Poll: Will The Magic Make The Playoffs?

The Magic were one of the NBA’s best teams during the last two months of the 2018/19 regular season, finishing the year on a 23-9 run and earning the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference. However, that second-half success hasn’t carried over to the 2019/20 season so far.

Through eight games, the Magic are just 2-6, with their only two wins coming at home against Eastern lottery teams Cleveland and New York.

The defense that keyed the Magic’s late-season run in the spring is still the team’s strength. Orlando’s 101.0 defensive rating ranks fifth in the NBA, and Jonathan Isaac is emerging as one of the league’s most impactful players on that side of the ball — in the early going, he’s averaging 1.6 steals per game to go along with a league-high 3.0 blocks per game.

However, the Magic’s offense has been dismal this season, as ESPN’s Zach Lowe writes. Orlando’s 96.6 offensive rating is easily the worst in the NBA, well behind the 100.1 mark posted by the 29th-ranked Knicks.

While Lowe acknowledges that the team’s 27% conversion rate on three-point shots figures to improve, he points to several other red flags, such as a lack of corner threes and free throw attempts. As Lowe notes, the Magic have too many power forwards and not enough shooters or play-makers, especially with D.J. Augustin regressing after a career year and Markelle Fultz still not a reliable shot-maker.

The Magic could experiment with some different lineups and hope that their excellent defense helps create a few more fast-break opportunities and easy baskets. But barring a trade, there doesn’t appear to be a quick fix for their offense. And if that’s the case, the club’s ceiling will be limited.

Still, being dominant on one side of the ball could be enough to earn a playoff spot in the East, where average teams like the Hornets (4-4) and Pistons (4-5) currently rank in the top eight. The Magic and the 3-4 Nets are among last year’s playoff teams looking to make their way back into that postseason mix.

What do you think? Will the Magic make the postseason again in 2019/20, or will they be unable to repeat even last year’s modest success?

Vote in our poll, then head to the comment section below to share your thoughts!

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Will The Magic Make The Playoffs?

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Someone has to fill the 8 playoff spots in the east, basically any team that wins at least 35 games has a more than decent chance these days. Orlando could make it.

    • SheaGoodbye

      It’s incredible that 62% so far think they aren’t going to make it. Since when did the Magic move to the West?

      • LordBanana

        This team has no balance, I’ll take Philly, Boston, Milwaukee, Boston, Indiana, Toronto, Detroit, Brooklyn all over them for the playoffs.
        Best case scenario is fighting the Hawks and Bulls for the 8th seed

        • SheaGoodbye

          The Magic won 42 games last season, were dominant down the stretch and have improved on paper.

          The Pistons did not make the playoffs last season, didn’t really make any offseason upgrades and already have a bunch of injuries.

          The Hawks have lost Collins for 25 games.

          The Bulls have lost to some terrible teams, have Boylen as head coach and Porter has been plagued by injuries.

          Coming into the season I had the Hawks and Bulls as dark horses to grab a playoff spot, but that looks almost impossible now. The Magic not getting in would be an incredible failure.

          • SheaGoodbye

            Correction: don’t know why my brain defaulted to the Pistons not making the playoffs. I guess it’s because Blake was hurt and someone would have had a better chance of hitting the lotto than the Pistons winning that series.

            Still, Blake was mostly healthy during the regular season and he’s already ailing this season on top of Reggie and Rose, the latter of whom I don’t consider to really be much of an upgrade due to his horrible defense.

  2. SheaGoodbye

    Seems like a lot of folks have very short-term memories, which isn’t surprising.

    The magic were great down the stretch last season and have since added Fultz and Aminu. While I doubt Vuc will be as good as he was last season, Isaac has taken his game to another level and Gordon will be better.

    The Magic will be fine, even if the offense takes awhile to get right. That seems like it’s always the case with Clifford lead teams, although the roster construction of the team leaves a lot to be desired. They could really benefit from a trade of one of their forwards, likely Gordon, for some guard and bench help.

    • formerlyz

      What about a Gordon (plus salary) to Miami for Waiters (plus james johnson and/or Meyers leonard for salary matching)? Saves Orlando money and gets them a guard that can get to the rim, and shoot. Gives the Heat help at the 4 they need

      I think Dallas or Portland could also make sense, although I dont think Portland matches up salary wise

  3. Simple Fan

    The whole thing about the Magic is are they going to make the playoffs? Then they get pretty close to their goal. Kan’t Vuc get traded to another team to make other things happen? They’ve got good blood in them, though. I bet on them and the upset Suns in an MLB world series. For instance, Suns beat Orlando in an all-awards show. They compete totally differently, the fans love it, they all keep that with them. But with Isaac, Gordon, Vuc, they’re going to rule the world. So they’re always going to be stoked to be on the Magic. Their players are beautiful and valuable. The thing about Magic players is that they don’t keep their value, they just really know how it works. They keep it with them then they win. They’re so aware of ballgames, they just roll out like Hornets or Thunder players and keep everything with them. If they rip the Orlando basketball, they’re basically fearless. They came to blow in Orlando and I think they’re playing good basketball. They’re perfect, and don’t need to make a trade. Magic vs. Suns is a fearless match-up, probably going to be a test of will & virtue, a tell-tale of what there is to come between Booker’s squad and their newest opponents, the Heat, Magic, & Lakers

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