Community Shootaround: Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is suddenly a hot commodity again. A Yahoo Sports report on Monday indicated that the Lakers, Sixers and several other playoff contenders were interested in dealing for Rose, who is enjoying a career rebirth after nearly retiring a couple of years ago due to knee pain.

Rose had a bounce-back season in Minnesota last year, averaging 18 points in 51 games before his season was cut short by another injury. But he didn’t attract a lot of attention in the free agent market before signing a two-year, $15MM contract with the Pistons.

While the Pistons have floundered due to injuries, particularly to star forward Blake Griffin, Rose has been an offensive juggernaut. He’s averaging 18.3 PPG in 25.8 MPG and shooting a career-high 50.2%. At an age where most guards have lost a step, Rose has seemingly found the fountain of youth. He’s consistent breaking down defenses with quickness and guile and finishing at the rim.

He’d certainly help nearly any of the contenders, either as a starting guard or sixth man, a role he filled with the Pistons until he was inserted into the lineup three games ago. The Lakers have plenty of point guards on the roster but Rose would be an upgrade over any of them. He’d give the Sixers a change of pace option to take pressure off Ben Simmons and dramatically improve their bench.

The Clippers reportedly have only mild interest in Rose, perhaps because they gave up so many assets to secure Paul George‘s services. The Nuggets haven’t publicly been named as a suitor but he could be the piece that puts them on par with the Los Angeles teams. And he’d make marginal contenders like the Heat and Mavericks a lot more dangerous in the postseason.

The Pistons could just hold onto Rose, who has stated he’s happy where he is, and hope for better results next season if Griffin comes back healthy. But it’s more likely they’ll try to cash in and get a future asset or two while Rose is in a groove.

That leads us to our question of the day: If Derrick Rose is traded, where do you think he’ll wind up?

Please take to the comments section to weigh in on this topic. We look forward to your input.

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19 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Derrick Rose

    • 22Leo

      While I think Kuzma is a bit overrated, he is certainly a young player with a lot of potential. Rose is an aging player who is one of the most injury-prone players in the league. I think it will take more than him for the Lakers to trade Kuzma. Rose may end up with the Lakers, but I doubt it will be for Kuzma. My guess is that Rose ends up somewhere else if he gets traded.

  1. david

    Dallas. Justin jackson or jalen brunson stirght up. Dallas can use the TPE they acquired from the harrison barnes trade last year since brunson and jackson dont match Derrick rose salery

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      So Detroit just gives away Derrick Rose for 1 of those 2 players and gets nothing else in return? That would be extremely generous of them.

  2. phillyballers

    Let’s be clear… Detroit doesn’t have to deal him, they have him under contract for another year, a year sans Reggie Jackson [who has been MIA all contract]. It actually may make more sense for them to keep Rose for next season as their starter and deal Jacksons expiring contract and/or Drummond if they do not plan to retain either.

    That being said, he does not fit 100% with the Sixers. He would have the same effect as Richardson, they need a 3pt shooter plain and simple. 3&D guy just like everyone else.

  3. davidkaner

    Detroit is in search of 1st rounders so however they can get one or two, I am all in.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Lakers aren’t going to get Rose without giving up Kuzma. Not sure they’re willing to do that without another asset coming back.

    Kuzma and Bradley for Rose and 2 seconds could work, only Detroit could wait until this summer and see what kind of offer they get.

    I bet Rose gets to make the decision here. If he wants to go to LA, I’d bet Detroit makes it happen.

  5. Tazza

    If your the pistons you obviously hold and hope to get the best for him but at the same time know.
    He’s playing really well and your team isn’t going to compete anytime soon so it would be wise to cash in on him.

    Kyle Kuzma would be a nice return for him, Rose and Galloway for Winslow would be nice also, Mikal Bridges and Saric could possibly be an option.

    If your the Pistons I think you have to plan around Luke Kennard, and letting Drummond and Jackson go to start fresh next year. Maybe you can trade Griffin aswell who knows but think it’s time to start fresh.

    • 22Leo

      I think the smart move would be to trade him while he is healthy and playing well because his history indicates that it is just a matter of time before he gets significantly injured again before the season is over.

  6. El Don

    Hopefully he goes nowhere, he wants to stay in the Motown, so there is were I would like to see him doing his thing.

  7. rap4life

    Raptors bound. Insurance if Freddie V doesn’t sign with Raps OR Lowry is traded.

  8. diller1340

    Rose snd Markeiff Morris for Kuzma, Quinn Cook and Troy Daniels. The salaries work in the cap

  9. Skip, Tampa

    Agree with most of the these players. Let’s blow it up into a 4 team Mega trade. Boosting playoff rosters and keeping everyone under the Tax.
    Heat Kuzma, Maker, Daniel’s
    Heat: Wavie Maker and/or Daniel’s
    Lakers: Rose, Morris, Thomas
    Lakers: Wavie Thomas
    Mavs: Jackson,Mykhailiuk
    Pistons: Waiters, Jones, Caruso, Cook, Lee, Borkhof
    Pistons: Wavie Borkhof
    At minimum it has potential.
    Then again, maybe not.

  10. KnickerbockerAl

    He can help a few teams for sure. The ones he could help to Finals. I’d say Sixers, Lakers are best fit. Sixers especially can give different looks. With Rose and Simmons on floor. Sixers should making offers already.

  11. we_got_game

    Realistically Rose decides if he wants to ‘ve dealt and when he decides it’s time I suspect the pistons will ask for a 1st and salary match, Markief Morris is much more likely to be dealt.. Drummond is immovable at moment with pistons asking price.. They want a 1st and young talent in return I just don’t see teams wanting to part with that for rental.. 1 deal I’d like to see but it won’t happen is Detroit blow it up completely here’s what I would do.. Trade Drummond to contender I think blazers make since, Whiteside little and 2nd rd pick.. Markief Morris – Boston Celtics 2 2rd picks salary filler, thon maker dalas maverick – 2nd rd pick. Lagstan gallawy- 76xers 2 2rds picks salary filler . snell – Oklahoma City -2rd pick salary filler.. If your Detroit this signals 2 things freedom $ wise next year.. There won’t be big free agents next year but plenty of of vets you can bring in to help the young guys.. In 1 year deals.. You will have plenty of 2nd picks so you can gamble on high upside guys like they did with Boone who is tearing it up in G league . then next year you can also move Blake or see how he blends with the youth .. Little I think could be a great nba player with a coach like Casey who could develop him…

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