Southwest Notes: Zion, Rivers, Mavs, Hardy

Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson continues to grapple with a $100MM civil suit from attorneys representing his former marketing manager Gina Ford and her company Prime Sports Marketing, per Mark Schlabach of ESPN. Per Schlabach, the suit alleges that Williamson’s parents may have been given “improper benefits” preceding or during Williamson’s blockbuster one-season Duke tenure.

However, Williamson got some positive news on the case this week, as a Florida state appeals court has granted him a full stay. This will allow the star forward to avoid answering questions about the suit until the resolution of a federal case covering the same issues.

Here’s more from around the Southwest Division:

  • Rockets backup guard Austin Rivers spoke with The Athletic’s Kelly Iko at length about a variety of issues, including the league’s Orlando restart. “They’re saying we’ll be in Orlando for at least a period of time, anywhere between 30 to 40 days without seeing our family,” Rivers said. “And I don’t want to do it. Nobody wants to do it, but we all have to sacrifice if you want to have the season, resume and that’s what we have to do.” Rivers inked a veteran’s minimum contract with Houston in the hopes of winning a title, despite apparently fielding heftier offers from non-contenders.
  • Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has indicated that team stars Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis are set to return to Dallas within the week, according to Marc Stein of the New York Times (Twitter link). Doncic, a second-year guard, has been having a breakout season in Dallas. Voted an All-Star starter in the competitive West, Doncic is averaging 28.7 PPG, 9.3 RPG, and 8.7 APG on the 40-27 Mavericks.
  • In case you missed it earlier today, Spurs assistant Will Hardy reportedly ranks among the coaching candidates who will interview for the Knicks’ head job. The 32-year-old Hardy has been with the Spurs in some capacity since 2010, when he got his start with the team as a basketball operations intern. He became an assistant coach in 2016.
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11 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Zion, Rivers, Mavs, Hardy

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Austin Rivers has the right attitude here. It’s a tough situation for everyone involved, about 500-750 people from the 22 teams going to Orlando. Most of us who aren’t professional athletes have to endure difficulties with our jobs too, but that’s just the way things are. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they love.

  2. cleve1969

    Why are they griping, they’ve been home with their families for the last 3 to 5 months with this pandemic. And with what their making, they should feel lucky to spend time with their families and not worry about money … at least they are in South Korea or Afghanistan or other parts of the world representing the United States and not getting to see their families for up to a year at a stretch and hoping their families are getting by …

    • I was thinking along those lines as well. The last 3 months should make up for any uncomfortable time in the next few months. They’ve had steady time all day long if they choose with their families and taking their kids to school and being home when their kids come home from school and having dinner every single night as a family for two or three months. Hopefully that would take the sting out of being away from their family for 30 to 40 days later.

  3. afsooner02

    Oh boo hoo…..I’ve spent numerous years away from my family as any military vet would tell you. (8 deployments ) I think you can handle 2 months for millions of dollars. We do it for peanuts. You’re not “sacrificing” anything.

    • Absolutely. Plus I think they have the option…, if they don’t want to do it they don’t have to. They can just sit it out and start fresh next season. Everyone’s a winner.

    • the dude

      You ever think maybe they value their family a lot? Who’s to judge what makes them feel like garbage, honoring a contract doesn’t mean you’ll miss your family any less. Could argue that a vet is used to being away, and a baller hasn’t had to be away from their kids for 3 months straight. Money means nothing, there’s no boo hoo. We are all human ffs

      • dynasty in boston

        For someone who doesn’t judge, you appear to do a lot of it. I’m a vet as well, and take issue with your “observation”

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    That’s what privilege does to you lol. 30-40 days ain’t squat. Like poster said. They’ve been home for 3-4 months. I think this NBA now. Out of all sports. Is the one they can pull off. MLB might as well cancel this yr. Get ready for next. NFL since it’s once a wk. only 16 gms. With no fans they can pull it off. Point is these next 4- 8 months are not promised. So we all have to follow some kind of protocol. To make sure we get back to some kind of Normal. Be safe. NBA stop crying

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Pay me Millions of dollars to help set up my family for life and I’ll gladly spend 4 months a year on the road for 15 years.
    So why is Hardy getting a HC interview and not Hammon ?
    Wonder if he’s actually a target for #1 Assistant.

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