Nets Notes: Lue, Kidd, Durant, Martin

Many around the league believe Tyronn Lue, who is rumored to be in the running to coach the Nets next season, would be the best fit for Brooklyn, as Eric Pincus writes for Bleacher Report. Lue previously coached Irving in Cleveland and the Lakers’ guard has a reputation for managing top talent well.

“He can handle egos,” one former executive told Pincus. “[They] need a guy with rings … Ty all day.”

Jason Kidd would be another choice, as he has won a ring in the past and has the respect of players.

“I think Kyrie and KD would need a championship coach (Lue) or a Hall-of-Famer (Kidd),” said another executive. “I think both (players) have personalities that are mercurial and require different aspects from their coaches.

“I like Kidd. He’s very charming … LeBron speaks highly of him…Some people around the league say that’s his game: Be very nice, then get in while your guard is down.”

Kidd previously coached the Nets, where he reportedly lobbied for a title that would place him above the team’s GM in the organization’s hierarchy. The franchise opted not to allow this to happen and Kidd ultimately moved to Milwaukee to coach the Bucks. However, it’s worth noting that ownership has changed in Brooklyn since Kidd’s most recent stint. Still, even if there are no leftover issues within the club, some believe the former point guard isn’t made out for the position.

“Kidd can’t coach,” a different Western Conference executive told Pincus.

Here’s more from around the Eastern Conference:

  • The Nets‘ new head coach could come down to Kevin Durant‘s preference, Pincus adds in the same piece. Durant and his manager, Rich Kleiman, are expected to have influence on the selection.
  • Durant and Irving might be “too new-school” for the team to bring in Mark Jackson as the coach, an executive tells Pincus (same piece). Regardless of who the Nets choose, a decision isn’t expected for quite some time.
  • Ajayi Brown of NetsDaily breaks down the game of Jeremiah Martin, 6’2″ scoring guard who had just received a two-way contract with the Nets prior to the league’s hiatus. Martin only played 16 minutes for the Nets but was making strides while playing for the franchise’s G League affiliate.
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15 thoughts on “Nets Notes: Lue, Kidd, Durant, Martin

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Mark Jackson to take over at the Sixers and fire Brett Brown.

    Then trade Al Horford, Josh Richardson, Zhaire Smith, 2020 first round pick plus a 2020 second round pick for Harrison Barnes and Buddy Heild.

    Mark Jackson Coach
    1. Ben Simmons. Shake Milton
    2. Buddy Heild. Courtney Lee(FA). Shayok
    3. Harrison Barnes. Mattise Thybulle.
    4. Tobias Harris. Mike Scott. Norv Pelle
    5. Joel Embiid. Kyle OQuinn

    Simmons gets surrounded by shooters, Embiid gets a better supporting cast. Off he bench there’s more shooters, more vets and some defenders. Sixers at home have the best record in the league so they don’t need a big shake up.

    • El Don

      So you wanna change a very good coach for a scrub that is absolutely useless! Ooookay!
      Then you wanna add a Mr Average most overpayed player in Barnes, that surely makes Philly a top contender!
      Now Buddy that is a good idea, without Barnes, of course!

      • Simmons>Russ

        Use some facts not just your personal opinion if your going to try make an argument. Brett Brown isn’t a “very good coach” and Mark Jackson isn’t a “scrub that is absolutely useless”.

        Brown as a coach has had 7 years with the Sixers in which we have gone the playoffs twice, both times losing in the second round.
        Jackson on the other hand has the coach at GSW just before they took off. He has had 3 seasons as a coach and gone to the playoffs twice. So if anything he’s done just as much as Brett in half as much time.

        Now Brown, he had didn’t see eye to eye with Butler which lead to him leaving. He really hasn’t helped improved any of our star players Simmons or Embiid. He isn’t a great tactical coach who draws up plays. Jackson in his first year he drafted Klay Thompson and in his second year they drafted Barnes, Ezeli and Green. I’m not saying he deserves all the credit for getting these players or developing them but as the head coach he had a huge role in training them and developing them and getting them all to mix together. He also took over a team that had only made the playoffs once in 17 years and took them to the playoffs in 2 years. Literally the season after Jackson left Kerr took over and won the Championship with them.

        So to conclude Jackson is a darn good coach who payed the foundations for a team who was trash into a dynasty. Obviously he didn’t do it himself but as a head coach he was hugely important. Brown is very overrated and hasn’t achieved anything.

        As for the trade your taking Barnes in order to get rid of Horford obviously. Barnes is a better player and fits the team better than Horford. Barnes is younger and shoots a better percentage from FG, 3P and FT. By having Barnes instead of Horford, Embiid thrives more as the only big and Simmons dos better with a better shooter. Heild is also in the deal and his shooting again helps Ben even more.

        • El Don

          If Jackson is so good why no one wants him as a HC?
          6 years without a job doesn’t sound he is in high demand due to his quality, right?
          BTW there is no a world in which Barnes is a better player than Horford, even with the age difference I take Horford any day of the week & twice on Sundays ahead of Average Most Overpayed Barnes!

          • Simmons>Russ

            Okay let’s make this quick and easy.
            Barnes put up 15-5-2.2
            Horford had 12-7-4
            Percentage wise Barnes was 46-38-80
            Horford is 44-34-75.
            Horford is also 6 years older (33) and signed for another 4 years at 4mik more than Barnes.

            So Barnes averages more points, shooting the ball at a better percentage. He doesn’t get as much rebounds as Horford but Horford who on basketball reference has been listed as a centre all 14 years he’s been in the league should average more by being a big. Barnes is only 2 rebounds shy of Horford. Barnes is also younger and get paid less which makes Horford more overpaid. Barnes also fits the Sixers system better because he’s a better floor spacer for Simmons and doesn’t clog up the paint for Embiid to work either.
            It’s simple really Barnes may not have had Horfords career or peaked like Horford but as of right now Barnes is better.

            As for Mark Jackson no body besides him will k ow why he hasn’t gotten a HC job. Many believe he didn’t want to jump into the next vacancy and that he’s been waiting for the right spot. People also believe he felt disheartened after getting sacked in GSW after turning them around but I’m darn sure he’s a great coach.

            I’ve literally used facts and stats to prove why Jackson is better then Brown and used stats and facts as to why right now Barnes is better than Horford. I really don’t see why your so opposed to Jackson and Barnes ..

            • El Don

              Your opinion, you entitled to it, like I am to have mine. We will have to agree to disagree, dude!
              I can give you all the facts that you want to prove Horford is the much superior player right now, this season:
              PER 15.6 WS 5.0 BPM 2.0 VORP 2.2 EFF 17.3
              PER 13.3 WS 4.2 BPM -1.2 VORP 0.5 EFF 14.7
              Not to say career wise Horford is a PER 18.7 WS 90.0, Barnes is a PER 13.3 WS 33.9
              But we like players based on opinions, I will always take Horford over Barnes, facts agree with me as well!

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Mark Jackson had issues in GS. Really weren’t basketball related. But you have to be able to respect and get along. I think he’s learned and grown. It was his first gig. Being from NY gives him extra appeal. I would like him with Knicks. It’s a gd opportunity to build a contender. There young an have assets. KD n Kyrie will definitely pick Nets new coach. Which is never a gd idea. They should have some input, yes. Since they think they are contenders. But it’s never a gd Idea to let players run a TEAM. They are part of a TEAM. They got what, a 3 yr window with KD. East is getting much stronger. They won’t even reach NBA finals.

    • Al Hirschen

      He had issues with the warriors based off of religion. trying to influence his religious beliefs to the players in the front office and not allowing the locker room to breathe

    • Simmons>Russ

      I don’t think he would be a great fit with the Knicks. Just because of Dolan as the owner getting in the way and not being able to have control. Plus the fact the Nets across town have two super stars and will be making headlines in the city for the next couple years. No doubt Jackson could do a great job bringing back some pride to the Knicks organisation and getting them back on track but I can’t see it happening.

      I think Jackson would be great for the Sixers, when we get rid of Brown. I think he would be good for the Hawks if they wanted a new coach. It would be a similar position to what he had a GSW being a young team, making them ready to contend, having to work a lot on defence and developing players. I think he might be interested in Chicago, a team with lots of history and a young team. They have LaVine who was almost an all star, they have some young players and could’ve a FA destination.

    • Simmons>Russ

      He was apart of an extortion scandal in 2012 when he was coach of GSW with threat of nude photos and an affair being made public. He had to make payments of thousands to keep some stripper quite then they asked for more and more and he had to get the FBI involved.

    • x%sure

      Jackson probably does deserve another HC chance that’s not so west-coast-y.

      A lot of posters would just be happy that that ABC duo was broken up somehow lol! Jackson has been a commentator since 2006 except for the GSW job.

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