Zach LaVine Would Like To Have Input On Bulls’ Roster Moves

Zach LaVine has arguably been the Bulls‘ most important player through the first half of the season. He’s a borderline All-Star candidate and any chance of Chicago making the postseason likely hinges on his success.

So does he expect to be involved in the team’s decisions leading up to the trade deadline? Not necessarily, though he would embrace that kind of power, as Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times relays.

“I mean if they come to me and let me know, I think it would be great,’’ LaVine said of the team speaking with him about potential moves. “If not I’m not taking offense to it either. It’s not something that I’m asking for.

“I know what I stand for. I’m trying to help us get there and I don’t think you can question what my intentions are.’’

Thaddeus Young and Kris Dunn could both be on the move. The Clippers have interest in each player, sources tell Cowley, though Los Angeles could simply wait until the offseason to pursue Dunn, as he will be a restricted free agent.

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30 thoughts on “Zach LaVine Would Like To Have Input On Bulls’ Roster Moves

  1. jdan74

    And I’d like a million dollars. Just go out there and play basketball. This team absolutely blows. You want better players, then go out and RECRUIT them. Go make some friends with star players, because the front office sure isn’t going to.

      • jump shot

        He probably does think he can fix a team or have good input… but he doesn’t realize all the experts are on here (Hoops Rumors), right!
        #sarcasm Smh

      • justinept

        Any great player can fix a team, and it’s a lot easier in real life than on an XBox. Just befriend other great players, and sell them on teaming up … The problem is that Lavine isn’t a great player.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Ya, how dare the team’s best player want to try and have some input? Who does he think he is?

      And Chicago’s front office is known worldwide for their incredible acumen…

      • Exactly. He was asked a question and answered it. He also said ‘it’s not something [he’s] asking for’. Not sure why OP decided to rag on him.

    • fishy 9 dogs

      I literally said he’s not asking for that kind of power. Would you really turn it down if management asked for your opinion?

  2. richard dangler

    You can tell by his body language that he thinks he’s the second coming. The Bulls should move him immediately. He is nothing more then a 6th man.

    • jump shot

      Imagine that… having a great season and walking around as if he’s…. CONFIDENT IN HIS ABILITIES….

      • Jason Lancaster

        The nerve of this borderline All-Star, amiright?

        How dare he question the wisdom of the GarPax?

    • joparx

      He’s a losing player when he’s your best player, this team will never do anything with a 6th man as their “star”

      • jump shot

        That’s the team’s fault, not his. He’s not a losing player. Actually, he’s a helluva player with very little talent around him or over him (coaching and management). But, despite that, he’s controlling his controllables and having a great season for himself – and not doing it selfishly. Good for him!

        • x%sure

          I don’t think there can be a winner on a losing team. The scoreboards judge.
          Anyway this quote is NOT a good sign regarding winning:

          “I know what I stand for. I’m trying to help us get there and I don’t think you can question what my intentions are.”

          He doesn’t say he is looking for that in other players, but if he’s not, he should say so– Because more of that is not what a team needs to turn it around.

          Nevertheless making a peace with the star player is a key to winning for a coach, so listen up Boylen (& FO), like in that mutiny-to-leadership-council thing last year. I mean they signed the guy when Lavine had a foot out the door and many BB fans said let him go.

  3. mcmillankmm

    So….does that mean he needs to sign off on a trade that sends him out of Chicago?

  4. harden-westbrook-mvps

    A borderline All-Star candidate from the east would have zero chance of being an All-Star if he has to play in the vastly superior West.

    • Thuggababyy

      Look at the east vs west top 8. Is the west REALLY “vastly superior”? I think not.

  5. Lolz, worry abt playing defense first, maybe beefing up a little… the Bulls would give LaVine roster input tho, so awful.

  6. steve

    Uhhhh he said what id hope most players would say? Still doesnt change my view on him from where they were a few months ago. They should see what offers theyd get for him on the trade market, and if A package of like 2 1st rounders and one or two intriguing young entry lvl payers get offered, id jump on it. Dont throw him away for peanuts tho. But this team is better off taking some steps back, as lavine recruiting you a primary option and a secondary option thru FA as your only means to drastically improve is to shoddy a plan. And you can only go backwards so much with him on the team.

  7. steve

    Make that 3 firsts, depends on the team i suppose. But he has played better then i realized so far, even hollow stats should fetch 3 from someone

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