Community Shootaround: Mavs’ Trade Options

With Dwight Powell out for the season due to an Achilles injury, there’s plenty of media speculation regarding what Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and the team’s front office will do before the trade deadline.

Beyond Kristaps Porzingis  Maxi Kleber, and Boban Marjanovic, the Mavs don’t have a lot of options up front. Porzingis has been dealing with right knee soreness and Dallas surely doesn’t want him to log heavy minutes on his surgically repaired knee.

If the Mavs want to get another big on the trade market, they have a couple of major assets. They possess a giant $11.8MM trade exception and Courtney Lee‘s $12.76MM expiring contract.

Among the names tossed about as potential trade targets including Detroit’s Andre Drummond, Sacramento’s Nemanja Bjelica, Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love, San Antonio’s Jakob Poeltl, Washington’s Ian Mahinmi, Minnesota’s Gorgui Dieng and Golden State’s Willie Cauley-Stein.

ESPN reported that the team is kicking the tires on veteran free agent center Joakim Noah. In-house options include Dorian Finney-SmithIsaiah Roby and Justin Jackson, all of whom could see more action at power forward with Porzingis sliding to center. However, it seems likely the Mavs will make some type of move to fortify their suddenly depleted frontcourt.

That brings us to our question of the day: Should the Mavs make a major trade with Dwight Powell out for the season or should seek other avenues to beef up their frontcourt?

Please take to the comments section to weigh in on this option. We look forward to your input.

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45 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Mavs’ Trade Options

  1. udaman

    Drummond… Go big or go home!

    Perhaps they can find a way to get Derek Rose involved too.

    • udaman

      Here’s the trade Dallas needs to make any they would be an Instant title contender.

      To Dallas; Andre Drummond, Derek Rose, Tony Snell, Marcus Morris

      To Detroit: Tim Hardaway Jr, Courtney Lee, Delon Wright, Jim Jackson, Dal #1, GS #2.

      Salaries work: Mavs take on $49M, Pistons $45.5M

      • Markeiff Morris*

        Don’t see why the pistons make that move cause other than a first and a second they don’t actually get anything that great. Especially considering the Mavs first will be around 20th.
        Derrick Rose himself might get the pistons a first or young player like Kyle Kuzma.

        • udaman

          Tazza I disagree we would be getting anything great.Personally I love Delon Wright. The guy is a beast defensively and his efficiency rating is one of the best in the NBA for a PG. He’s been buried behind Kyle Lowry, Mike Conley, and now Luca throughout his career. He’d finally get a chance to start and shine in Detroit. Jackson’s still young and has shown he can be a solid rotation player. Hardaway is likely to opt out, and Lee has an expiring contract so the Pistons will free up all kinds of cap space as well

        • Chief Two Hands

          An aging, highly injury-prone player like Rose is not worth Kuzma or a first round pick. Some people are heavily overestimating his value. He got knocked out of the season by injury (which pretty much defines his career), as recently as last season.

      • Michaelchavez22

        Does the trade have to be that big and so the Mavs need another PG? Why not Adams from OKC? Lee, trade exception and pick. OKC is hoarding picks over there. Adams is one year left on his contract

        • Major Factuh

          I’m all for bringing Adams in. Though that kinda goes against the floor-spacing idea. Devastating screener and offensive rebounder. Him or Tristan Thompson, Baynes has been mentioned previously before as well which I think would fit as well and he can shoot the 3 from time to time.

          I just lean towards a vet that provides boards, screens, defense presence and maybe overlooked but playoff experience. Adams and TT have loads of that. Short of JJ this Mavs roster has none. Just my .02

          • CarguruX

            Thompson, Adams, Baynes are much better players at the moment than Noah. I would add Whiteside as well as an option.

  2. Jason Lancaster

    Trade Courtney Lee for Thaddeus Young in Chicago. The Bulls will go for it as long as Mark Cuban sends along a suitcase full of cash. Old man Reinsdorf will give up anyone on the team for a pile of cash to sniff and wallow in.

    • stevep-4

      Yes low risk for DAL, no point to keep him for Bulls, and he is a solid team mate with some skills. Lee can keep Denzel Valentine company on the bench.

  3. Chuckarin

    I wouldn’t make any big trades but go kick tires are some vet FAs like Noah or Farried. Mavs are need to shoot for Bradley Beal trade this summer. Need all the assets we can get to fetch him from Washington.

  4. fishy 9 dogs

    Gorgui Dieng for Cortney Lee and a second round pick.

    Mavs get a starting caliber, floor spacing big for the duration of Powell’s injury.
    Minny gets out of a contract that doesn’t help them because of the depth chart.

  5. udaman

    Here is the trade the Mavs should be looking to make. Might make them instant title contenders.

    Dallas gets: C Andre Drummond, G Derek Rose, PF/C Markieff Morris & SG/SF Tony Snell

    Detroit gets: Tim Hardaway Jr, Delon Wright, Justin Jackson, Courtney Lee, DAL 2020 #1, GS 2020 #2

    Dallas gets 2 studs in Drummond & Rose, another solid big in Morris, and a great 3 pt shooter in Snell to come off the bench

    Detroit gets the rebuild started with Wright, Jackson & the picks.

    • Detroit says no.
      They won’t trade their two best trade pieces not that aren’t on rookie contracts.
      Wright is 27 so he doesn’t really help a rebuild.

      Pistons are better of trading DRose for a young player like Kuzma or getting a first for him. Then looking to see what they get back for Drummond and/or Griffin

      • udaman

        Tazza my trade idea has the Pistons getting a 2020 #1 from Dallas and the Warriors #2 (Which likely will be a top 3 pick in that round). I agree Wright is not young at 27, but he is four years younger than Rose and on a decent contract.

        If someone was willing to give up a first rounder for Drummond he would’ve been traded by now

    • AtlPlayaPlaying

      DAL can’t trade their 1st. They traded 3021 unprotected and then a protected 1st starting in 2023 in the Porzingis deal. Since the protections go out to ‘25, I’m pretty sure that leaves them without any 1st they can deal.

      • Luke Adams

        They could technically trade their 2025 pick conditionally. They’d just have to set the protections in a way that if it didn’t convey in ’25 or ’26 (due to the 2023 pick being pushed back), it would turn into a second-rounder or something like that.

  6. deaner998

    Honestly, when you see Luka launching 3s it’s Powell’s (moving) screens doing some good work for him. It could add a whole new dimension to get a big that can either roll to the basket or step out and shoot from the perimeter.

    I’m surprised Dedmon hasn’t been brought up. A longer commitment years wise but a proven center and can space the floor.

  7. ppyxmb

    Ladies: first of all, stop that Drummond nonesense. It just doesn’t make any sense. Not the way the game is played today.

    One trade that might come down is this one with Cleveland.

    Love to Dallas
    Lee, Dwight and Ryan to Cleveland
    It might even work without a pick going Cleveland’s way. Why?

    Cleveland gets massive salary relieve which they can use to generate more salary dumps with picks attached in the future. They rehab Dwight who will be a positive trade asset in 2022 (maybe even for the Dallas again, where he is loved!) He’s also a very high character guy for their rebuild and not some kinda diva like so many others.

    If it doesn’t work without picks, throw in a second or two protected seconds.

    Mavs would solve their center problem, get championship experience, empty the lane further with Love’s yoga abilities and also have two free roster spots where they can use their trade exception for.

    • gammaraze

      So what pick(s) is Cleveland giving Dallas in this scenario? Love is NOT a $30M player, so why should Dallas agree to saddle themselves with his contract when they’d MUCH rather have a seat at the table with Giannis?

      Mark Cuban doesn’t hand out favors to other teams, and if he did, he wouldn’t do them for free.

    • x%sure

      Cavs should move Love and if so, it will likely be like an auction with the winner offering draft pick(s), not mystery players with one first name.
      Nolan Ryan is retired!

      Love is a complement to Porzingus– one rebounds & the other is a shotblocker. Both shoot 3s & leave the lane cleared for Doncic. I don’t think they want a traditional 5.

  8. Truth be told Mavs don’t really have any valuable trade pieces.
    They are better off either getting someone like Noah or Faried for the vets min or going for a cheaper pick up.

    I’m thinking Courtney Lee and Justin Jackson for Dwayne Dedmon and Harry Giles.
    Mavs get two bigs. Dedmon is a shot blocking floor stretcher, who is just out of form. Giles was a huge talent but has injury issues. If they can keep him fit and healthy he’s going to be great. In return Kings get an expiring deal and a nice young SF.

    Another option should be Jonas Valanciunus for Courtney Lee, Justin Jackson and the GSW 2nd rounder. Big Val is actually a solid big averaging 15/10/2, hes 27, 6’11, has a team friendly deal and has improved as a deep shooter. Not to mention he has playoff experience and has played with Delon Wright.
    In return Griz get back Jackson and a second rounder

    • Curtisrowe

      The Grizz love Valencias, why would they want to trade him for a bag of trash?

    • Grizzlies are rebuilding and he’s 27 and takes minutes that could be going to JJJ and BC.
      If the Mavs traded for him they could give the Grizz Jackson who helps play the 3 spot with Crowder Iggy and Hill all on expiring deals they will need a SF or two. Plus that GSW 2nd rounder is going to be a top 3 selection making it almost a first rounder. Add that with another expiring deal in Lee they would have over 50mil in expiring deals which could be traded or used for getting in some free agents

      • x%sure

        ?? The Mavs don’t have trading pieces?– what was that all about then?

        Mavs will get a 5, and they have the luxury of not needing shotblocking. If KP is injured they’re not winning the title anyway.

  9. phillyballers

    Once you get past 18M the trades start to not make sense for the Mavs. Just saying.

  10. Skip, Tampa

    Cuban could give Pat Riley a call and work a 3 team deal with the Spurs.
    Heat: Aldridge
    Mavs: Leonard ( excemption )
    Carroll – $18M total
    Spurs: Winslow, J.Johnson
    Plug and play everything else.
    No, Pop won’t trade Aldridge to Mavs. Playoff competition and in the West.

  11. They need another piece. Luka is amazing but so many times they fall short because they are missing one more key piece. Bring in a free agent center if you can’t get one in a trade plus a shooter. They need the assets to bring a shooter to the team.

  12. Skip, Tampa

    Agree a shooter is needed to help out Luka and now a Center as well.
    Mavs: Myers Leonard-excemption
    Heat: Justin Jackson-excemption
    Mav: Lee, 2nds for shooter
    Has workability anyway.

  13. Skip, Tampa

    Quick shooter follow up. Wouldn’t be surprised if a Bulls trade can work.
    Mavs: Young, Valentine
    Bulls: Lee, Justin Jackson, 2-2nds, $3M Cash
    Ok, it’s out there as a maybe.

    • I can’t understand why they would take the ugly contract of thad not-anymore-young

  14. The best one is Dedmon.
    So Lee+2nd, with or without a young like brunson.

    Another way could be try to take cody Zeller from hornets.

    Another one could be Bobby “Hurricane” Portis

    All of these have small trade value, maybe.

    The bet: DJ Wilson from bucks, or Giles from Sacto.

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