Mark Cuban Discusses Proposed Schedule/Playoff Changes, More

Brad Townsend of the Dallas Morning News recently sat down with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to discuss a bevy of issues, including the league’s potential changes to the playoff seeding and schedule and Kristaps Porzingis‘ role, among other topics. The whole interview is worth a read but allow us to pass along some highlights:

On the proposed tournament additions (mid-season and playoff play-in):

“The play-in for the last playoff spots just creates some interest that there otherwise wouldn’t be. But other than that, I’m not a big fan of the mid-season [tournament]. I’m a big believer in ‘Pick a goal and try to win it.'”

On the potential changes to playoff seeding:

“I’m not opposed to that at all and never have been. Just 1-4, 2-3, hopefully you get the best matchup in the end. To me that’s a plus. The last two series the travel isn’t nearly an issue, so I would be a big proponent of that.”

On Porzingis spending more time at the center position:

“The numbers kind of point in that direction, but you’ve got to pick your spots.”

On the Mavericks’ interest in players at the trade deadline and how their cap situation will affect their strategy:

“I can’t talk about other teams’ players, but we’re hard-capped…In order to make a huge deal, you have to give up a lot in salary as well. It means we can’t take on a ton of salary without giving up a lot of salary.”

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17 thoughts on “Mark Cuban Discusses Proposed Schedule/Playoff Changes, More

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Well that probably settles the mid-season tournament question. If Cuban – arguably the most progressive owner in the NBA – isn’t onboard with a mid-season tournament, it’s probably DOA.

    Maybe if ESPN offers big money to broadcast it things will change, but I think that idea isn’t going anywhere if Cuban won’t sign off.

    • Dodgethis

      Cuban is not a powerful owner. He’s incredibly full of himself, but it doesn’t appear any of the other owners care what he says it does. It’s incredible how a very similar owner named Dolan is hated yet this clown Cuban is praised for the same meddlesome behavior and bad decision making.

      • just-a-fan

        Well most likely because in the 19 years Cuban has owned the Mavs they’ve made playoffs 15 times, finals twice with 1 ring.

        In same 19 years, the Knicks have made playoffs 5 times, 0 finals.

        Success carries weight when you talk

        • whoneedsfacts

          Dude Cuban is a top notch owner. He is out spoken because he actually cares about the product he puts on the floor. His players tend to be very loyal and he puts his money where his mouth is. The fact that most replies are calling you out just goes to reinforce that Cuban isn’t a bad owner at all. Not even a little bit of a Dallas fan either.

      • I give no fox

        How can you compare Cuban to Dolan? Cuban has been an amazing owner from all reports I have read. He doesn’t hold back on amenities for the players. He has had the same management structure in place for decades. He lets the basketball people do their jobs and doesn’t complain about signing checks. He does right by his players. He is outspoken, but that’s about it. He has really calmed down on those antics too. Dolan, meanwhile, continues to waste one of the greatest sports markets in the game because he has no patience and listens to talking heads. I’m not a fan of either team, but Cuban is a far superior owner

        • I give no fox

          Correction, not decades. But you get the point. Nelson/Carlisle have been together forever. And Don Sr. before them

        • B-Minus21

          People hate Cuban for no reason lol because he loves the team he invested in and is incredible involved and visible and courtside for games wearing his jeans and t-shirt. He’s an awesome owner and we love him in Dallas. And yeah, he also made a joke of a franchise pretty damn good for a long stretch, and has them looking pretty good again.

          • x%sure

            Cuban presided over a rapine administration literally. Of course he knew something & did nothing, or else is not involved enough to take credit if he can’t take blame.

            I think his disinterest in tournaments sounds like he wants to avoid stepping on toes, while still achieving his preference for being the one to speak up first. For Silver, Cuban is only providing some context.

      • amk3510

        Cuban is much smarter and doesn’t alienate his players, coaching staff or GM. How many times have the Knicks canned their coach in the last 5 years? When is the last time the Mavs did?

  2. Spike4christ

    I think some woman that work in the Dallas Organization would disagree about how good an organization it is. Knicks are the worse at moment.

    • B-Minus21

      Please… Take your grudge elsewhere. Yes, there was a problem. It was addressed properly and people have moved on. You want the franchise shut down or something? Lol

      • x%sure

        No but it’s worth remembering. And the big problem is, is that it was not addressed without some outside authority taking interest.

        • gammaraze

          x%sure, I’m sure you think very highly of the Catholic church given their history of never needing outside authority to take care of their sexual misconduct…
          Imagine what a difference the Catholic church would experience if they weren’t handling things themselves…
          It’s worth noting that the right thing to do is to ALWAYS have help from an outside authority. It’s best for the victims and for the leaders to have outside help.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The Mavs do a better job running their organization than the Cowboys do, but that’s not really saying much. Is it?

  3. gammaraze

    The Mavs have $12M in luxury tax space, and have Courtney Lee’s $12.75M contract to trade. They could pick up a player making up to $24.75M… That’s not exactly “hard capped”.

    • Luke Adams

      They are technically hard-capped in the same way that the Heat, Warriors, and a bunch of other teams are. But you’re right that they’re so far below that hard cap that it shouldn’t be a factor. If Cuban’s point was that the Mavs are bound by salary-matching rules, it was an odd way to phrase it.

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