Bucks Co-Owner: Vote On NBA Return May Happen “Early Next Week”

A frequent guest on CNBC, Bucks co-owner Marc Lasry appeared on the network’s ‘Halftime’ show on Thursday and was asked about the next steps for the NBA’s potential return, as Jabari Young of CNBC details. According to Lasry, the expectation is that commissioner Adam Silver will present the NBA’s Board of Governors with potential formats for a return to play on Friday’s conference call, with a decision potentially coming next week.

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“I think that will happen tomorrow is that Adam’s going to recommend to the board the different options that we’re going to have about reopening,” Lasry said. “And I think the board will think about it over the weekend and then hopefully have another meeting early next week to vote on what we all feel will be the reopening of the NBA.”

As Lasry acknowledged during the interview, the NBA seems to be zeroing in on Walt Disney World in Florida as the lone host for the resumption of the season. However, there’s still plenty of uncertainty about what form the league’s return will take.

“I think at the end of the day, we’ll be in Orlando at Disney,” Lasry said. “The question is going to be: Will we have all 30 teams there? Will we have 24? Whatever the number will end up being. But hopefully, by the middle of July, we start playing again.”

Of course, even if the NBA’s Board of Governors votes in favor of a certain format, that plan would also need to be approved by the National Basketball Players Association before the league can move forward. All sides have been working closely together throughout the coronavirus pandemic, so while some negotiations may be required, they’re unlikely to get as contentious as the talks between Major League Baseball teams and players.

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3 thoughts on “Bucks Co-Owner: Vote On NBA Return May Happen “Early Next Week”

  1. x%sure

    Gee. Let the risk-takers vote?– oh wait. All plans are up in the air because everyone is waiting for everyone else to commit to something. The decision factor amounts to:
    *Do we, rich important people, want to watch Zion or the Cavs?– yes and no?– So lets keep 6 groups out.*

    • Luckylefty2

      Man agree 100%! Even though I dont understand half of the stuff you say sometimes lol

      • x%sure

        Over-droll humor and too many dashes maybe

        Teams have lawyers they should run this 24-team idea through. They’re using the virus to line their ducks up in a row when courts use CBAs and the US Constitution which favors individuals.

        I think a second “camp” will get lined up.

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