Marcus Smart Cleared From Coronavirus

Celtics guard Marcus Smart has officially been cleared from COVID-19, he announced on social media (Twitter link).

The clearance came from the Massachusetts Department of Health, with Smart originally testing positive for the disease two weeks ago.

“Corona Free as of two days ago,” Smart wrote. “Cleared by Mass Dept of Health. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers and I’m doing the same for everyone that’s been effected by this. Stay safe and stay together- apart! Much love!”

Smart joins Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Christian Wood as known NBA players to be cleared from the coronavirus. Several other figures around the league, including Brooklyn star Kevin Durant, also contracted the virus this month.

Smart, who’s in his sixth season with the Celtics, is averaging a career-high 13.5 points, 4.8 assists and 1.6 steals per contest.

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19 thoughts on “Marcus Smart Cleared From Coronavirus

  1. jorge78

    Nice to know rich athletes have access to testing while ordinary Americans on the front lines like grocery store clerks, food delivery people, non profit staff serving vulnerable populations, convenience store clerks, first responders and medical staff are told
    “not enough tests, stay home until you are near death then go to the hospital and maybe you will get a test.”
    Rich, entitled athletes should be at the back of the line.
    Priorities people, priorities…..

    • paladin

      Although, I agree 1000% with you. I must acknowledge that in this country ” Rich folk, get their ice in the summer. Poor folk, get theirs in the winter.”

    • Afk711

      The Lakers got tested in their cars like normal people have had to. But sure keep getting outraged for no reason. If someone is sick they shouldn’t be going out regardless. There are plenty of common sense methods to go about being smart in these times without tests.

      • Chucktoad1

        Pfffddddfttttt. I don’t care how and who gets tested. Anyone that can should. We need all the info on this s**t we can, but to the Lakers didn’t get preferential treatment is B S.

    • El Don

      Tests are pointless. Unless that you test everybody everyday with instant results is absolutely useless! Why is people panicking sooo much for a simple flu virus, I mean the financial damage will be irreparable for many decades to come, madness, total madness!

      • triumph13

        Can agree with first part Don… Abbott is sending out test kits where results are within 10 mins. But would need to test same people everyday in order to prevent spread. For NBA players it could be a breakthrough if test kits can get to an unlimited supply. They could test players everyday before games, and try to finish a shortened season. But for now- That’s why social distancing is in place.

        As for the second part – tell that to the people in NY whose hospitals are overflowing, whose NYPD has 900 cases of this virus. Or in Boston where over 200 and counting hospital employees have this virus. Or Italy – where 81 doctors died in a single day Friday.

        Don’t be naive – its not a ‘simple’ flu… you don’t see patients passing this disease to workers so quickly in the span of a month. And you don’t see healthy doctors treating multiple ‘simple flu’ patients and it making their own case that much worse. Sorry to rant – not the place I get it. But because NBA players are recovering without any issues like a simple cold, doesn’t mean their families will if they aren’t quarantined.

        • Major Factuh

          NYPD has not confirmed 900 cases. That was ‘projected’ by today.
          “The number of confirmed NYPD coronavirus cases is expected to spike Monday morning to around 900, Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said Sunday — as he revealed that more and more cops continue to call out sick.”

          And that’s not to say they’re all going to die. It’s not a death sentence.

          “Shea did add a bit of positive news, saying the first set of officers who contracted the virus were starting to return to work. Officers began to go out sick on March 12, according to the commissioner.”

          200 and counting hospital employees have this virus. Is that not to be somewhat expected when dealing with a contagion? How many contract other illnesses on regular basis when dealing with flu etc..?

          81 doctors died in a single day Friday in Italy? I need a source on that. I find that the number is not even that for doctors TOTAL from when this all began in that country. If I’m wrong sure, but I can’t seem to find that info.

          • stevep-4

            Dude you are really unbelievable. Dies one of your own family need to die for you to take this seriously or understand what is happening? Are you a 4 year old or something who has not yet developed empathy or an understanding of social responsibility? Even the Liar in Chief seems to see the writing on the wall now but you persist.

            Perhaps you are just a Russian troll bot?

            • Major Factuh

              I persist in fact checking and not blindly believing what I read.

              Just so I won’t disappoint you. Yes, I’m a Russian troll bot.

          • triumph13

            Thanks MF – and apologies. I shouldn’t have written the 81 doctors in a day without checking the facts… my wife told me that and while on my rant I included it. Tried looking up after your post and saw it’s 61 total who have died so far there. A whole lot less but still a TON of doctors who have died.

            The point is still the same though. It’s obviously not a ‘Simple’ flu. And no it’s not expected that there will be many deaths among those who treat patients. There is a reason state governors and mayors are begging the federal government for more PPE. Because this is more easily transmitted than a simple flu – could take up to a week or more to even show any signs (meaning who are you transmitting it to in that time), seem to have a worsening effect if you are subjected multiple times…. AND has a higher death rate percentage too. That’s all I was getting at to Don.

              • triumph13

                Sure, in any pandemic there is sure to be. Much more good information out there than bad though, right?

      • Buckman

        You could really help the economy by going to a NY hospital and volunteering to help out.

    • sportsfan101

      What do you really expect? Don’t watch sports if you don’t like the fact they get special treatment just like actors/actresses and government employees do as well. It’s the world we live in. Accept it vs b*tch about it.

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