Jared Dudley Talks Kuzma, Griffin, Knicks, More

Jared Dudley isn’t one of the NBA’s best players, but he’s one of the league’s best interview subjects, according to Bill Oram of The Athletic, who notes that Dudley is willing to talk to virtually any reporter about virtually any subject.

In his own Q&A with Dudley, Oram asked the Lakers‘ forward about his music tastes, his favorite current teammate, his least favorite NBA cities, how he spends his off days, his biggest fears, and much more.

If you have an Athletic subscription, the conversation is definitely worth checking out in full. But here are a few of Dudley’s more noteworthy comments:

On Kyle Kuzma‘s mini-controversy related to his trainer’s anti-LeBron James comments:

“Not only have I talked to him (about it), other players have talked to him. So when it comes to Kuz, this has been good for him, his maturity and having to deal with it. When I heard he was meeting with the media (on Saturday), that’s something I would do. I would have gone to social media right then and there. ‘He don’t speak for me. Yes I’ve trained with him, but this is where I view it at.'”

On his least favorite current or former teammate:

“I don’t get along with Blake Griffin now. When I was with him I didn’t have a bad relationship with him. That team (the 2013/14 Clippers) was the most toxic team. It was weird because it was a bipolar type team. We were somewhat cool off the floor; we weren’t cool on the floor.

“I just don’t like his personality and attitude. I think he’s a great basketball player and I think you can differentiate the two. It’s easy to be the greatest teammate when you’re winning. How about when you’re losing? How about when you’re down 20? And that’s the biggest thing with that team. It was the biggest front-running team. You’re up 20, everything’s good, throwing lobs. Down 20, people want to fight, bickering. I don’t want to say my least favorite … That’s a teammate right now that I don’t talk (to), don’t get along (with), words aren’t exchanged on the court, yada yada.”

On how he has weighed taking the most lucrative contract offer vs. playing for a contender:

“I never have taken a discount because, for one, I’m never going to get that back. I never believed on that. That being said, I signed a one-year deal (with the Lakers). I might have potentially been able to get a two-year deal somewhere else, but I wanted to come to the Lakers because this not only benefits me this year to win a championship but long-term. Media, dealing with you guys. If I try to become a head coach or a GM, I’ve now played with LeBron, I’ve been on a championship-caliber team. It helps my whole resume going forward.”

On the first change he’d make for the Knicks if he were in position to do so:

“I’d be getting rid of that practice facility in Westchester. Nobody wants to live there, no one wants to commute there. You have to get as close to the city as possible. That’s why Brooklyn got Kevin Durant. I told DeAndre Jordan who told Kevin Durant: The (Nets’) practice facility is two minutes from (Barclays Center). They didn’t even know that. I lived in the city. It took me 12 minutes to get to the practice facility. That’s a huge bonus. People bash the Knicks, but I definitely wouldn’t bash the Knicks. I would have gone there if the Lakers wouldn’t have offered me, or Brooklyn. If it was my third or fourth option, sure.”

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14 thoughts on “Jared Dudley Talks Kuzma, Griffin, Knicks, More

  1. Jmac2020

    Irrelevant comments from and irrelevant player. If i was griffin i wouldnt talk to you either, your a nobody who’s salary prevents my team from getting players that will actually help me win. Dude looks like elmer fudd lol

    • lebuck

      You lost credibility when you started attacking Dudley’s physical features. Or was it when you made egregious spelling mistakes? Or was it when you displayed delusions of self grandeur when you wrote “help me win” like you think you actually play for the lakers

      • Jmac2020

        Guess you cant and dont read…he said he and griffin didnt get along. I said if i was griffin i wouldnt be friends with a bench warmer with a loud mouth. Again it takes iq to read the article.

        • Rewane

          In his Clippers year he averaged 23 min per night making 4 million, so he was not a bench warmer and a player making 4 million doesn’t percent any team from wining.

          • Jmac2020

            What was his stat line? Playing 23 minutes being a minus in the column means little. Historically dudley has been a horrid defender and has for the most part been brought in for his “leadership” theres also a reason he hasnt stuck with a team for more than 1 season

            • Senioreditor

              You just don’t get it, you’re wrong and all your screaming won’t justify your comment. Congrats you ended the year a jerk.

        • “Guess you cant and dont read”

          Your writing is horrendous so please excuse anyone who doesn’t immediately understand the points you’re trying to make.

      • imindless

        @lebuck you sound like an ***** you insult the op yet post some sideways joke talking about op being on lakers??? The article is talking about clippers and griffin. Then you look dumb and try to say it went over you head lol #sitdown

        • x%sure

          Went over imindless’ head too. Lebuck was criticizing the OP not the article.

          imindless thinks he’s fair but he has a side– not Dudley’s, which is actually what the article is about.

          For the record, Dudley talks to stars like they’re anyone else. Not everyone is willing to do that or get in trouble for doing that. There should be more of that not less.

          And Griffin’s record of leadership with the Clips & Pistons is clear.

  2. reneaguerra

    Sounds like Dudley is one of the most honest & intellectual players in the league. 3/4 of the comments are coming from minimum
    Wage dopes.

  3. mlbdodgerfan2015

    Great interview. He speaks what is in his mind. I wonder who the current Laker teammate is.

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