Jimmy Butler Does Not Rule Out Return To Bulls

In Chicago to play in the 2020 All-Star game, Heat All-Star Jimmy Butler said it’s a “definite possibility” he could suit up for the Bulls once again later in his career, tweets Cody Westerlund of 670TheScore.

Butler spent his first six seasons in the Windy City, transforming from a 30th overall pick into a perennial All-Star. Chicago traded Butler to the Timberwolves in June 2017. Butler’s time in Minnesota lasted just over a season before he was dealt to the Sixers. He signed a four-year, $141MM deal with the Heat as part of a sign-and-trade this past summer.

The 30-year-old is committed to Miami for three additional seasons after 2019/20. However, he had praise for Chicago’s front office and what the team is building.

“I got faith in (Bulls) management,” he said, per K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago (Twitter link). “They have a lot of young talent.”

In 46 games this season, Butler is averaging 20.6 PPG, 6.8 RPG and 6.1 APG for Miami.

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15 thoughts on “Jimmy Butler Does Not Rule Out Return To Bulls

  1. dimitrios in la

    Nothing like signing a four year deal and then singing the praises of your former team. Butler (see MIN, PHI & MIA) is one loyal and classy teammate.

    • jump shot

      They quote his statements but dont tell you those statements were merely his response to questions posed to him. In that context, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his statements. It’s not like he walked in to All-Star Weekend media day campaigning for a trade back to Chicago.

      • Anyone who believes in the bulls front office either doesn’t know what basketball is or is sarcastic…they got lucky with Derrick and have had nothing else ever, jimmy probably finds their failure hilarious

        • spinach

          Have nothing else ever? Um what about drafting Butler at 30 which the article mentions?

        • devhog

          I know. When I read that, I was like, come on Jimmy! You know that NO ONE respects GarPax, even the owner….but he’s obviously dead!

        • devhog

          Yea, who believes that baloney? I know. When I read that, I was like, come on Jimmy! You know that NO ONE respects GarPax, even the owner….but he’s obviously dead!

      • ThisGuy

        Wait are you trying to tell me that Jimmy didn’t randomly provide this quote unprompted!?

        • jump shot

          Yeah, tryna make reporters/writers/media types obsolete… no questions needed (Jimmy Buckets)

    • “Jimmy Butler” and “himself” really fit together in a lot of sentences.

  2. pobodysnerfect

    trading jimmy worked out for the bulls as well as they could have hoped. two starters and Dunn who has shown himself to be a good rotational backup. it’s the fact that the coach is a moron and management can’t or won’t see it is the issue. bulls management is capable of putting together a #5 seed but for some reason insists on being loyal to crap coaches who are unable to be an asset to any organization. aside from thibs, every single coach has been inferior, from a different era, and incapable of actually improving themselves as coaches despite having complete votes of confidence across the board for literal years at a time.

    • devhog

      Problem with the trade is, no team can really win without a couple superstars. We got lucky w Rose, but Tibs wore him out as he did Noah.
      When Jimmy forced his way out, we got no superstar in return. We got spare parts. Garbage in/Garbage out. And yes, Boylen doesn’t help!

    • jdan74

      And the best part is Thibs wasn’t even hired by Gar/Pax. Reinsdorf insisted that he be hired.

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