Pistons Notes: Weaver, Draft, Griffin

Reports during and after the Pistons‘ general manager search suggested that Troy Weaver was the team’s top target throughout the process, with Detroit renewing its pursuit of the former Thunder executive after being rebuffed by him two years ago.

Although Clippers assistant GM Mark Hughes and Nets assistant GM Jeff Peterson were said to receive serious consideration from the Pistons, a report from Marc Stein of The New York Times confirms that Weaver was always the “runaway” frontrunner. According to Stein, Weaver was the only one of Detroit’s candidates who interviewed with team owner Tom Gores.

Here’s more on the Pistons and their new GM:

  • Asked about his draft philosophy and how it might be affected by the fact that the Pistons will be picking in the top 10, Weaver stressed that a player’s character will be a major factor in his evaluations. “More times than not, high picks who don’t pan out the way people see it, you missed on the person,” he said, per James L. Edwards III of The Athletic. “If you get the person right, the basketball will take care of itself. Drafting high, getting the person right, is more important to me. If you draft in the 20s, you might want to take a swing on talent or a certain position, but when you’re where we’re drafting, you want to make sure the person is right.”
  • Keith Langlois of Pistons.com makes a case for why Blake Griffin‘s presence on the rebuilding Pistons is important and why the team shouldn’t be looking to dump his contract at any cost, with two years still left on that deal.
  • For what it’s worth, Weaver said earlier this week that Griffin is “definitely in our plans going forward,” as Edwards relays.
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4 thoughts on “Pistons Notes: Weaver, Draft, Griffin

  1. x%sure

    Griffin & Rose are fine role models for young players. Of course they should start. The argument that they steal PT for a younger player trying to develop is off because such players are in short supply on the Pistons. And for whatever reason, they are trying to trade one of them, Luke Kennard.

    Langlois made the point that Griffin’s 2018/19 was the best ever for a Piston, individually. 25-8-5, %:75-53-36. His 3.4 turnovers per game was a career high too, but seems small for his reckless style.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Pistons should be in FULL rebuild. Rose should be no problem to move. A contender would love to have him (Sixers). Griffin will take some work. I’m sure OKC would welcome him home. Could end career there. And they have plenty youth n picks. IMO Pistons should take Hayes in draft. They can wait on him. He looks like another DRuss. Woods might be leaving too. I would try and do sign n trade with him. Instead of losing him for nothing.

    • x%sure

      They can move, but the Pistons would get little back since Rose is viewed as a sub and Griffin a negative, based on salary. With the Pistons they have some momentum & purpose.

      They don’t have much young talent; one can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. “Full rebuilds” rarely actually happen… and you get worthless trades like Drummond’s when one tries.

      Woods would go back to limbo if he gets ambitious in his signing.

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