Community Shootaround: NBA Games To Rewatch

With no new games to watch as the NBA continues its coronavirus-related suspension, the league announced this week that it’s making League Pass available for a free trial through at least April 22.

That means that NBA fans will have the opportunity to rewatch any games from the 2018/19 or 2019/20 seasons, along with a few dozen games from previous seasons deemed to be classics.

With that in mind, a panel of ESPN writers picked out 30 games – one for each team – worth rewatching from the last two seasons, including the Celtics‘ double-overtime win over the Clippers last month, the Rockets‘ 159-158 win over the Wizards earlier in the season, Kawhi Leonard‘s first return to San Antonio last season, and several memorable playoff games from the 2019 postseason.

ESPN’s list is a good start, but it’s hardly exhaustive. So we want to open up the conversation to you.

Are you taking advantage of the free League Pass preview? If so, which games from the last two seasons are you watching first? Which of the league’s classic games are you curious to rewatch or perhaps check out for the first time? And which games would be your all-time top picks for rewatching, regardless of NBA League Pass availability?

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10 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: NBA Games To Rewatch

  1. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    I imagine I’m in the minority here, but I’m just not big on rewatching games. For me, a large part of the appeal of watching a game is not knowing the outcome. I’m not even in the “well, it’s better than no sports” mindset… LOTS of movies I haven’t seen yet…

  2. 4Quarters

    Spurs vs Rockets ’04 when TMac activated Jesus-mode and dropped 13 in 33 secs to stun…everyone,

  3. Major Factuh

    2000 WCF Game 7. I was laid up on my couch with strep throat watching that game trying to scream at the TV as the Jailblazers collapsed.

    I can still hear the call of that Kobe-Shaq oop in my head.

    • JD Candello

      Goosebumps……. I think game 7 vs Sac was even better though….that whole series is probably a must watch–

      People do not realize just how good those Sac teams were……..I mean honestly as a Laker fan they were better than us every year on paper

      • JD Candello

        Mike Bibby use to absolutely go nuts vs us every game at a beyond elite level

  4. PapiElf

    Game 2 2013 WC Semifinals Warriors vs. Spurs. I was sick that day and was lying on the couch watching the Warriors win in San Antonio for the first time since 1999.

  5. doodles120

    I have asked the people at NBA League pass for classic game’s, but apparently we can’t watch them in Australia, very disappointing

  6. stevep-4

    I think the Bulls “classic” from the last two years has got to be a tough selection. Perhaps if it is considered classic comedy. In that case, there would be a lot of candidates.

  7. x%sure

    A Knicks-Lakers finals game from 1971; I was too young for that. And Bob MacAdoo in a one-on-one trny game from the 70s. Any Nuggets/ Dan Issel game from the 80s since they were never on TV yet somehow his duck-in move is a favorite. I don’t remember Stephen Marbury so I should see his game.

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