-value pick no matter what happens, it is a lottery pick,” one rival GM tells Deveney “They’d be willing to trade the other pick they have (from the Bucks), but it wouldn’t make sense to move the Memphis pick. If it’s Anthony Davis then, OK, you change your plans. But there’s not really anyone on the market who is going to get them to move that.”

Deveney mentions Myles Turner among the candidates that Boston could be interested in, but hears that the Pacers are unlikely to trade the big man to an Eastern Conference rival — or at all. Deveney also names LaMarcus Aldridge as a possibility but that would likely require the Celtics to send Gordon Hayward to San Antonio, which is something Boston is reluctant to do.

Boston also owns Milwaukee’s 2020 selection, which figures to be among the last five picks or so in the first round. Packaging that pick along with salary to acquire a center seems much more likely.

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41 thoughts on “Celtics Not Expected To Trade Grizzlies’ Pick For Big Man Help

  1. spinach

    Not necessarily lottery pick, Memphis could easily improve next year to make playoffs with addition of top pick this year.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Not in the Western conference they won’t be making the playoffs. They’re losing badly at home to Golden State right now.

    • RootedInOakland

      Naa it’d be a win to just be a 10+ pick next year, no player they draft or FA they sign will turn a Morant/JJJ led squad into a playoff team next year

  2. Jaylen Brown and Enes Kanter for Sabonis and Doug McDermott and a protected first.

    Celtics get a big man that can do a little bit of everything and is on a pretty decent contract. They also get a good shooter for off the bench and another first rounder.

    Pacers get Brown who can move back into SF, they have a really solid starting 5 all on long contracts (Brogdon, Oladipo, Brown, Warren, Turner). They also get Kanter for off the bench which gives them a good second unit of (McConnell/Holiday, Lamb, Holiday, Leaf Kanter).

      • He what? He’s going to swallow cyanide if the Celtics trade him? Admire the commitment, but someone needs to explain the business side of this game to him.

      • Pacers would probably be the long term benefiters.

        They would have a line up of Brogdon Oladipo Brown Warren and Turner and a bench with the Holiday brothers McConnell Lamb Leaf and Kanter.

        Brogdon had a 50-40-90 season meaning he shoots efficiently and accurately. This season he has balling out with 19-8-5 averages. Oladipo was a top 5 SG before his injury and was a force on both ends. Brown hopefully turns into a really good player but if not he’s another good two way player. Warren gets buckets and can do some defending, Turner gives you shot blocking and good spacing.
        Pacers would have 5 good defenders (Turner and Oladipo elite) would have 5 players good on offence and a loaded bench.
        Celtics get a big man (big whoop Pacers have 2 right now) and get a bench wing.

        I think this would make the Pacers potentially the third best team in the East behind the Bucks and 6ers. Celtics would be battling the Raptors for the 4/5 spot.

        • IslandFlava

          Domas is way better than JB, no way Indy should go anywhere near that deal, now Turner yes they can trade for JB.

        • dynasty in boston

          You’re clearly delusional. Celts better than Raps and WAY superior to Philly.

          Based on length and volume of posts. I’ve concluded you don’t have much going on beyond this.

    • Another terrible trade idea. Jaylen is arguably their most important player right now – him, Kemba and Marcus are their best wings. I’d say Tatum is more expendable, and they shouldn’t get rid of him. I’d wait for mid season to sign a free agent – a Noah or a Faried.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      There’s no way the C’s would trade Brown now just as they agreed to lock him up long term and he’s started to make the adjustment to look like a legitimate all-star caliber player. I understand the logic of dealing from a position of strength (SG/SF) to address a need at C/PF but the way Brown’s played thus far this season there’s no way they’d deal him now after anticipating this step in his development for several years now and finally seeing it come to fruition!

  3. You dont get bolstered into contender status after 13 games played. So they likely wont do anything soon, if theyre smart. Theis probably shouldn’t be youre starting center regardless of where theyre at close to the deadline. For now play him, but lets see what a guy like Williams has to offer on the court first. You may evenbe trading a big i have a tough time imagining kanter being content with the minutes hes been given so far. Whats it been like 18 a night? Id imagine they play well with theis on the court, given hes started most of your games, williams is the young guy whod you like to develope, swats shots (altho theis aint bad at that either) and rebounds, kanter should be traded. Hopefully a team needing a big with hopes for the playoffs is willing to take him on for maybe one of the young fringe rotation prospects you already have. If not id attach a second rounder or two but not much else. Then of course in separate theyd go for a big, but more imaginable is someone like kanter but more mobile and defensively adept. Not necessarily like kanter in terms of current production and attributes but a rotation level big.

  4. andremets

    How about Bobby Portis to Boston for either Boston’s pick or Milwaukee’s? Kanter could go back to the Knicks (and then released again!) to make salaries match if needed.

    • Theone23

      Lmao I don’t think anyone besides the pathetic Knicks actually values Bobby Portis as a viable NBA player

  5. Jason Lancaster

    There’s no decent trade available for the Celtics, at least not without losing an important piece.

    They can turn Hayward into a good center, but is that an upgrade? And who are they going to trade for to counter Embid? Adams? Drummond? Come on.

    Unless KAT becomes available, there’s nothing to talk about.

    • Celtics: A. Drummond. K. Thomas
      Pistons: D. Russell. WSC
      GSW: G. Hayward (protected 1st rounder from Pistons)

      Celtics get a big man for Hayward’s deal and a young player. Pistons get its future PG with Russell and replace Drummond with a cheaper younger version. GSW gets its replacement for Durant and it gets a first rounder.

      Pistons all of a sudden are a playoff lock with Russell Kennard Griffin, GSW has a new big 4, Celtics get a big without giving up any picks and save a little money. Then hopefully they resign Drummond to a deal like 100m/4y. Still a slight overpay but it saves them 7mil per year than Hayward

      • wright0525

        I like the trade idea, but I don’t think the Pistons are going to give up a first-round pick to move AD! He’s having a monster year!

      • Jason Lancaster

        Boston giving up a good player to get a good player isn’t going to help them. They’re better off keeping their team together and seeing what falls into their lap in the spring.

        And trading now means it’s harder to trade later. What if KAT demands a trade? Or some other huge player becomes available? Hayward helps more teams (and thus has more trade value) than Drummond.

      • IslandFlava

        Dude if you ever watched the NBA would know as everybody does that Embiid owns Drummond, right? Every single time!

        • raz427

          LOL at that comment “neutralize Embiid”.

          This link shows that Embiid vs Drummond isn’t even close. Amazing what can be found with a simple hit of the button on google.

          link to landofbasketball.com

          In real life, Embiid owns real estate in Drummond’s head, but yeah. “neutralized” lmao comment of the day.

          • dynasty in boston

            Drummond on Celts is a different dimension and different outcome.

            Detroit is virtually Drummond and Griffin

            You guys keep talking like Philadelphia has a chance. They won’t make the playoffs

            • raz427

              “Drummond on C’s is a different dimension” UH based on what? LOL name 4 other east teams that are better than Sixers Right now? You can’t use bucks, raptors, C’s, Nets, hawks, heat. You think Magic are better than the Philadelphia? Or Chicago? I’m a diehard Bulls fan but that’s blasphemy. Detroit? Washington? LOL such a rookie comment.

  6. phillyballers

    They could get a Nerlens Noel, WCS for a 1st. The West doesn’t have a dearth of available big men. And I can’t see anyone in the East helping out the Cs without an overpay of sorts. LA + Marco for Hayward and a 1st actually make some sense. LA seemingly always is in tension with Pop and Hayward has been a disappointment in green. Change of scenery.

    • yaniwox

      I can see the Celts doing the Noel/WCS deal. Using Ojeleye as a contract match for OKC or maybe Poirier for WCS. Hayward has been great this season. He isn’t going anywhere.

  7. Yeah, Boston has only two quality wins right now.

    Danny Ainge will hold on to the pick as long as he can, draft an ok player, and then commenters can include that player in ridiculous trades.

  8. Another terrible trade idea from Tazza. Jaylen is arguably their most important player right now – him, Kemba and Marcus are their best wings. I’d say Tatum is more expendable, and they shouldn’t get rid of him. I’d wait for mid season to sign a free agent – a Noah or a Faried.

  9. LordBanana

    Ainge been sitting on this asset pile for years now, he’s not doing anything with the picks

  10. This article is about a potential Celtics trade. All I’m doing is listing what I think could potentially be a good idea. So to all those who says ohhh terrible idea or whatever just grow up. You try think of something better.
    At least my trades actually work and aren’t just random names thrown out there

  11. hoosierhysteria

    Trade turner. Keep Sabonis. Robert Williams playing well for Celtics. Be patient.

  12. zmay718

    Celtics seem most likely to add a big man from the buy out market later this season.
    Not sure who that will be come then.

  13. Jeff Zanghi

    Myles Turner would be a perfect fit for the C’s right now. His post presence and exceptional rim protection skills (league leader in blocks last year!) would make him ideal. However I still agree that dealing a (probably) top-10 pick (this year or next) is probably too steep a price for him — it would potentially make them a legitimate title contender if they’re current core also continues to play at the level they have been thus far this season. I think people really underestimated just how good they can be if Brown and Tatum actually take that ‘next step’ to becoming legitimate “stars” (or close to it) that many believe they can be. And based on how they’ve played thus far — I think it’s more than possible that they both have and now the Celtics are looking at a team with 4 potential All-stars (or again… close to it) with Brown, Tatum, Heyward and Walker. if Heyward comes back and plays like he was prior to the injury and Tatum and Brown continue to look like they’ve made the leap to legitimate “stars” — this Celtics team could really blow pre-season expectations out of the water and be a legitimate Eastern Conference contender. No matter what — they are already quite the fun team to watch!!!

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