Kevin Durant: “I Want To Own And Run An NBA Team”

Count Nets forward Kevin Durant among the NBA superstars who is interested in transitioning to team ownership once his career as a player is over. According to Steven Bertoni of Forbes, Durant expressed interest in overseeing an NBA franchise in a role similar to the one Michael Jordan has in Charlotte.

“I want to own and run an NBA team,” Durant said. “Run day-to-day operations and impact young players coming through the league.”

Bertoni’s profile of Durant focuses more on his business interests than his on-court NBA career, detailing how the two-time Finals MVP took advantage of his time with the Warriors to pursue investment opportunities in Silicon Valley. Bertoni suggests that KD will ultimately make well over $500MM from his basketball contracts and sponsorships by the time his playing career ends and wants to increase that number further through his “expanding collection of startups and media plays.”

“I started down here,” Durant said, gesturing to the floor. “I know there’ll be kids popping up in my family, and I want them to start above this roof. The only way to get there for your family is to create money, and I want to do it in a cooler way, not just being greedy and accumulating as much as I can.”

Durant isn’t the only NBA star that has talked about following in the footsteps of Jordan, who is the controlling owner of the Hornets and oversees the basketball operations department as well. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are among those who have also shown interest in owning NBA teams.

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20 thoughts on “Kevin Durant: “I Want To Own And Run An NBA Team”

  1. hiflew

    “expanding collection of startups and media plays.”

    Also a recipe for losing a large portion of those earnings. Just ask Curt Schilling, assuming he is back from his clan meeting.

    • ColossusOfClout

      Clan meeting? Watch it, man. He’s sued internet trolls for defamation before.

      • hiflew

        It’s not defamation if the word starts with a “c” instead of a “K.” The meaning is still there though.

  2. maddog32

    Good luck with that. This guy could never handle being an owner. He’s so thin skinned already when it comes to fans criticizing him as a player. Does he seriously think that fans will stop doing that if he’s an owner.

  3. paladin

    Like Number 2 Derek Jeter? Number 2…..Like Number 23 Michael Jordan? KD runs a Happy House where everyone gets the Max & Luxury Tax is a mere Bag of Shells! Ratings are down more than 20% and the Association & Adam Silver should do a real gutcheck and figure it out before it gets worse. It wasn’t that long ago when Horse Racing, Boxing & Baseball were America’s top sports….Baseball is shredding it’s minor league system and eliminating 25% of it’s teams after 2020….

  4. x%sure

    Funny… He wants to “impact young players”? Be a coach. Run practices in a gym somewhere. Does he not know that young players of skill & talent don’t want an old Durant around telling them what to do? Such as a young Durant.

    Maybe own a team in the Midwest where players are expected to be off to a coast when they make it big.

  5. Dodgethis

    You’re already Greedy and hoarding cash. “I want to do it the right way”… You’re no different than any other .1%er. Typical athlete double talk.

  6. Can’t see him doing it.

    LeBron on the other hand I think he will definitely buy a team. He’s got Rich Paul and Maverick Carter on his team, he’s already got himself so many things happening outside of basketball such as a entertainment company, a school, and so on. He’s obviously really rich, he’s business savvy and has the right people around him and he is determined to succeed.

    Also worth noting if he was to buy a team Cleveland is valued at #26 out of all teams and Pelicans are #29. Bron buys his home team (would add to his legacy) or buys the Pelicans (a team on the rise with Zion who looks like he could be the new Bron).

  7. Down with OBP

    Creating money above the roof of 500 million is not “greedy”. Cool.

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