Hiatus Notes: Cuban, Paul, Season, EuroLeague

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is the latest NBA figure to discuss why the league should consider starting the regular season on Christmas Day, as he explained on ESPN’s The Jump with Rachel Nichols (Twitter link).

The current NBA season begins in mid-October and ends with the NBA Finals concluding in early June. The NBA draft happens shortly after that, with free agency commencing at the end of June and early July.

“I think you work backwards from next season,” Cuban said after being asked when he believes the league should release its official plans for the season. “I’ve always been a proponent of starting on Christmas Day when we go to broadcast. And so if you work backwards from there and say, ‘We want to have two months off for the draft and everything, for players to recover’, so you have all of November and all of October and we don’t have to finish (this season) until the end of September.”

If the league chooses to work backwards from next season and finish this campaign in September, the 2020/21 season likely won’t start until December. This could open a pathway toward a brand new schedule, so long as the league can overcome some of the various obstacles it will likely encounter.

Cuban also gave his opinion on whether we’ll see a traditional 16-team playoff format this year, which includes eight teams from the East and West.

“I don’t think it’ll be regular,” he said of this year’s format. “This is our chance to experiment and learn. Unique circumstances, unique opportunities. So I’m confident we’ll take advantage of it and do something differently. I just think that’s smart from a business perspective and I think the players want that too.”

Here are a few more items related to the NBA’s hiatus:

  • Royce Young of ESPN details the role Thunder guard Chris Paul has played during the coronavirus pandemic, with Paul currently serving as president of the players’ union. The NBA season has been on hiatus for roughly two-and-a-half months to date.
  • Steve Popper of Newsday makes the case for why only 16 teams should play in the event the NBA season is resumed. The league is planning a Thursday vote between the Board of Governors on how and whether to restart the season, with owners expected to approve a plan, according to an ESPN report.
  • Alberto De Roa of HoopsHype discussed the EuroLeague’s decision to cancel the season and more with veteran forward Bostjan Nachbar, who believes the biggest fear from EuroLeague players was related to injuries following the long layoff — not COVID-19. Nachbar plays a key role in the EuroLeague Players Association, which was recently created to represent players across the league.
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6 thoughts on “Hiatus Notes: Cuban, Paul, Season, EuroLeague

  1. Sillivan

    Since 8th seeds won 3.5 or more games than 9th seed, 16 playoffs teams play around 5 more regular games then go playoffs

    Reduce virus risk please

    • Boston2AZ

      More than 16 teams just further dilutes the product which, to be fair, is what most of the pro sports leagues are really about.

  2. natsfan3437

    Question for anyone

    If they move the season back to Christmas and it runs for the same amount of games would the players miss the olympics?

    • x%sure

      It should be playoff time probably… those last almost 2 months!

      Players knocked out could be thrown in. Pretty chaotic.

    • El Don

      Didn’t know anyone still cared for the Olympics!!! Everyday you learn something new & amazing!

  3. Skip, Tampa

    Ok, I’ll bite on the Cuban idea and a 22 team play in of some sort.
    Next season start on Dec. 15th,ends August. Then 21/22 can start in October and be back on track.
    Start with all 30 teams in 2 bubble cities, Vegas and Orlando for East/West.
    Bottom 8 play 3 of 5 for top 8 draft spots with a lottery for next 8 spots.
    The 22 teams play 7 games over 2 weeks for the 1-16 seeding for the playoffs.
    All revenue from all games including the playoffs divided equally except for player bonuses in the playoffs.
    A 16 or even 20 team playoffs is simpler.
    Cancel the season and just start fresh also works.
    No way everyone is going to be happy matter what.
    Just Play Ball !!!

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