Thad Young Discusses Trade Rumors, Bulls’ Woeful Season

Thaddeus Young signed a three-year deal with the Bulls and it’s not certain that he finishes his contract in Chicago, K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports writes.

“I’m just playing basketball. I’m a Chicago Bull. Whatever happens happens. I understand it’s a business,” Young told NBC Sports Chicago. “If I’m traded, I’m traded and have to go to the next city. If I’m not, then I’m here with my brothers, here with my teammates, and ready to fight.”

Young envisioned a different role with Chicago when he signed his three-year deal with the club this offseason, previously expressing mild discontent through the media. He anticipated playing more than the 22.4 minutes per game he’s currently seeing. He also anticipated having a larger role in crunch time.

The Clippers‘ interest in Young is legitimate, Johnson hears. Los Angeles had a scout at a recent Bulls game (the team doesn’t play Chicago until April). Dan Woike of The Los Angeles Times previously reported that the Clippers may have interest in the veteran. A move to the West Coast likely won’t significantly increase his playing time, but being a part of a contending squad might make those concerns easier to deal with.

Young has done his best to ignore the trade rumors, instead remaining professional and focusing on how he can help the team he’s currently on.

“We’re very upset we keep losing games,” Young said. “It’s hard to win in this league. We have to understand that as a team. We have to face the hardness of the game and take advantage of the opportunities we do have. We need to play harder than other teams. We can play great for 38-40 minutes. But there’s an eight-minute span that can be detrimental to our team.”

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15 thoughts on “Thad Young Discusses Trade Rumors, Bulls’ Woeful Season

  1. udaman

    Trading him to the Clippers does seem like a logical conclusion.

    Something like Young & G Shabazz Harrison to LA for F Mo Harkless, SG Jerome Robinson and a pick (either LA’s #1 or Detroit’s #2) seems like a reasonable deal for both teams

    • Tazza

      Yeah also think this kind of deal will happen but it would include either the Detroit second or no second at all. Thad Young hasn’t been playing well this season and the bulls don’t want him so getting back Harkless and Robinson is a great return in itself

  2. Luck of Irish

    Thad Young averaged 30+ minutes every year with the Pacers. He was McMillan’s security blanket. I think the Pacers would have preferred to have him back, but not at 3 years, 40+ million. I don’t fault Thad – this is probably his last big multi-year contract so you need to go to the team that will pay you the most money. As he stated, it is a business decision.

    • Tazza

      Wonder if there is any chance he returns to the Pacers? Maybe Turner leaves, Young can have PF and Pacers pick up a first rounder or something also. As you said he’s was good under McMillian and would be a nice defender.

  3. bryzzo_2016

    It just doesn’t matter. This team will continue to struggle. Reinsdorf’s loyalty to inept front office clowns has rendered both the Bulls and White Sox irrelevant jokes, in spite of playing in a major market. It’s so frustrating. I’m just thankful he doesn’t own the Cubs/Bears/Hawks. That city deserves better.

    • bravesfan88

      I actually thought the front office made some smart moves by drafting White and Gafford, and by signing Young and Sato. Unfortunately, this team will just continue to lose without a decent coach to put in an actual scheme, gameplan, and one that is capable of making in-game adjustments.

      It’s a real shame; so much so, even the most loyal Bulls’ fans have pretty much just given up hope..Usually, I at least have an opinion on how my favorite teams can improve, but with this team, I.dont have a clue..They obviously aren’t the most talented team, and they’ve dealt with more than their share of debilitating injuries, but they should still be better then this hot mess..I don’t know what else to think, but it has to be the coach is just god awful

      • Buckman

        Agreed. The Bulls are a decidedly worse 2nd half team which is mainly due to poor coaching adjustments.

  4. stevep-4

    New coach necessary, no trades make this team better if Boyboy is calling the shots

  5. El Don

    I don’t see why Young complains about his minutes, truthfully I didn’t think he would play more than 15MPG, realistically you wouldn’t get minutes out of Markkanen for him, he knew he was coming to a team were potentially their best player plays in his position, what on earth did he expect, did he thought he was better than Markkanen. As I said don’t see why he is complaining, just not good enough for Chicago, they should get rid of this malcontent.

    • jump shot

      Where in this article does he come across as complaining or a malcontent?

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