Eastern Notes: LeBron, Celtics, Eversley, Pistons

Don’t rule out LeBron James finishing his career with the Knicks, The New York Post’s Marc Berman writes in his latest mailbag. James loves playing in Madison Square Garden and would like to play with his son Bronny, now 15, before he retires. If James plays long enough to suit up with his son, finishing out his career in New York could add to his legacy, Berman adds.

We have more from the Eastern Conference:

  • Celtics assistant GM Mike Zarren told season ticket holders that the front office is well-prepared for any draft scenario, Celtics analyst Marc D’Amico tweets. Boston could have as many as three first-round selections. “Regardless of what happens, we’ll be very ready for the draft,” Zarren said.
  • New Bulls GM Marc Eversley is intrigued by the youth dotting the team’s roster but wants to figure why some of those players didn’t develop as expected this season, K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago reports. In particular, he wants to see if the team can get more out of power forward Lauri Markkanen. “Lauri is a modern-day stretch four,” he said. “I think he’s got a great stroke. He’s got a wonderful shooting touch. He regressed a little bit last year. I’d love to learn more about that.”
  • The Pistons need to prioritize not only acquiring talent but also high-character players, Keith Langlois of the team’s website writes. Getting the best players they can find with their lottery pick and cap space, regardless of what position they’ll play or how they’ll complement others on the roster, should be their approach going forward.
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14 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: LeBron, Celtics, Eversley, Pistons

  1. goldenmisfit

    Leave it to a writer for the New York post to post this. LeBron had three opportunities to sign with the Knicks and all three times he signed elsewhere. These New York riders need to forget this dream of LeBron James playing for the Knicks if he wanted to play for the Knicks he could’ve signed there in 2009, 2014 and 2018.

  2. Afk711

    New Yorkers have been pushing Lebron to the Knicks for 15 years. Give it up already. Its not happening. He picked Cleveland over you…. Cleveland

  3. scotthhh

    Lots of NBA players have sons that are nowhere near good enough for the NBA. I’ll even go out on a limb and say MOST NBA guys sons will be nowhere near good enough to play in the NBA. Who’s to say Bronny will even be good enough to play pro ball?

    • jr.white

      if lebron is still as good as he is when bronny’s in the draft, it may be worth taking him to land Lebron I suppose

  4. stevep-4

    Why would Bulls players be not developing? Hmmm, whose job is it to develop players on the court? That is a tough one…

  5. mlbnyyfan

    Trust me I have given up hope many years for LeBron to come. He had his chance and refused many many times.

  6. x%sure

    Eversley is a Bull now, and kind of looks it!– but it has been mentioned that he was born in England and is associated with Toronto, so is an international like AK.
    He also went to Urbana College in Ohio, which unfortunately had to close recently before they could take advantage of an alumnus with new fame!

    It’s good news for Boylen if the new execs are in a learning phase now like they are claiming. But Eversley wondering in public about Markkanon may be the beginning of the end for Boylen, as his issues provides an excuse for firing him.

    If the problem is homesickness as poster Dangler claims, an int’l braintrust overhaul could actually help Markkanon. But there is a sweet spot in timing where Boylan could take the hit.

  7. Berman is a moron. The Knicks had cap space once (2010) when LBJ was a FA. There hasn’t been any pursuit of him since, nor would it have made any sense if there was (yeah, the MLE was there, LOL). I’d never say never, but I can’t imagine it would ever make any sense for the Knicks to pursue him for his final career act.

    • x_burner_X

      U dont want old LeBron cuz you dont wanna mess with what you have?))))
      Knicks – worst team in NBA since 1999

  8. stephenooch

    Hey, sorry out there haters, (trolls). Like it or not, when you come to the Knicks, you face the biggest stage and the most passionate fans on Earth. These “pro” snowflakes, I mean athletes would melt under the hot lights. They will take the same salary cap money in some nowhere city to avoid the heat. Get rid of the salary cap and tiny market teams and then tell me where these players go. TO THE TEAMS THAT MAKE AND PAY THE MOST MONEY! New York teams are forced to play with one arm tied behind their back. Salary cap, isn’t communism great folks!

  9. JohnTheSportsFanatic

    Please, please, please LeBron come to the Knicks, you and Bronny who we hopefully get will be our heros

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