Many NBA, NHL COVID-19 Cases Have Staples Center Links

Half of the coronavirus cases in the NBA and NHL have connections to the Staples Center, where both the Clippers and Lakers play, Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times writes.

It’s impossible to identify the source of the virus spreading, but the Staples Center, which hosts roughly 250 events per year, has been linked to eight of the 16 known cases within the two leagues.

Fenno notes that the Staples Center hosted 39 events since the first case of COVID-19 hit the county. Those events include the Grammy Awards and the memorial service for Kobe Bryant.

Two unnamed Lakers players have tested positive for the virus earlier this week. Four Nets players, including Kevin Durant, tested positive. Brooklyn played in Los Angeles prior to the NBA suspending the 2019-20 season because of the pandemic.

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3 thoughts on “Many NBA, NHL COVID-19 Cases Have Staples Center Links

  1. x%sure

    So far as I know, and I read every article, the first mention of coronavirus on this site was my off-topic post on Jan.26 complaining about the Grammys after an article about Jerry West’s comment about Kobe Bryant’s death. The virus story was already leading the network news and was wreaking havoc in Italy.

    Another poster then mentioned it a couple times as to why the Olympics would be delayed, so why plan for them (could not find).

    Then the NBA’s press release on Mar.1 and many more articles. In retrospect, not very speedy… I think it broke out mid-December in China. Of course China tried to hide it, thanks to the commies.

  2. Reflect

    There’s only 30 teams, and half the NBA shares a state with at least one other team. I’d be shocked if zero teams stood out as more frequent. The odds of a perfectly even distribution are very small.

  3. x%sure

    A number of things can throw off even distribution. Likelihood of reporting or shutting down, travel to/from Pacific Asia especially a couple places in China, and people living in close proximity.

    Houston is supposed to have Chinese connections but is only typical in hit rates, interesting. Of course NY & LA are high.

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