Heat In “Advanced Discussions” For Andre Iguodala

Miami is involved in “advanced discussions” with Memphis about acquiring Andre Iguodala, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Iguodala, an important component of the dominant Warriors teams of the past five years, hasn’t played at all since being traded to Memphis over the summer in a cost-cutting move. He is making $17,185,185 in the final year of his contract.

As we detailed yesterday, getting Iguodala to Miami won’t be easy. The Heat are operating under a hard cap and can’t take on more money than they send out in any trade. The Grizzlies will likely have to take on one or more multi-year deals, possibly James JohnsonDion WaitersKelly Olynyk or Justise Winslow.

Memphis has also insisted on getting a first-round pick in return for Iguodala ever since acquiring him. Miami doesn’t have a first-rounder to offer until its conditional pick in 2025.

With the Grizzlies as a surprise playoff contender, some players have become irritated with Iguodala’s absence. Dillon Brooks said this week that the team can’t wait to face Iguodala on the court so they can “show him what really Memphis is about.”

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16 thoughts on “Heat In “Advanced Discussions” For Andre Iguodala

  1. PapiElf

    Hopefully he actually plays instead of just being a Udonis Haslem and taking up space on the bench.

  2. How do they match salaries ??
    Dragic is on 19 mil and Leonard is in 11 mil..

    Would be perfect if they gave up James Johnson and a second round pick or two

    If the heat can get Iggy they become really interesting. They are already fun to watch with Butler Nunn Herro Robinson and Bam imagine those guys with Dragic and Winslow returning and Iggy

    • stretch123

      Valencunias, Iggy, Jae Crowder for Winslow, James Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, a pair of 2nd round picks and that 2025 conditional first round pick.

      Or Iggy for Derrick Jones Jr and James Johnson straight up. I pray to god we dont give up DJJ though.

    • Crowder can’t be moved with any other player….
      can’t see both teams giving up more than 2 players each cause nothing are exceeding expectations right now and they won’t want to blow up their rosters

  3. This will be a monster of a trade if they can pull it off; it may also involve OKC. Hard cap, no picks to trade, no problem.

  4. Strike Four

    2/30 for Iggy, GSW has a $17M trade exemption…from Iggy in the first place.

    Can a player be traded for themselves at a later date?

    • mcase7187

      Considering you can’t go back to a team that traded you (1yr) I would say no

  5. Strike Four

    Miami should go all-in and trade for Draymond next, certified @ssbeater of a team with Jimmy. Three dudes screaming at you all game, damn

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