Poll: What Should Warriors Do If They Get No. 1 Pick?

After playing in five consecutive NBA Finals, the Warriors bottomed out in 2019/20, losing Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston last offseason and then having stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson miss essentially the entire season with injuries.

The good news? Curry and Thompson should be fully healthy for ’20/21 and the Warriors’ disastrous season would give them the league’s best lottery odds if the regular season is over.

Under the NBA’s new lottery format, the worst team in the league only has a 14% chance of landing the first overall pick, so the odds are against the Warriors winning the lottery. But what if they do? What would Golden State do with the pick in that situation?

Faced with that question during a SportsCenter appearance this week, ESPN draft guru Mike Schmitz (video link) suggested that the 2020 draft has long been considered “needs-based,” since there’s no one transcendent prospect that stands head and shoulders above the rest. With that in mind, Schmitz says big man James Wiseman is a player who would fit the Warriors’ roster, suggesting the club could use that sort of rim-runner and lob-catcher on offense and rim-protector on defense.

However, Schmitz notes that if he were making the Warriors’ pick, he’d lean toward guard LaMelo Ball, whom he views as the most talented prospect in the 2020 class. As Schmitz explains, Curry isn’t a point guard who always needs the ball in his hands, so he could play alongside Ball. And Golden State would be an ideal spot for the new owner of the Illawarra Hawks to develop, Schmitz adds.

While Wiseman and Ball could both be fits, Connor Letourneau of The San Francisco Chronicle has heard from multiple league sources that the Warriors aren’t believed to be particularly high on either prospect.

“I think they’d only take one of those two if they were trading down in the draft and taking them for another team,” one source told The Chronicle.

According to Letourneau, shooting guard Anthony Edwards appears likely to be Golden State’s top choice if the team lands – and keeps – the No. 1 overall pick. But the Warriors would be open to trading the first overall selection if they do win the lottery, Letourneau notes.

If the Dubs don’t get the No. 1 pick, or decide to trade down, one target might be EuroLeague forward Deni Avdija. One league source tells The Chronicle that there are teams who believe Golden State would have Avdija as high as No. 2 on its draft board, behind only Edwards. Meanwhile, Letourneau also hears that the Warriors may have guard Tyrese Haliburton higher on their board than Ball.

Given all the options the Warriors would have if they win the lottery, we want to know what you think. Which prospect do you think would be the best target for Golden State with the No. 1 pick? Or do you think the club would be better off trading that pick in the hopes of acquiring more assets or an impact veteran?

Vote in our poll, then head to the comment section below to weigh in with your thoughts!

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39 thoughts on “Poll: What Should Warriors Do If They Get No. 1 Pick?

  1. Afk711

    Every person outside the bay area would be thankful Zion wasn’t born 1 year later.

  2. acarneglia

    GW finds a way to package the 1st and Wiggins to go add another superstar off of a rebuilding team. Or maybe even an all star caliber player(maybe like Vucevic?) and some depth from that same team(Ross? Gordon? Bamba?

    • I agree. They can even offer two firsts and Wiggins for the right guy. They’ve got Minnesota’s number one next year (probably.) Plus their own next year.

  3. The thing that’s pretty exciting is that the Warriors have been known to pull the trigger on something big time, major impact. They’re not afraid to make a big splash. Can you imagine calling around the league and one of the super studs become available?

    Warriors could give up Wiggins, their own 1st pick this year in the top five, plus the Wolves 1st pick next year..top 15? Or 20? Plus even a rotation young guy with a small rookie salary scale. Even adding Eric paschall would be 4 outstanding assets for 1 super stud.

    Still have Curry, Thompson, green, Chriss at center with Looney, and fill your bench like the Warriors did this year with minimum guys that they’ve scouted and have turned out well. Alec Burke’s was good, Glenn Robinson was good. Could be an exciting offseason and next year if it ever happens.

  4. GSW already said that Ball is not on their radar. Ball is way over rated playing in a league of non talent. There is a reason why Schmitz is not a NBA GM he is not a great talent predictor.

  5. As far as the draft goes the Warriors will take the best player available regardless of position. I’m sure they’ll try to get a feeling around the league as to who that would be, because they probably won’t keep him long. If a trade doesn’t develop draft night then perhaps in training camp they can pound the phones. Sure Anthony Edwards is good but he’s a volume shooter and would be great on a team on the rise. Maybe like Devin Booker? The Warriors ather than Edwards, would like someone a little more seasoned I think. Wiggins actually is not bad in that role and I wouldn’t mind keeping him with those five or six years under his belt. Knows the league knows how to play and I think his game will improve with the Warriors around him. But we’ll see how it plays out.

    I don’t think they will draft James Weissman and keep him has a center for their team long-term. That’s not the way to go in the league anymore. Kind of like DeAndre ayton in Phoenix. Yeah he’s a good player yeah he is talented But Wings are the way to go now. Durant LeBron Kawhi Leonard Butler. Shooters Harden Etc. Bigs that can rebound and defend and move their feet pick-and-rolls defense preferred now. Actually Clint capela was a pretty good Center in my opinion for that team. Surprised Rockets let him go.

  6. Simmons>Russ

    I think GSW sees value in Wiggins (25) and considering he was the first overall pick a couple years ago who had an amazing college year I think they keep him and hope to unlock his potential.
    I think it’s also worth noting Steph Curry is 32, Klay Thompson is 30 and Draymond Green is also 30. So for them to keep the first overall pick if they get it makes sense cause if they want to continue being successful they are going to need young stars.

    I think they trade Draymond Green and two seconds or a protected first for Myles Turner. Turner (24) fits the GSW system perfectly, he can shoot the 3 ball, he can set screens for Steph and Klay and defensively he can contest and block shots. Indy would get Green, which allows Sabonis to play centre full time and Green can play PF, he can help with playmaking and he is a solid defender for them.

    Then looking back at the draft I’d select Obi Toppin. Toppin is a 6’9 PF who projects to have a high floor, he’s projected to be a rookie that can come into the league and be a solid role player who’s fundamentally strong. He can run the floor really well, he can shoot from 3 at a nice clip, he’s a willing passer. He has a real consistent shot with a clean release which suits the Warriors perfectly. His NBA comparison I’ve been seeing is Amar’e Stoudemire which I do see but I see him as a smaller player with more skill more like Aaron Gordon or Paul Millsap.

    1. Curry
    2. Thompson
    3. Wiggins
    4. Toppin
    5. Turner

    • x%sure

      I don’t get the Amare comparison except for skinniness. Amare was clever and dismissive. Toppin is more like a thin-waisted Gordon or Millsap.

      So agree there, but Miles Turner took a step back this year. Is it because he has to play forward?– IDK but his PER is only 15.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Yeah I didn’t really see to much of an Amar’e comparison. Amar’e is much taller and thicker and was more of a low post player. I see more of a Gordon because of the athleticism, ability to play down low and hit outside, both players can pass, I see that more. Potential wise Toppin I think will be a better shooter, will be a better passer and hopefully a better defender.

      Turner did kinda take a small step back but maybe the change of environment and team helps get something more from Turner. I think being moved off the starting centre role would love played a part but idk maybe it’s because he became a 5th option with the additions of Brogdon, Warren and Lamb too. In terms of actual production tho Green and Turner stats wise are quite similar, both aren’t high scorers, both aren’t great rebounders, Green is a better passer but Turner gets blocks. Obviously on court they play two completely different styles but I think Turner would be a great fit with Curry, Thompson and Kerr on GSW and I wouldn’t be surprised if they got his production up to more like 15-8-3 with 2/3 blocks.
      Just by getting rid of Green on offence your opening up more touches for Curry and his lethal handle and for Wiggins who did alright. I’d like to see Curry as a ball handler more in a pick and roll pick and pop situation which is something he could do with either Toppin or Turner.

  7. x%sure

    Meyers didn’t draft the Splash Bros and didn’t invent the Kerr system. He looks for raw talent, so Edwards & Avdija does look likely.

    Given that, they will be open to trading. Orlando has some nice targets in Gordon & Issac; they are both 4s and one should go. The same situation exists with Vucevik & Bamba at the 5. Gordon & Isaac could also both play some 5 like Iguodala did.

    Fornier is 3+ years older than Wiggins, has an option at $17mil, and would fit right in. Ross is long & athletic but inconsistent. One of these would need to exchange for Wiggins unless Fournier just leaves.

    Since they put a lot of stock in Fultz and it sort of worked, they may be willing to try Wiggins, who adjusted to GSW.

    • x%sure

      The espn trade machine says Wiggins can go for Gordon & Ross, but that GSW would lose 31 wins! Not likely, since Dray & Gordon can play at the same time and Gordon does much better as a big that as a SF with Isaac. Gordon & Fournier probably would work too (for Wiggins & Poole) but Fournier must declare his option first.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Wouldn’t rate Fournier to GSW and wouldn’t rate Gordon to GSW if they keep Green as both can’t play the 4 spot.

      I’d rather keep Wiggins than both players because firstly age, secondly potential and third production. Wiggins last year put up 22/5/4, Fournier as a scorer doesn’t put up that much points, Gordan as a PF only averaged 2 rebounds more and Wiggins had more assists than both.
      I still have hope Wiggins can be a consistent 24-6-4 type player which I don’t think Fournier or Gordon will do

  8. I read the Chronicle article which downplayed their interest in Wiseman. I think it’s a smoke screen and he is the guy they’re targeting.

  9. RootedInOakland

    Y’all are crazy for wanting to dump Wiggins, thinking u can create a package that would bring back a KD-type superstar to recreate the 2015-2019 squad is dumb af and that’s what y’all are trying to create in that scenario. Now using the $17M Iguadola trade exception plus the Wolves very valuable 2021 pick for a great player is very possible, and adding a more advanced prospect like Edwards or Deni (plus using the MLE on a rim protecting 5 instead of wasting a top pick on Wiseman) would finally give us the talent and depth we’ve been lacking since the dynasty began.

    • Depends on which Wiggins shows up. But you’re probably right, considering the guys around him now Wiggins is a true potential star. I’d rather have Wiggins then some of those marginal guys that could be available.

    • Strike Four

      Wiggins can absolutely be in a trade for Giannis, Simmons or Embiid. But only those three.

    • x%sure

      The reason to trade Wiggins is because of his salary and because the team lacks depth, not because he’s bad. They need more talent to bring on the court like they used to. The top 4 should be rested adequately and the dropoff is sharp after them.

      Of course another team would have to want Wigs, or Draymond or Klay, with their contracts.

      I doubt they land a major star with what they can offer.

      • Howie415

        I’m confused. Trading Wiggins will land the Warriors a star Small forward, and a depth player. Why trade Wiggins? If he has no value, why would a team want him? If he has value, why create a hole in your roster?

        • x%sure

          Trading Wiggins and the firstrounder may get a Gordon type if a team is willing to take on the Wiggins contract. (Orlando has to fix their roster somehow.) But there’s no guarantee of that. Wigs will likely stay as he is after all quite durable so has less need for a backup at 2\3 (Lee?).

  10. Strike Four

    Trade out of the draft for Giannis. Perhaps even putting both Draymond and Wiggins in the deal. MIL would contend with those two plus the #1 pick and the other picks/parts in the trade.

    The trade exception could bring in a minor star to pair with Giannis and the Splash Bros and they aren’t as handicapped as they have been in the past and we all know how almost every veteran wants to play with Steph, so “ring chasers” if you must, will probably want to do a 1-year cheap deal with GSW. It’s going to be 2014-15 all over but then adding KD too.

    Can’t wait til Lebron finally comes full circle and joins GSW. You know he can’t resist that narrative.

  11. phillyballers

    Well if they go #1 either Wiseman or trade it for an upgrade over Draymond or Wiggins. But why not complete the roster? They need a 5. They could trade back and receive some assets though too.

    Curry will be 32, Dray 30, Klay 30. Need to think about youth influx. Wiseman and Wiggins wouldn’t be a bad way to go.

  12. KnickerbockerAl

    Wiggins is here to stay. Unless he bombs which I doubt. He’ll be here to trade deadline. Warriors lucked out with pick. They are healthy n ready now. Wiseman would be best pick. Plus he n Wiggins would represent the future. Now I lean more to a trade. They can move picks to get established player or players. Considering there is no clear #1. Now there really isn’t a deal out there. They would have to explore this to get best deal. A trade is best way to go. Yes I’m a Knick fan. But this is a solid deal for them. It would make them favorites. And still build towards future. The #1 pick in draft (Wiseman). For Robinson, Nttilikina or Payton, a future #1. Or Knicks 2nd rd pick. Pick will be like 35th pick. There will be a player there. They get a rim protector who is still getting better. Will help Green age better. They have a solid backup PG who plays D. This makes them contender for next 4-5 yrs. Plus 3 have three solid players (Wiggins, Nttilikina, Robinson) who are still getting better. Robinson can be DPY. Easily avg 16 a gm. Wiseman IMO also fits nicely. But you will have to wait 2-3 yrs for him. With a window of 3-5 yrs. Young talented vets. Is way to go. Knicks can wait on Wiseman. With 5th pick we can take Halliburton. IMO these two will be top 2way players if this draft.

  13. El Don

    Wiseman is the #1, any team don’t take him there are dumb.
    LaMelo is sooo talented, could be #1 in many drafts, unfortunately can’t be ahead of Wiseman, but makes a great #2, best talent of all the guards in the draft, it ain’t even remotely close.
    Deni Avdija should be the #3, massive talent & potential, always gotta trust the Euro factor.
    BTW any team that will pick Edwards will be disappointed, he has no talent at all, only to shoot terribly bad as a volume shooter, he ain’t going anywhere at all in the NBA.
    The rest Haliburton, Toppin, Anthony… are nice players.

  14. jump shot

    Ball is media-made (drank Lavar’s kool-aid).
    A season ago when he was at Spire Academy in Ohio, his teammate “Rocket” Watts (Michigan St.) was clearly better than Ball, and everybody knew it. Nobody (today) is talking about Watts being a top-3 NBA pick in this next draft.
    This draft is so bad that the media is clamoring for something in it to write about. Ball is perfect for THAT, but not as a player. He’s grossly overrated… not by nba personnel, but by media. If not for Lonzo and Lavar, there would probably be no mention of LaMelo as a top pick.

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