Western Conference All-Stars: Who Should Start?

Voting for the NBA 2020 All-Star Game has opened up. We examined who should be the starters in the east on Wednesday. Now let’s take a look at who deserves the starting nod in the Western Conference.

Backcourt Selections

James Harden, Houston Rockets

Luka Doncic, Dallas Mavericks

Where would the Rockets be without James Harden this season? The perennial MVP candidate is carrying the scoring load for Houston, averaging an insane 38.1 points per game, and his VORP tops all players in the league.

Luka Doncic‘s return to the lineup likely closes any window that would allow Damian Lillard to take over the other starting spot (Lillard would be the first guard I’d choose for second-team All-NBA if that ballot was cast today).

Frontcourt Selections

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers

Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers

The frontcourt in the Western Conference has a clear-cut top three and perhaps the only way to unseat the future Kawhi LeonardAnthony DavisLeBron James trio is for one to miss significant time between now and when voting ends for the All-Star starters. James could miss time with his nagging groin injury over the next month, but it’s fair to wonder whether another frontcourt player has the resume to supplant James regardless of how many games he misses.

Both Karl-Anthony Towns and Paul George have also missed chunks of time with various ailments. And while Brandon Ingram should certainly earn an All-Star spot with the numbers he’s putting up this season, LeBron’s year to date is arguably more impressive than anything his former teammate could do between now and the end of January to close the gap.

In year 17 of our King from Akron, only four players have a higher win share than the soon-to-be 35-year-old and if you exclude Doncic, Harden, and Giannis, no player has a higher VORP. Not to mention the raw stats: 25.7 PPG, 10.6 APG, and 7.6 RPG. LBJ has likely done enough already to earn a starting spot in the Western Conference regardless of how many games he misses over the next month.

Who do you believe should be the starters in the Western Conference? Take to the comment section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the matter. We look forward to what you have to say!

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22 thoughts on “Western Conference All-Stars: Who Should Start?

  1. imindless

    The way lebron has stank against quality opponents he has no business starting. Unfortunately bronsexuals largely look over the fact he isnt clutch and shrinks in key moments and will most likely start, despite there being more deserving players.

    • amk3510

      I have news for you. Nothing in the regular season for this Lakers team is a key moment. Or any other contender for that matter. Who is a bettee forward more deserving anyway? Lets hear it.

      • imindless

        Depending if you put Mitchell At small forward and also ingram have both played better despite playing on not the best teams. Ingrams season is being overshadowed because of the team he is on. Dude is hella efficient on both ends of the court, unlike lebron getting carried by his team defense. Look at lebrons 4th quarter efficiency and tovs. Not deserving of an all star birth and if your only excuse is who else should go then i dont see how thats fair to other players with less name recognition.

        • amk3510

          You seriously lose all credibility when you say Mitchell or Ingram are more deserving to start over Lebron. I knew some people would over react to the Lakers first bump in the road but the fact it has you going this nuts lol.

          • imindless

            Who have lakers played in there wins? Had the easy schedule to date lol….again you a biased fan who cant understand the team is flawed. Just dont be suprised when lakers get bounced in 1st round.

            • amk3510

              We are almost at New Years and you think soft schedule is an argument….. They have had some good wins. I never said they have no flaws. They could really use Iggy and another guard. Your emotions are are such a roller coaster on these posts. 1 losing streak and all of a sudden they are getting bounced by the Spurs, Kings, Suns, Thunder or whoever else you see as a lower seed. Stop over reacting to everything.

      • imindless

        Even paul george has played better despite less games. Dudes put up monster efficiency on both ends of the floor.

    • SheaGoodbye

      To suggest that LeBron should not start, he of the 24-7 Lakers with a limited amount of depth, is perhaps the dumbest comment I have ever read on any site ever, which is actually quite an impressive accomplishment.

      Congrats, I guess.

    • whoneedsfacts

      Bro your sad attempt to diss a 35 year old HOF basketball player that has nothing left to prove is straight pathetic. Like find some new blood to be obsessed aboit and love hate.

      • imindless

        Still have yet to find someone to provide any real arguement why lebron is “great” player. Not clutch, shrinks in high leverage moments. Played in the east 3/4ths of his career managed to got 3-6 despite fielding teams littered with all stars. First season in west missed playoffs, second season 0-2 against clippers shrinking in closing moments further cementing his legacy as a mediocre player. Again bronsexuals will throw all the stats at you but if stats are everything why is westbrook ringless while averaging a triple double?

      • Jmac2020

        To be honest tho in what regard are you basing lebron greatness on? 3-6 in the finals with easy trips to the finals? His only really competition was boston and he lost to the 2 years in a row. No one can take away his stats but as far as having “it” i dont see it as well. He chokes in big games and disappears in the 4th which is the most important time to shine. Sure at the end of the game lebron winds up with 25 8 and 9 but his team loses. Look at both clipper games this year 1st game without pg kawhi owned him on both ends had 2 points in 4th quarter. Then last night dude shot 9/24 and had 3 boneheaded tovs in the finals 5 minutes of play. Again i have no stakes in this argument but my god, the guys the stand on a hill defending lebron and his poor performances its sickening. Own it!

        • x%sure

          Not wise to argue with a crazy mind, and mindless has a gremlin as well. Same old.
          Lebron naturally catches the gremlinized.

          • imindless

            Still not an argument. Again bronsexuals like your self pick apart people who see lebron for what he is, yet never provide anything to back up your argument.

  2. IslandFlava

    That is no doubt the best starting 5.
    Dame has been slowing down lately.
    Kawhi, PG13 haven’t played enough or better than any of my 3 front court.
    Ingram must be in the game, not as a starter.
    Wiggins should be too.
    Jokic is starting to get it going, so he is the only player if he is great the next month & KAT dips or misses games might have a chance to get in.

    • x%sure

      Kawhi is on pace for 60 games, like last year. A downgrade should be in order.

  3. hidden830726

    Mine similar but slight younger version:

    Luka, Booker, LBJ, KAT, Kawhi

    Booker instead of Harden because you know why

    KAT instead of AD because AD did not carry the team by himself

  4. x%sure

    I would start Towns with his amazing numbers and Kawhi’s absences. Millsap’s defense elevates him over Ingram’s salary drive and woeful record. 2nd: Leonard, Jokic, Millsap, George, Lillard.

  5. seth3120

    I wonder what decision process takes place when the Rockets are on offense. With a set offense and defense he either decides to move the ball around or just take his defender one on one. Is it totally random or is there something he sees that I don’t?

  6. Simple Fan

    Leonard, James, George. That’s who I believe the WCF starters should be. ECF going for Lowry & Antetonkounmpo. Luka & Tre Young, too, those are great selections East & West.

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