L.A. Notes: West, Caruso, Davis, Rivers

If the NBA decides to eliminate conferences for this year’s playoffs, it could clear the way for a Finals matchup between the Lakers and Clippers, which Hall-of-Famer Jerry West believes would be the “ultimate competition,” relays Melissa Rohlin of Sports Illustrated. West, a Clippers consultant who spent decades with the Lakers as a player, coach and executive, discussed the possibility during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

“I think in Los Angeles, they have so many Laker fans. My goodness,” West said. “The enormous success that the Lakers have had over the years, they are a really good team now, two of the best players we’ve seen in a long time on one team. I think it would be incredible for the people in the west. I’m not sure how that would go over for the teams back east who want to see their respective teams get an opportunity to play.”

West would like to see all teams play nine or 10 more games before the playoffs begin. He also supports having two bubble sites, putting all the Western teams in Las Vegas and the Eastern teams in Orlando.

There’s more from L.A.:

  • Lakers guard Alex Caruso believes the rivalry between the two franchises is more important to the fans than the players. He discussed the dynamics involved during an appearance on The Lowe Post podcast with ESPN’s Zach Lowe (hat tip to Silver Screen and Roll). “That’s not to diminish how big of a rivalry the battle for L.A. is, just in a sense of history and how long it’s been a Clippers vs. Lakers thing,” Caruso said. “But them being as good as they are this year doesn’t add any more, I don’t know … I feel bad saying it because it’s obviously one of the biggest matchups and names in the game playing against each other, but I’m sort of robotic in the sense of ‘this is another game.’ I know what they’re gonna bring, and we gotta know what we’re gonna bring to prepare for it.”
  • Although Anthony Davis‘ preference to play power forward is well known, the Lakers will probably need him at center in the most important moments of the playoffs, writes Pete Zayas of The Athletic.
  • Clippers coach Doc Rivers has been “Doc on demand” as a motivational speaker during the hiatus, notes Andrew Greif of The Los Angeles Times. Rivers’ appearances have included virtual meetings with three NFL teams, the Bears, Rams and Colts.
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13 thoughts on “L.A. Notes: West, Caruso, Davis, Rivers

    • What has Doc done? Serious question.

      I don’t get the fascination with Doc Rivers. He sucked in Orlando and in Boston he was handed a championship team and one ONCE. With the Clippers he’s been given all star teams and couldn’t get it done? I’m not understanding it from a Fan’s point of view.

      Sure, the owners love him, he’s a great interview, he’s a player’s coach and all that but wow if you want to win it all you don’t hire Doc Rivers. So I guess with all that in mind, maybe it is a good hire for the Knicks. Okay. Makes sense.

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Clippers year to win was this season.
    Next season they will have to try resign Montrez Harrell, Marcus Morris, Reggie Jackson and Patrick Peterson.

    I’d resign Marcus Morris to a long term deal something like 3 years 39mil at 13mil a season. Which means having to let Harrell walk which is tough. Then make some smart moves with signing cheap FA. I’d go for DeMare Carroll, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Markeiff Morris and Langston Galloway.

    I think they should trade Zubac and Mann for Taj Gibson. Gibson is a solid PF/C on a multi year deal which knows how to help them win the tough games, Zubac would be a good young centre to pair with Mitchell Robinson on the Knicks.

    1. Beverly. Shamet
    2. George. Williams. Galloway
    3. Kawhi. McGruder. RHJ
    4. Marc. Morris. Carroll. Kabangele
    5. Gibson. Mark Morris. Noah

    • wagner13

      Idk about the Zubac trade. The Clippers need at least one traditional center to defend the paint and gather rebounds. Besides, you’d be sacrificing three years of the Croation for just one season of a more expensive Gibson

      • Simmons>Russ

        Gibson is a traditional centre and a better defender. I think his experience would be huge for a title contender.
        I think they possibly trade Zubac for an upgrade at centre next season if they miss a cheap in in FA.
        Marc Gasol would be a great player to come in on the cheap and put them over the top

        • wagner13

          I like Gasol as a nice veteran stretch 5 to round out the starting lineup. They would no longer need JaMychal if they acquire him either

  2. Sillivan

    In the future
    Whenever Harrell walks for nothing, Clippers would be defeated by Warriors

    Clippers are going to pay 50 million tax

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