Giannis Antetokounmpo Addresses Future With Bucks

The Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo have done a great job this season keeping the subject of Giannis’ next contract on the back-burner. However, as the captain of one of the All-Star teams this weekend in Chicago, the reigning MVP couldn’t entirely avoid the spotlight or dodge questions about his future.

Asked by Mackenzie Salmon of SportsPulse (video link) whether he’d want to continue building his legacy with the Bucks if the team were to win a championship, Antetokounmpo was initially noncommittal before suggesting he’d like to keep winning in Milwaukee.

“I can’t think that far ahead. I’m just trying to focus on the moment and get better,” Giannis said. “But why not? I’m a guy that wants to be with a team for a while. As long as we’re winning. And we’re winning so far, so I don’t think anything’s going to change.”

Antetokounmpo won’t be eligible for free agency until the summer of 2021. However, the Bucks will have the opportunity during the 2020 offseason to offer him a super-max extension worth an estimated $254MM over five years, and they intend to do so. If Giannis doesn’t accept that offer, the club will start to get a little nervous.

So far though, there’s no reason to believe Antetokounmpo isn’t happy with the Bucks, who have an NBA-best 46-8 record this season. His agent, Alex Saratsis, told Pete Zervakis of TMJ4 News that his client “believes in loyalty,” adding that he thinks Giannis feels a “kinship” to the city of Milwaukee, which has been his home since he came over from Greece. Asked if he could see Antetokounmpo staying with one team for his entire career, Saratsis confirmed it’s a realistic possibility.

“Yeah, I think so. Obviously everybody talks about his impending free agency, and I think everything is open,” Saratsis said. “I think he’s someone who could easily say, ‘I’d like to be in Milwaukee my entire career.’ I think he’s also someone who, depending on how the team does, could say, ‘I need a change.’ But for him, staying is absolutely a viable option.”

Although neither Antetokounmpo nor Saratsis suggests that Giannis has completely made up his mind yet, the fact that team success was a common thread in both their comments has to be an encouraging sign for the Bucks, who are on a 70-win pace. A deep playoff run – ideally one that ends with a championship – will be the next step in convincing the star forward that a long-term deal in Milwaukee is the right move.

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25 thoughts on “Giannis Antetokounmpo Addresses Future With Bucks

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    If Giannis really intended to stay, then he wouldn’t be so noncommittal.

    • brewcrew08

      “As long as we are winning and we are so far so I don’t think anything’s going to change”. Sounds like he wants to be in Milwaukee to me.

    • He’s also disinterested in the media hoopla of the NBA, the buddying up with other stars and that kind of thing. Reservedness isn’t really an American characteristic, but it is in Greece. He can’t predict the future. Injuries and other things could drastically change his outlook.

      Basically he isn’t joining your team of 6’5″ fatties.

  2. Buckman

    As a lifelong Bucks fan with more famine than feast I am enjoying the moment but like all moments this one will eventually end. We have 2 more potential championship runs with Giannis and that is 2 more than we’ve had since the early 80s.

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Think it’s highly likely he stays with the Bucks. Can see all the other players on the move to make the team even better this summer or at least many of them.

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Anyone who thinks Giannis is going to stay in Milwaukee’s crazy. Why stay in Milwaukee when you can go to a major US city with better weather and another elite player on your team? He’s super smart, he’s an international player, and he’s clearly one of the best in the NBA if not the best. The idea that he will stay in Milwaukee is farcical.

    • jabrandt

      You’re just not paying attention. The difference in money available to him alone will keep him in Milwaukee. But besides money, he has said many things that indicate he’ll be in Milwaukee long-term.

      • for him to stay a Buck is if the team keep their current team together. not be cheap and start to let all stars leave.

      • Buckalis

        Main reason that will keep Giannis in Mil more than the money, is the leadership he enjoys in the locker room, the excellent relationships and the mutual commitment of the F.O., the technical stuff and the roster to the same goals, which results on enjoying the ideal environment to have the most successful career.

    • HailRodgers12$

      Because what jabrandt said.

      Seriously, what are you reading/hearing that legitimately makes you so sure he’s leaving? Because basically everything he’s said indicates he wants to stay.

    • Buckalis

      Actually anyone that thinks Giannis DOESN’T stay in Mil. is crazy. It’s a lot more than money and winning he has with the Bucks to risk if he was ever to consider leaving… Locker room relationships is among them, but also, the Bucks now have four contracts of his friend and manager A. Saratsis in their roster.

  5. richard dangler

    As good as Milwaukee has been I still don’t think they can win a Championship without a second Star.

      • jabrandt

        Exactly! Which second star is richard dangler looking for? 40/50/90 is pretty damn elite, especially playing alongside a megastar!

  6. Buckalis

    Main reason that will keep Giannis in Mil more than the money, is the leadership he enjoys in the locker room, the excellent relationships and the mutual commitment of the F.O., the technical stuff and the roster to the same goals, which results on enjoying the ideal environment to have the most successful career.

  7. Mouthballs

    First, Giannis won’t need a “2nd Star” any better than the quality he’s getting out of Middleton and Bledsoe and Lopez… Kahwi didn’t have a 2nd superstar last yr so don’t tell me that garbage. Giannis has turned down commercials and movies and summer hangouts with Lebron and the other NBA pop stars so I think he’s serious about Milwaukee… he won’t stay because of the 254 million, he coulda made half that doing commercials… he’ll stay out of loyalty and if they have a chance to reel off titles…. he’s not going to come out and garantee it because he knows bucks have a history of letting guys walk and he’s afraid they’ll stop trying to retain and add talent around him… it’s good for business for him to play both sides… so obviously he’s a businessman like Jordan too

  8. x%sure

    If Giannis can win without the second star, that’s all the more a bigger deal. He’s not the kind of guy that wants to share credit with another or even play that well with another– he is pretty solo in style and ambition.

    Besides, like DirkN, a recent single-star title winner, he is not American, and natives anywhere should not make the same assumptions about a foreigner’s desire or comfort, that they would about another native.

    I would not make the mistake of being culturocentric, and assume non-American means something worse.
    For instance if an American had to move to Greece, can you make assumtions abput his behaviors that would match those of a native Grecian?

    Look at the localism of other foreigners around the NBA, in SanAntonio, in Texas, all over, even Canadiens. Turkoglu’s move to Toronto might be the biggest FA move and that was not crucial, or successful.
    The Milwaukee FO isn’t looking around.

    • Buckalis

      Exactly! Why share if you are recognised as the one and only leader of the best team and team success is admitted to be linked with your success?

      Why leave as long as you have excellent relations and communication with the team executives and their doing their best to provide you with the best support possible?

      Why leave if you have Marvin Williams passing on to Kemba’s call to join the Celtics and decides on the Bucks saying: “I’d rather play with Giannis rather than against him If I’m to win a ring”?

      Mil is now among the most desirable destinations for players, all due to Giannis and the best part is that now Giannis has a choice on who can help him the best to achieve his goals. The Bucks have done a tremendous job in continuously progressing the team and ensuring it will be better for each and every season that follows. Giannis will be in Mil for all his career and the Bucks will be championship contenders for as long his career lasts!

  9. It’ll be a refreshing change to see one of the top three players NOT move on when he gets the chance. It gets old seeing these guys who have it good moving on. First, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook together isn’t enough, so KD goes and hops on the Warrior bandwagon. Then, KD decides Draymond Green is a big meanie, so he joins Ol’ Flat Earth Kyrie. It’s never good enough for KD.

    Great player, but what an annoying, oversensitive punk.

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