And-Ones: Belgian League, Clark, Pitino, NCAA Brackets

Belgium’s EuroMillions League has canceled the rest of its season in an effort to curtail the rampant spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, according to Sportando’s Nicola Lupo.

The EuroMillions League has named the team with the best record (13-4), FILOU Oostende, as its national champion. This is an intriguing step, and one several other leagues (like the NCAA) have yet to implement.

There’s more from around the basketball world:

  • Wes Clark, a guard for Italy’s Serie A League team Pallacanestro Cantù, has returned home to the U.S. from Italy following the suspension of the season, according to Nicola Lupo of Sportando. The 6’0″ Clark is an alum of Missouri and Buffalo.
  • Newly-minted Iona College head coach Rick Pitino still intends to coach Greece’s national team for the June Olympic qualifier in British Columbia, Pitino told Marc Stein of the New York Times (Twitter link). Prior to his NCAA return, Pitino had served as head coach of the Greek EuroLeague club Panathinaikos since 2018.
  • The NCAA has decided not to release what would have been this year’s March Madness brackets, Stadium’s Jeff Goodman reports (Twitter link). NCAA Senior Vice President of Basketball Dan Gavitt emailed all coaches relaying this decision. “To be clear, this is my decision,” Gavitt said in his message. “The basketball committees support and concur.”
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4 thoughts on “And-Ones: Belgian League, Clark, Pitino, NCAA Brackets

  1. x%sure

    Deciding not to release info is nearly always wrong. Some people get weird during “hard times” but not that many are dead yet.

  2. booboo9921

    Thank goodness they decided to not release the
    official brackets for the tournament.) (that
    MOST LIKELY would have led to riots on the campuses of the qualifying schools.) (or the ncaa directors POSSIBLY receiving death threats from really irate fans. (I know i COULD have said disappointed, but I have to be honest, and i’m sure anyone else who reads this will probably agree with me that that would be the understatement of the century in a case like this.) there is no denying it would NOT have been a smart move at all to release the brackets, i know many fans were curious, but they should not have been so selfish.)

  3. illowa

    Man, they just closed bars and restaurants in illinois. Can still jump the border into iowa still. Ridiculous, gas is $1.75 with nowhere to go.

  4. stevep-4

    There are plenty of places to go. You just can’t drink or eat there.

    Take a walk in the park (at least 6 feet from anyone else). Go to the riverfront or the lakefront or somewhere in nature (just don’t touch anything).

    Next hoarding run is at liquor stores.

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